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All About the Harvest Hosts All Access Plan

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Alyssa Chartier
December 23, 2022

TL;DR: Upgrade your RV experience with Harvest Hosts' All Access Plan—unlock 2,000+ farms, 1,500+ wineries & breweries, 1,700+ attractions, 400+ golf courses, and 3,500+ private residences, plus bonus features like dump station & cell service maps.

All About the Harvest Hosts All Access Plan

Wondering which RV membership is the best? Is a Harvests Hosts membership worth it? Yes! The Harvest Hosts All Access Plan will give you everything you’re looking for and more.

In 2014, I bought a base model car, and it didn’t take long for me to regret that decision. Not having a backup camera, seat warmers, and several other features didn’t seem like a big deal when I made my decision. But after a year, I couldn’t believe I didn’t spend a few extra dollars a month to get what I really wanted.


The problem with a car purchase is that I couldn’t easily swap it out for the model I wanted. But with Harvest Hosts, you can upgrade to the top tier Membership today—in just a few minutes. Let me tell you all about Harvest Hosts All Access Plan, and why it is the best Membership in the RV industry.

What Does the All Access Plan Have?

The All Access Plan has a lot of added value for its Members. In addition to adding more Host locations, you’ll have additional new features that make RVing a breeze.


You Can RV at 2,000+ Unique Farms

If you like animals and wide open spaces, the farms of Harvest Hosts will be some of your favorite places in the world. It is common for Harvest Hosts Members to get up close and personal interactions with farm animals—and often you’ll get the opportunity to help with chores.

Each region of North America has unique opportunities and difficulties when it comes to farming. By trekking across this beautiful continent to each location, you’ll get the opportunity to hear what farming looks like for each farmer. From traditional farms, to hobby farms, to farms in the woods, there is tons to learn about farming culture and where your food comes from.


1,500+ Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries

Check out vineyards across North America, and discover what makes each region's wine and brewery scene unique. Whether you find yourself near the Great Lakes, on the East Coast, or venturing through Napa Valley, you aren’t far from award-winning wineries, distillers, and breweries.

In Kentucky, you can venture through the bourbon trail while staying in your self-contained RV. Or go a little further south and check out some Tennessee Whiskey. Or maybe you want to enjoy the craft beer scene along the Great Lakes. There are so many places to wet your beak with Harvest Hosts wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

1,700+ Other Attractions

While crossing the country in an RV, it doesn’t take long to realize there is a museum for just about everything. And a lot of those are accessible via Harvest Hosts. A lot of times there are area attractions you didn’t even know you wanted to visit. But with Harvest Hosts, you can browse these types of locations ahead of time to see what’s out there.

Here are a few Hosts you might be surprised to find:

wp-content-uploads-2022-12-5-4.jpg **Permian Basin Petroleum Museum: **Discover everything you never knew you wanted to know about the Petroleum Industry.

wp-content-uploads-2022-12-6-4.jpg **Alt Space: **Check out a coworking space. If you work from the road, or ever wondered what this would be like, here is a great opportunity.

wp-content-uploads-2022-12-7-2.jpg Museum of Clean: Believe it or not, this is the largest collection of cleaning devices in the world.

wp-content-uploads-2022-12-8-2.jpg The Bear’s Den Mini Golf and Go Karts: If you have kids and are looking for a great stay, you can drive in circles until they are dizzy, and then stumble back to the RV.

This is just a sliver of what is out there for you and your family on the road.

Over 400 Golf Courses

If you are looking to hit the greens, there are over 400 golf courses for you to utilize. You can make your way across the country 18 holes at a time—without any camping fees. Each night you fall asleep looking over the beautiful landscape. The next morning you wake up, play 18, and then head on to the next course. Honestly, this is a great way to experience retirement, an extended vacation, or even a long weekend. WIth the Harvest Hosts All Access Plan, you can truly have it all.

3,000+ Private Residences

With everything else previously mentioned, you also get access to Harvest Hosts’ sister company—Boondockers Welcome. With 3,315+ private property hosts across North America, you are gaining access into a new network of RV lovers. These Hosts will unlock even more great places to stay, and maybe teach you a thing or two about life on the road.

Because these are locals opening up their own property, you will hear about the surrounding area, and discover things you won’t find on google. In addition, 70% of these Private Property Hosts have hookups. Plus they offer up to five night stays! This is a perfect way to slow down a little bit and discover the local area.

Bonus Features

There are some added benefits for All Access Members too. When you sign up for this plan, you will get multiple map overlays to help you find what you need during your RVing travels and stays. Check out the bonus features below.

Map with 7,000+ Dump Station Locations

With your All Access Membership, there will be a feature in your map viewing that allows you to add over 7,000 dump stations across North America. This means you won’t have to toggle between locations, call up random campgrounds to dump, or even drive out of the way to solve this problem.


With this feature, you can add it to your route all in one user-friendly app—the Harvest Hosts app! This app is kept up-to-date by our Members reporting back about their recent experiences, costs they found, and other features like potable water being present. This is a perfect supplement for those looking to take extended boondocking trips.

Cell Phone Map Overlays

Similar to the dump stations map overlay, you will receive this cell phone map overlay. If you use AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile cell phone towers for your phone—which is most of us—you will be able to use this feature. By turning on your selected cell phone provider, you can easily determine if your Host location has cell service.

If you are looking to disconnect to make sure you are present with your spouse or kids, you can choose a spot that is outside of your cell phone coverage area. But if you need to be available because you are heading out for a date weekend—and leaving your kids behind—you can make sure that is possible too. The All Access Membership delivers it all.

Weather Tracking

Another added feature is the weather overlay. You can track weather and your Host’s location via the Harvest Hosts app (Apple/Android). This is a quick way to discover how serious you might want to take those clouds rolling in your way.

All of This is Backed by Our Happy Camper Guarantee

The Happy Camper Guarantee exists because at our core we want you to be a happy camper. So we back our Memberships with a 3-month guarantee. If you aren’t happy with this vibrant community of RVers within the first 3 months, you can request a full refund. That is how confident we are that you will be a Happy Camper with an All Access Membership Plan.

Let’s Get You Exploring and Signed Up Today!

wp-content-uploads-2022-12-10-1.jpg It’s time to get the upgraded version of the RV life, and to discover what it really means to be a Happy Camper with the Harvest Hosts All Access Plan. If you’re ready to have the time of your life free-wheeling on the road, then what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

About Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that offers self-contained RVers unlimited overnight stays at over 5,616 small businesses across North America with no camping fees. Boondock at farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and other one-of-a-kind destinations throughout North America, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that a safe place to stay is always nearby!
Alyssa Chartier-profile-image
Alyssa Chartier
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