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About Us!

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is a membership program that provides access to a network of wineries, farms, breweries, museums, and other unique attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight. For a yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts’ members are invited to stay at thousands of interesting locations around North America, and experience new opportunities to explore and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. The company’s goal is to provide meaningful experiences for RVers and Hosts alike.

If members get to stay at Harvest Hosts locations for free, how do the hosts benefit?

We’re glad you asked! Our Hosts are very generous to allow Members to park on their properties, so please support them! Think of how much your fabulous overnight is worth and make a purchase to support your Host. Buy some wine, shop in the gift shop, or buy some local produce. That way everyone wins!

For more information on how we keep Harvest Hosts special for Hosts and Members, please read our Code of Conduct. If you’d like to learn even more about the program, dive into our FAQ.

Who is behind Harvest Hosts?

Hi, I’m Joel Holland! I’m a technology entrepreneur, and my wife is a veterinarian. We are avid RVers based out of Vail, Colorado. We love animals, and you may see us on the road with our two cats and two ferrets, who have taken to the RV life quite well!

Our mission with Harvest Hosts is simple: We feel that RVing provides a sense of ultimate freedom, which most people seek and not enough find. As cheesy as it sounds, we think we can help a lot of people live happier lives if we can get them off of the couch and onto the open road.

After hundreds of nights spent RVing through all 48 lower states, our biggest gripe was the lack of unique RV overnight experiences. Then we joined Harvest Hosts, and after staying at incredible locations from wineries to alpaca farms, it changed our RV lives.

HHRig at winery

Inspired by France Passion’s business model, Harvest Hosts was founded in 2010 with the goal to bring similar experiences to RVers in the States.

In 2018, we purchased Harvest Hosts from the original founders, Don and Kim Greene. They built an amazing company and community, and we are determined to continue the tradition of connecting our wonderful Members with wonderful Hosts! In just a few short years, we’ve been able to grow Harvest Hosts from 600 locations to over 4700 with the help of our amazing team.


The Harvest Hosts team is made up of over 50 people, who work hard to make Harvest Hosts the best it can be. We employ people who are passionate about all things travel, which includes plenty of fellow RVers. For more information about who is behind the magic of Harvest Hosts, visit our Teams page.

Hope to see you on the road,

Mary Ashley & Joel Holland

Mary Ashley & Joel Holland