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Beachfront RV Camping in Florida

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Sam Leash
November 13, 2020

TL;DR: Escape winter's chill with beachfront RV camping in Florida. Explore top resorts like Pensacola Beach RV Resort, Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort, and more. Discover sunny beaches, deluxe amenities, and vibrant communities across the state in this blog post now.

Beachfront RV Camping in Florida

As the weather cools and the winter season starts to set in, people often find themselves wishing for warmer weather. Even for those who enjoy the snow and the cold, it can be nice to step away mid-season and enjoy a break and a bit of sunshine. If this is something you’d like to experience this winter, then consider planning a visit to the sunshine state. All over Florida, there are hundreds of sunny beaches and beautiful places to visit to relax, swim, shop, dine, and more. Those with an RV can enjoy luxurious beachfront camping in beautiful resorts all over the state, all from the comfort of their own vacation home on wheels. And while wintertime beachfront camping in Florida may cost more per night than your average RV park, it still beats the price of beachfront hotels, while simultaneously offering the comfort of your own private respite to retreat to at the end of each day. Continue on for a full list of some of the best beach RV resorts that sunny Florida has to offer, and be sure to check out more Harvest Hosts locations for RV camping in Florida.

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1. Pensacola Beach RV Resort

Pensacola has long been renowned as a stunning favorite, located westernmost along the Florida Panhandle. With sandy, white beaches, aqua-colored waters, and consistent sunshine, what’s not to love about this beautiful area? The city of Pensacola itself is known for its vibrant downtown, diverse art galleries, variety of restaurants, and more. When visiting, http://www.pensacolarvresorts.com is an excellent option. This resort functions as its own vacation site, with deluxe amenities not typically found in RV campgrounds, such as a dock, a clubhouse, a tiki bar, a tiki shop, playgrounds, murals, and more. The on-site pool has excellent, all-day hours, and the resort offers two clear pathways within walking distance to the beach, as well as complimentary chairs and umbrellas for resort guests. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, as this place tends to be popular in the winter months.

2. Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

About three hours east of Pensacola, the town of Carrabelle also sits on the Florida Panhandle. This laid-back, coastal community is a beautiful vacation destination in an area that tends to be quieter and less crowded in the winter months. Carrabelle itself is rich with culture, history, museum choices, restaurant offerings, and more. The stunning beaches offer plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, boating, swimming, and relaxation. Those planning to stay for a short term or long term visit should consider Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. This beautiful campground is reasonably priced, offering incredible amenities and several tiers of sites, all just steps from Carrabelle Beach. Amenities include a dog run, a playground, a clubhouse, games, WiFi, laundry, and more. Seasonal sites fill up quickly, so be sure to make your plans well in advance.

3. Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort

Approximately four hours across the state, RVers should also consider a visit to Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort. This area offers the experience of a small beach town, with convenient access to the nearby cities of St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. The small population area offers a few amenities, such as a convenience store and camping supply store, with many more options within quick driving distance. The beachfront RV resort is affordably-priced and offers miles of beach camping access and sites with stunning views. You can expect to find standard RV park amenities here, but there is certainly nothing standard about true beachfront camping.

4. Palm Beach RV Park

About three hours south of Beverly Beach, Palm Beach RV Park is another great Florida vacation option. West Palm Beach tends to be a livelier option, with plentiful bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants to choose from. This vibrant area features two main entertainment districts, with many more downtown and uptown places to enjoy. Palm Beach RV Park offers RVers an excellent place to enjoy the nearby surroundings. This lovely residence features 24/7 on-site management, laundry services, and picnic areas, all just steps from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Please keep in mind that this location does monthly stays only.

5. Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort

Continuing another three hours back across Central Florida, our next stop is in the town of Matlacha, nearby Fort Myers, Florida. Because of its historical significance, Fort Myers is a popular tourist destination, with many historic sites to visit, as well as nearby shopping and dining. Thirty minutes west of Fort Myers, RV owners can camp at the lovely Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort. This small campground has just ten sites, with many deluxe amenities included in the monthly stay. These include WiFi, kayak use, a dock, laundry facilities, hammocks, and movie screens. The surrounding village of Matlacha is an artistic fishing commune, and it includes opportunities for fine dining, kayaking, boating, and more. If you are looking for a quaint community with plenty to see and do nearby, then this is the place for you.

6. Buttonwood Inlet RV Resort

About two hours north of the Fort Myers area, we reach the Tampa, Florida, area. Considered a toned-down sister city to Miami, Tampa has many of the same nightlife offerings, while housing less people and an overall older crowd. The city itself is a major business center, yet there is so much to do here. The historic Ybor City has much in the way of nightclubs and dining, while Busch Gardens and the nearby beaches offer excellent ways to spend your daytime hours.About thirty minutes south of Tampa, RV owners can consider a stay in the gorgeous Buttonwood Inlet RV Resort. Within driving distance, residents can also visit the cities of Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Orlando. Resort guests can enjoy a pool, a clubhouse, games, social activities, and a dock, with even more opportunities for recreation, dining, and attractions within a short walking or biking distance. Be sure to book your reservations well in advance, as this resort is fairly popular.Check Out More Southern Florida RV Camping Spots Here.

Florida is one of the best and sunniest places to visit in the winter season. This winter, consider avoiding the cold and dreariness of the season and spending some time at one of these beautiful beachfront RV resorts. You’ll be so glad you did!

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Have you ever spent the winter in Florida? Where did you stay? Have you ever camped on the beach? How was it? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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Sam Leash
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