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Can You Get Good Wi-Fi For Your RV?

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Harvest Hosts
May 19, 2022

TL;DR: Ensure reliable Wi-Fi on your RV trip with TravlFi's discounted Journey1 hotspot for Harvest Host members. Pay-as-you-go plans suit varying data needs. Source: travlfi.com

Can You Get Good Wi-Fi For Your RV?

Preparing to hit the road in your RV is a mighty task, as it takes time and energy to research the best options for fuel stops, grocery stores, and (of course) sights to see! However, the planning doesn’t stop there. Understanding where to park, dump your tank, and if you can get good Wi-Fi for your RV are all crucial planning steps to ensure you’re ready before leaving your driveway. Luckily, TravlFiutm_source=referral&utm_medium=blog&utm_content=harvest+host+get+good+wifi) brings to you an easier way to get to the bottom of all your planning questions, even after you’ve hit the pavement. Having good Wi-Fi for your RV opens a world of opportunities that may otherwise be lost if you simply rely on public Wi-Fi or a cellular hotspot. TravlFi is your solution to getting internet that travels with you anywhere life takes you. TravlFi users will enjoy the simplicity of a small, mobile hotspot that is powered by pay-as-you-go data plans. Considering everyone has a different Wi-Fi demand, TravlFi offers a variety of secure data plans that ranges from 2GBs all the way to 800GBs! As stated earlier, getting good Wi-Fi for your RV is something you can’t go without, which is why TravlFi connects to all major data carriers at no additional cost so you never miss a beat. TravlFi offers Harvest Host members $35 off the Journey1 device (priced at $229). Data plans are sold separately.

  • Cellular or mobile hotspots are safer and more reliable than public Wi-Fi options.
  • TravlFi offers a mobile hotspot solution for reliable Wi-Fi in your RV.
  • TravlFi's Journey1 hotspot is offered at a discounted price for Harvest Host members.


RV Wi-Fi Options

There are a few options when it comes to getting internet in your RV:

  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Cellular hotspot
  • Mobile hotspot

The most risk-free method out of the above is to get Wi-Fi in your RV through a cellular or mobile hotspot. A cellular hotspot is powered by the carrier of your cellular device while a mobile hotspot is a separate device and data plan. However, while both hotspots offer the same outcome (getting Wi-Fi in your RV), the way they operate is totally different. Especially if you choose a mobile hotspot like the Journey1 from TravlFi.

How to Get Good Wi-Fi In Your RV

TravlFi is a mobile hotspot that uses the strongest in-range network to provide good Wi-Fi for your RV anywhere in the U.S. Because of its built-in virtual SIM technology, TravlFi automatically connects to all**major data carriers** which means you will always find the strongest cellular signal in your area! This is different from a cellular hotspot because your cellphone device only operates off of your carrier's data. Therefore, if you aren’t able to obtain a signal from your carrier, then you won’t be able to use its hotspot feature. TravlFi allows you to get good internet in your RV and offers a secure connection (unlike free public Wi-Fi options that multiple people and devices are connected to). With TravlFi, you can safely connect up to 5 devices!

How Much Does RV Wi-Fi Cost

You don’t need to break the bank to get good Wi-Fi in your RV. A membership-free, pay-as-you-go option is the best route because you have full control of how often you use and pay for Wi-Fi in your RV. TravlFi offers a[ wide range of pay-as-you-go data plans wide range of pay-as-you-go data plans that start at 2GBs and max at 800Gbs (Pro-tip: travelers like you love the 25GB plan!). No matter what plan you choose you will always benefit from having your own personal and secure Wi-Fi in the palm of your hand. No contracts or prepaid plans are required. Pay based on your own usage and travel schedule! wp-content-uploads-2022-05-travelfi2.png


Getting good Wi-Fi in your RV shouldn’t be hard to achieve. Staying connectedto who and what you love while on the road is less than an unrealistic necessity and can easily be accomplished with the right tools. All travelers have different needs and expectations when it comes to Wi-Fi, so be sure to do your research and consider what option is going to be the most reliable wherever you travel. is the founder of the Journey1 hotspot which provides internet in an RV. RVers who use TravlFi for their internet needs will benefit from access to internet anywhere in the United States, virtual SIM technology which allows the device to connect to any major carrier, a variety of pay-as-you-go data plans, and a free data usage portal to monitor data consumption. TravlFi offers Harvest Host members $35 off the Journey1 device (priced at $229). Data plans are sold separately._

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Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that offers self-contained RVers unlimited overnight stays at over 5,616 small businesses across North America with no camping fees. Boondock at farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and other one-of-a-kind destinations throughout North America, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that a safe place to stay is always nearby!
Harvest Hosts-profile-image
Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is an RV membership program that allows self-contained travelers to overnight at unique locations around the country including farms, wineries, museums, breweries, and more!
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