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Roads & Stays Episode 16 Recap: Embracing the Nomadic Spirit to Redefine Success with Robin from Creativity RV

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Allison Smith
December 29, 2023

TL;DR: Robin Barrett's journey from the corporate world to a nomadic life in an RV was sparked by a profound moment with her terminally ill sister, who questioned the value of a conventional lifestyle. This led Robin to prioritize living authentically and pursuing her passions. She emphasizes the power of choice and adaptability, urging others to prioritize a fulfilling life over mere existence. Robin shares insights on finding work on the road, offering practical advice in her book "Work From Home While You Roam." Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to break free from societal norms and redefine success on their own terms.

Roads & Stays Episode 16 Recap: Embracing the Nomadic Spirit to Redefine Success with Robin from Creativity RV

Two decades spent in the corporate world left Robin Barrett with a yearning for something more meaningful. The routine of a stable yet unfulfilling job was a stark contrast to her true passions: writing and painting. Under the weight of corporate America, she never wrote her novel on the side like she’d always planned to do.  Despite the security of a regular paycheck and benefits, Robin's creative spirit was stifled.

The Life-Altering Catalyst for Change

The turning point came during an emotionally charged moment with her sister,. Robin’s sister set out to escape the corporate world by going to grad school to find a new passion. Shortly after finishing her degree, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had about 6 months to live. Robin cared for her in her final weeks, and this tragic time inspired her to make a change. Robin’s sister asked a thought-provoking question that ultimately set up her path to leave the corporate world behind. “If you only had two years left to live, would you keep your job?” Immediately Robin knew she needed to make a change. Robin’s sister also told her she always saw her with a sketchbook in Paris. This set her on a profound introspection, leading Robin to realize that life's true value lies beyond the confines of conventional success and searching for what to do next.  Robin began planning for her future that day. Six months later, she was able to quit her corporate job and work part-time as a consultant for two years, working on fiction books on the side, and saving up to buy an RV. Eventually, she was able to buy her own RV to start her life on the road. She had never RVed or even camped before, but somehow she knew this is exactly what she needed. Robin's choice of a nomadic life wasn't just about escaping the corporate grind; it was a deeper quest for authenticity and living on her terms. And six years later, she still swears this was the best decision she ever made.

The Power of Choice and Adaptability

Robin emphasizes the importance of choosing life over mere existence. Her story is a reminder that security and stability can be redefined and that fear of the unknown should not overshadow the fear of an unlived life. This message resonates with many who find themselves at crossroads, contemplating a leap into the unknown. As Robin says, “It's scarier to die not having lived a full life than it is to try something new.“

Finding Work on the Road

One of the most common obstacles many people have to becoming a full-time RVer or even part-time RVer is finding a way to make money while on the road. With the large increase in remote jobs, this is more accessible than ever: there are so many more types of remote jobs out there than you could ever expect. Her book “Work From Home While You Roam” is the ultimate resource guide for those looking to make money remotely. The book provides actual job recommendations and links for where to apply! Hopefully, with a resource like this, people who want to live the digital nomad life have one less barrier to entry to the life of their dreams! The updated version for 2024 is coming out in December 2023. Buy the book here.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Robin's journey, punctuated by her insights on remote working, health insurance, and living a fulfilling life, makes her a beacon for those yearning to break free from societal norms.  Robin Barrett's story is more than just a tale of transition from corporate life to van life; it's about the courage to redefine success on one's own terms. It's a narrative that inspires and challenges, reminding us that life is a canvas awaiting our unique brushstrokes. Find Robin at creativityrv.com or on Instagram and YouTube at @creativityRV.

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Allison Smith
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