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Soak in the Golden Hours: RV Camping with Sunset Views

Harper Sullivan-profile-image
Harper Sullivan
May 25, 2024

Harvest Hosts has a plethora of locations with outstanding sunset views from farms offering vistas of the setting sun, to vineyards with sprawling hills.

Soak in the Golden Hours: RV Camping with Sunset View

If you want to add serenity and tranquility to your next RV trip, consider heading to an RV camping location with stunning sunset views. If you've never taken the time to truly watch a sunset, it's a must-try when you're seeking a peaceful outdoor experience. Usually, you just need a cozy campfire and your loved ones by your side to fully enjoy this spectacle.

There are thousands of Host camping locations with sunset views on Harvest Hosts. Harvest Hosts is the largest, most fun RV camping membership with over 5,000+ unique camping locations. With a Harvest Hosts Membership, you get unlimited overnight stays at any of our locations, including over 1,969 locations with sunset views.

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Featured Harvest Hosts Locations with Sunset Views

Harvest Hosts has a plethora of locations with outstanding sunset views, farms offering vistas of the setting sun, to vineyards with sprawling hills, and so much more. These are some of the highest-rated sunset viewing locations on Harvest Hosts.

New Basin Distilling Company

New Basin Distilling Company does it all. A farm to bottle distillery in the heart of Oregon, there is also live music, food carts, and more to enjoy while experiencing a beautiful sunset. Located right off Highway 26, parking in their gravel lot is a breeze.

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Got the World Cheated Farm

Discover the serenity of nature and history at Got the World Cheated Farm, a 20-acre sanctuary with unique features including a Native American rock shelter and waterfalls. The farm, home to various animals, offers vast camping sites equipped with essentials and a fishing-friendly pond. Whether planning a special event or a quiet retreat, visitors are immersed in the peaceful farm life, set to the backdrop of nearby Rough River creek and lakes.

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Dutchman Vineyard

Located in Ripon, California, Dutchman Vineyard is not only a vineyard, but also a working farm. Enjoy some wine, explore the four acre vineyard surrounded by almond trees, and if you're lucky catch a spectacular sunset with a glass of their famous Malbec in hand.

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Let the Sun Guide You!

Host locations with sunset views are the perfect opportunity for RVers who want to spend more time outside of their RV, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature. Before you embark on your sunset viewing journey, remember to bring along your camera and a warm blanket.

Looking for more RV Camping options with sunset views? Check out Harvest Hosts' sunset viewing page below. We can't wait to hear about your adventures!

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Harper Sullivan
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