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Boondockers Welcome
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Cayley, AB
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Up to 45 ft
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My Cayley Host Location : is situated on the grassy blvd, beside my house, or front yard on grass, or can also use the paved road way at front or beside the blvd grass - there is a fenced grass yard area with no gates, fire pit with free firewood, garden hose, for water, and power (donation for $5.00 per night use please) ** NOTE: power revision increase to additional 30 amp pending. PLEASE NOTE*** until technical problems are corrected for this website KEEP TRYING IF YOU DO NOT GET A RESPONSE INSIDE A COUPLE DAYS for phone number AND ADDRESS, if you do not get a response within a couple days, as this year has been full of technical issues not getting corrected and if you see that there are shaded days as if booked, PRESS FOR REQUEST TO make direct contact with me to make sure, as another issue just discovered in first half of September is apparently shown as booked, which is not true. IF you want clarification about stay time or Specific requests not allowed to be addressed here and you want to discuss something, contact me direct by txt to my phone number or email IF YOU CAN GET THRU TO ME after the first message as for some unknown reason direct responses back in response to requests are not getting through. Thank you for your patience and understanding. report it to Harvest Hosts AS WELL PLEASE. CAYLEY Hamlet: is a quiet residential location, bicycling inside this quaint location or out on the paved highways, and rural gravel roads to the west, a ball diamond, school yard 2 blocks away- small "corner rural grocery, alcohol - store & post office " 1 block north. Plus the IOOF meeting hall. MY PRIVATE YARD: presently has 15 amp & 30 amp power, grassed boulevard parking beside my house, and one extra in-yard parking site can be arranged. firepit, and free firewood. potable water access by hose from house, I use it all the time. the water is piped in from High River. Closed fenced - pets on leash only, "toileting for pets" in back lane grassed area - & must clean up after. 1 short block to the above rural grocery store. Large open school yard and PLAY AREA 2 blocks east - INSIDE THE HAMLET. 20 MINUTES NORTH OF CAYEY Hamlet is : HIGH RIVER: There are 2 fenced areas, and other no fenced areas, for free running of dogs, no leash required. Mountain hiking one hour drive west, river, lakes, reservoirs for boating & kayaking. In town- tiny lake for boat >no motors< , bicycling & local town bike route. Large developed PAY campground, (with free horseshoe pits, & playground), Pay group camping, band stand, 3 large grocery stores, access to other stores, library, small antique oriented stores x 3 (2 are second hand stores mainly but have a few antiques) Large recreational site with large public swimming pool, indoor track, ball diamonds and treed bike/walking trails, safe tubing or small boats on local river. City of Calgary 45 min. north of High River.....
Hosted By mtnwildgoose
Member since Feb 2015
NOTE - IF NO immediate RESPONSE DURING 12June to 19 July 2023 while overseas - keep trying as I will be IN & OUT of phone reception during this period galavanting around HONG KONG & local ISLANDS Then VANCOUVER ISLAND WEST COAST KAYAK TOURING - Should be back home by about 17 JULY 2023 to take more bookings for ““”HH & BOONDOCKERS”””again in CAYLEY ALBERTA. experienced wilderness bkpkr,snowshoe,skitourng,bicycle, kayak,truck&/or.trailer Details: UPDATED 2 May 2023: I'm wilderness oriented mountain hiker, back pack camping, Local/long distance bicycling, ocean/river & lake tour kayaker - have done back country ski touring and heli ski touring with Alpine Club of Cda, - arctic exploration for musk ox - hauled many different types of trailers from commercial extended length oilfield, to RV - Ex Regular forces Military and Forestry parachutist & Forestry Cargo Drop Master, & ex Cdn Sport Parachuting Assoc.- Ex member of Alpine Club of Canada & mountain hut maintenance & custodian -Life Member Canadian Youth Hostels Assoc., aka Hosteling International - ex member of West Yellowhead Endurance Riders Assoc. participant & safety rider in 30 mile mtn endurance horse racing & columnist author - Forestry wildfire detection/supression, instructor, & transportation -arctic oil exploration & gas plant operation,-Long haul transport, crane op -Raised 6 kids, have 18 grand children -re married Dec. 2016 -wilderness guide > coastal kayak exploration of: South China Sea Islands near Hong Kong, southern inner and outer coasts of Vancouver island, Quadra Island, coastal near Tofino & coastal near Prince Rupert BC, Local lakes and some river activity in SW, north Central Alberta, East coast of Nova Scotia, (Tangirs & islands) & E. side of Cape Breton Island -kayaking off Orkney Islands northern Scotland -added Nation Lakes Northern BC -Waterton Lks -Maligne Lk, all of these of 1 week tour duration. Leader/instructor/superintendant of Scouts, RCAF cadets, Jr. Forest Wardens & Girl Guards, Highland Games committee/dancer, Cdn Forces militia NCO, instructor, Rifle Honor Guard, highland dancer, peace time parachutist. I'm presently semi retired, self employed in metal recycling and light industrial transport locally. Member of boondockerswelcome.com, since 2015, have RV trailering experience as a "boondocker" by 14 & 16ft V nose converted cargo trailers, 32 foot holiday trailer. > remarried Dec,2016, Re activation in motor biking in northern Philippines and have involvement in tiny family piggery there -new property for a small house there also. With apologies that my response rate I see is not impressive at 33%, I have been recovering from a 2013 flood that wiped me out of home, vehicles, closure of business, & a move to a new home in Cayley, Alberta - 15 minute drive from the High River site - . I will endeavor to respond more quickly ....... Home Town: Primary RV Boondockers parking -paved rds to yard > Cayley, Alberta -2km west of Hwy 2 - 15 minutes south of High River on Hwy 2A & about 40 minutes south of Calgary south end- RV parking for 2 units or 3 if I know well in advance > Amenities: grass boulevard beside house &/or front lawn, or back lawn - back into either yards on grass for two units up to 35-40 feet plus tow unit - power, (would like $5./nite pls if used) Water - garden hose no charge- fire pit in back yard, Slide outs OK, generator OK -Picnic chairs/table OK - Pets on leash only preferable (clean up after) Horse shoe pit pending, Small grocery store 1 block with alcohol option, post office, public hall for functions, school playground 1 1/2 blocks, Across highway #2A Camp ground with fee "by donation" and two ball diamonds, with large parking field all grass. Country roads walking or bicycling locals use frequently, any day of the week, with attention to self safety, and old abandoned Rail Road right-of-way close by, for walking either north or south. no ties or rails left. This hamlet is a nice QUIET location, and use of this boondockers site is possible only if the local quiet is retained. (having said that - neighbors across street do have family gatherings with a fire pit - have had occassional gatherings in past year or two, with music from a parked visitors vehicle - if music is too loud for me, I quietly request the music be lowered > When first contacting me Send more than 1 email when attempting to contact me please. If no response within 1-2 days - one of the reasons I have been so difficult to be contacted. I use my cell phone about 90% of the time and am in poor reception areas occassionally. Cayley is free of flooding. High River - means just what it says (when it does flood usually late June, but not every year) - has a couple antique shops, bike paths, pottery shop, one hour to the mtns, for hiking, rock climbing, fishing, water sports not far away. Kananaskis country, small airport, Antique shops in Nanton 1/2 hr. south of High River, or 10 to 15 south of Cayley........ Favorite Boondocking Locations: Misc places in various commercial trucking places thru out Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Southern BC., Alberta, and the Dempster and Alaska highway, Kananaskis country, main streets and side streets of Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Cochrane, Iron River, Jasper, National parks after Sept, and many places in between. Small amount enroute to Prince Rupert, and on Vancouver Island and Demster Highway. As in my own motto, and adopted words of wisdom that fits most any search "Never give up the search, Never loose hope for new horizons, ADAPT - IMPROVISE - OVERCOME ACTIVELY - BELEIVE - AND ACHIEVE SUCCESS IS IN THE JOURNEY DON'T HESITATE TOO LONG, BEGIN AT ONCE, READY OR NOT. Skills or Expertise to Share: Have a quiet curiosity about a few things - maybe not at an impressive university degree level, but life has been a great instructor : I had been active since childhood with a few things: a small trap line, horse wrangler, and big game hunting for meat, then I decided to check out the rest of the world: starting in wilderness mountain hiking, backpack camping, bicycling, river & lake canoe/kayak touring > PAST EXPERIENCE IN: basic Recruit training & weapons handling, parachutist and military search and rescue, mtn ski touring, Alpine Club of Canada, early yrs in site renovations 1960s Hostel life member, bicycling highway long distance, bush roads & cut lines - ex-custom designer in various mediums - specific in teaching leather tooling - agriculture; designed & built small self sufficient farm and family home in northern farm community, animal husbandry, ex Horse trainer, conditioner, Safety rider and participant in mountain endurance horse racing - some solo rock climbing, ex forestry fire look out, and fire tower supervision, forest fire fighter, Para-cargo drop master, tree faller, tree skidder & pulp-mill worker - new road, northern airport & railway surveying - Health care, emergency/ICU nursing, orthopedics, long term care - cub, scout, & Jr. forest wardens and girl guards Leader/supervisor - Gas plant and salt water injection plant operation -Local & long haul Semi truck & all kinds of trailers driver, from southern Alabama/Georgia USA, east & west coasts, all of western Canada. from USA border to Inuvik and Fairbanks ice roads in northern Alberta and NWT. Boom truck, crane and oilfield flat deck hauling, Refer' vans of meat & frozen food products to locations across northern USA coast to coast, and Georgia/Alabama north thru central USA - and Holiday trailering with 5th wheel & holiday bumper pulls, flat deck, and cargo trailers - studying online digital marketing, as I do renovations on Cayley house, and attempts to settle into the joys of quieter living - maybe. - I say that because the Lyrics of poem The Vagabond, Robert Service words about the silences of the northern wilderness still ramble thru my mind, > ..."bed in the bush, with stars to see, bread I dip in the river, there's the life for a man like me,there's the life for ever".....and.... " he ranged the field and roved the flood, and climbed the mountains crest, his is the curse of the gypsy blood, and he doesn't know how to rest"......... Have expanded interest in ocean kayak coastal explorations in northern Philippines, after previous time checking out many areas around south, west and east Vancouver Island, then Prince Rupert, and more recent - north west BC wilderness trip on Nation Lakes, Jasper area Maligne Lake, then northern Atlantic waters in the Orkney Islands, and then South China Sea with my new wife. I have even mastered raising and teaching 6 kids, a complete Christmas dinner, baking powder buscuits, and now starting over with some of my outdoor life for 12 grand children , and more recently added another folding inflatable air portable kayak to test more of the waters of South China Seas and northern Philippine coastal touring by both kayak, and my new 2020 Kowasaki motor bike.
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Pets Allowed
Water Hookup Available
Electric Hookup Available: 15A
Generators Allowed
Hookup Notes
House Rules
> no generators after 10pm unless extremely quiet > no smoking on property. > children should be supervised > pets on leash at all times, and kept away from yard plants > this is a residential area, sometimes the locals will party late, but for me I prefer no noise after 11 pm.
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: All road accesses are paved. CAYLEY is the new primary SITE: 15 minute drive south from High River to Hamlet of Cayley, Ab. ALL PAVED ROADS: has room for larger units on grassed boulevard, beside my new house or a 28 to 30 foot on the property- Generators are ok for evenings - however power hook up to 110 would be preferred at night after midnight till 0700 hours as it is in quiet residential area. No one has complained so far. $5. donation per night would be appreciated. thank you. Early spring or heavy rains, could make Blvd unusable, however parking on Road in front on Railway Ave. anytime or on Nanton Street to side of house on pavement beside the blvd, is ok all year round. Tow Vehicle Parking Details: CAYLEY Hamlet site: Tow vehicle parking available here > in 2 of the 3 options can remain hooked up unless shorter units require parked. CLEAN POTABLE WATER FROM GARDEN HOSE AT HOUSE .
Max Rig Size:
Up to 45 ft
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