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Boondockers Welcome Host
Boondockers Welcome
Shoals, IN
Over 45ft
Pets Allowed
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15A available.
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HERE IS MY TEXT : 812-709-0827 Our place is NOT YOUR VACATION DESTINATION. It is a place for RV travelers to stay for free while on the way to their destination. Traveling is expensive, we try to give you a financial break from paying at an RV park everytime you need to sleep in safety. If you have a skill set you want to offer up while you are here and stay longer that is possible. We had a handy man couple stay 3 months. But we do not expect you to offer up anything. IF YOU ARE LOUD- do not come here, IF YOUR DOG BARKS A LOT, DO NOT COME HERE. We raise both Elk and deer on the property and barking dogs are not helpful. If I do not respond to your request Im sorry. I have a full-time job and when people get pissy about not catering to their immediate needs I tend to shut the calendar down for six months. We try to assist travelers and help them save a buck but its simply our donation to help you. It is not our obligation. If you are staying multiple days here using elect and water, give us a small donation if you can. If not we understand. If we have time we will show you around. We love our property, please respect it. We are 12 miles from French lick- we are in the state forest Amenities depend on if my ranch is rented to a group or not- if it’s not being used you have access to a very cool place with lots to do - but when it’s rented by paying guests we only give you access to the camp area- PEOPLE OUR CLIENTS - RENT THE ENTIRE RANCH AS IT SLEEPS 40 IN THE LODGES ETC. 1. Dogs on a leash if I have paying guests that have the place rented - Please do not let your dogs run up to the elk in the pen 2. Not all spots have power- We have a gym- serious good gym , 9 hole golf course, 18 hole disk golf, axe throwing, brick pizza oven, bbq grill, wood smokers, fishing pond, trails, shooting range, clay pigeons, large vineyard, bourbon tasting barn, martial arts gym- think of a giant man cave that’s a ranch During the week we generally have few paying guests - it’s then you would have access to the fun stuff. Again, If I have paying guests here then you will be limited to your camp site. REMEMBER, my paying lodge guests allow me to help you stay here for free. Suggested Local Attractions:All of French lick is very nice, bands, bars, #1&2 golf courses in Indiana- and our on site course is the worst golf course in Indiana - casino etc I do not try to sound like a dick but we have had some real humdingers come stay here. Including a family of squatters in a school bus. Text me a day before arrival so I will expect you as agreed. Also, an hour before arrival so I can show you where to park. Thanks!
Hosted By ElkRidge
Member since Jul 2020
We have a farm and a quiet space Details: FIRST REQUEST Too many Boon dockers have been showing up late. This causes us to either get out of bed and park you or it takes us away from our paying guests ($1000.00 per night) We allow boon dockers to help people and families travel with less expenses. We like to help fellow travelers but this late arrivals has gotten out of hand. If you can not arrive before 4:00 pm you are not welcome here. we simply are too busy giving hay rides, checking in guests or cooking for private parties. We hope you understand but after this last late Boondocker I was ready to discontinue being a host. Im just too busy! MORE We are more of a place for travelers with children to stop for a free overnight or two but not a place to entertain children ADULTS who may want to stop for a few days or a week and are more private are welcome for longer stays. Most of our guests we meet at check in and don't see after that unless they are interested in some farm or construction project we may have going on TRAVEL BUDDIES If you are traveling with another family (Two RV's) let me know. We generally only accept one boondocks request at a time but if we know you are traveling with another family we will make room for your friends. But if they send a separate request to us, then we will reject it as we do not realize that you are traveling together. Jut put how many rigs you have please so we can accommodate you both. We are a Married couple 30 plus years I work overseas part-time as a pilot in Africa and Afghanistan my wife is a yoga teacher. We will offer Rv stays while I’m home and see how this program go’s. When I am on the ranch I have lots of construction projects, We like to work hard and drink some wine. We have a large vineyard and a very unique ranch. We are interested in the RV lifestyle and are happy to meet those of you are living this way full time. We have owned a 5th wheel in the past and a small travel trailer If you have an interest in getting your hands dirty this is a fun place. - If we have time, we own and manage many small businesses and are often busy. We also have paying guests on site (OFTEN) which means most of our activities are not available to you as a boon docker If you are on vacation and need a place to stop for a night we don’t expect you to volunteer to give us a hand- but if this is your lifestyle living and traveling in your RV then it might be kind of you to offer some help -we may or may not need any help at the particular time. If you wish to make a donation we may put a jar somewhere- we gotta see how this go’s and see if it’s drama free Home Town: HIM: Portland and Eastern Oregon HER: Indiana- St Louis Favorite Boondocking Locations: Bonny crossing - near Tygy Valley Oregon Skills or Expertise to Share: Video, drone work, carpentry, landscaping, axe throwing, shooting sports, fishing pond on the ranch. Fitness and yoga - my wife and I are personal trainers. We have a weight gym, martial arts and a yoga studio on the ranch We also grow sprouts, micro greens and vegetables on the ranch We like good wine, bourbon and cigars
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Pets Allowed
Water Hookup Available
Electric Hookup Available: 15A
Generators Allowed
Slideouts Allowed
Off Leash Area for Pets
Separate Tow Vehicle Parking
Outdoor Cooking Allowed
Same Day Requests
Accepts Requests Between
Jun 26, 2024 - Jul 2, 2024
June 2024
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: The road getting to the ranch is very narrow- however - I’ve seen two RVs pass going opposite direction so it’s not as narrow as it feels - it is paved the entire road Once on the ranch - Getting to the parking area is pretty simple - it is a single lane for a 1000 meters gravel road and you will need directions from someone once you get there Tow Vehicle Parking Details: Park in the field next to your rig
Max Rig Size:
Over 45 ft
Parking Spaces:
Parking Surface:
Check-In Method:
Check with Host
House Rules
Be courteous Share Don’t be stupid No guns unless you get permission on when and where to shoot Don’t use our facilities where the paying guests are when they have rented the place No animals run loose when our place is rented Only stay short time so others can get time at the ranch as well
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