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Taste Tradition: Unique Vineyard Near Farmington
44 Reviews
Farmington, MO
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Imagine a serene escape into the heartland of winemaking, where the charm of tradition meets the vibrancy of progress. Just a stone's throw from the enchanting City of Farmington and a scenic drive from the bustling streets of St. Louis, Missouri, a family-owned and operated vineyard unfolds across 25 acres of lush grapevines. It's a beckoning oasis for RV camping enthusiasts looking to blend their love for adventure with the refined taste of locally produced wines. At the heart of this vineyard, the Tasting Room emerges as a centerpiece of cultural and oenological exploration. Here, under the roof of a beautifully crafted turn-of-the-century bar, guests are invited to embark on a journey of wine education. Surrounded by Hollywood memorabilia, the ambiance strikes a unique balance between the glamour of yesteryear and the rustic charm of vineyard life. Whether cozied up by the inviting fireplace on a chilly day or engaging with the knowledgeable staff at the Wine Education Bar, visitors are promised an immersive wine-tasting experience. Beyond the liquids that dance gracefully in each glass, the vineyard offers an array of unique gifts and apparel in its onsite Wine Shop, perfect for taking a piece of this memorable experience home. And for those seeking to bask in the beauty of the surrounding vines, the vineyard's wrap-around porch offers comfortable seating where one can sip, relax, and watch the sun dip below the horizon. Ideal for RV campers in search of a tranquil retreat amid the beauty of Missouri's wine country, this destination combines the essence of RV camping with the elegance of wine tasting. Whether it's the allure of exploring a family-run vineyard or the call of a cozy fireplace and exquisite wines, this site promises an unforgettable visit where time seems to slow down, and the finer things in life take center stage.
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11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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In addition to our Award Winning Wines and Craft Beers, Twin Oaks offers wine specialty drinks, a nice selection of domestic and imported beers, and a full Bar. Assorted meats, cheeses, crackers, chips, fruit & chocolate available in Tasting Room. We also have a Saturday Menu with Sandwiches, kabobs, Pizza, hot wings, salads, and much more in our popular "GlassHouse". Picnic baskets are welcomed, no drinks, please. We have FREE live entertainment most Saturdays, April-December.
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