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Boondockers Welcome Host
Boondockers Welcome
Ulster Park, NY
Up to 35ft
Pets Allowed
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********PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IT'S IMPORTANT before making a request*** Just a heads up: if you do come here you will start to see signs saying NO CAMPGROUNDS as soon as you turn onto River Road. This is NOT related to our BW site but a neighborhood fight against a proposed 50 cabin "campground" on a 39 acre lot located in the midst of our small community. Don't worry- BW members are welcome! 1) Our phones go off at 9pm (Eastern Time) and do not come on again until 7am. Please keep this in mind when requesting a stay. If you make your request after 9pm I will see neither text nor email until the following morning. If you make a request after 9pm Eastern time, do not expect a response for at least 12 hours. 2) If you are considering making a Stay Request please know that we are not accepting requests from guests who refuse to post /have not posted a proper profile photo or provide a complete bio. While we understand your concern for your own safety we are providing you a place on our property in a small community. If you have questions please message us. 3) If we accept your request you will receive our contact and other important information. Please text DIRECTLY on the morning of your arrival day with your ETA. If that changes significantly, please let us know. We also ask that you let us know when you are about 1/2 hour away so we can be sure to be ready. Our driveway requires that you back in and we need to guide you. ALL guests need to arrive before dark unless we have directly arranged otherwise. 4) PLEASE NOTE that getting into our driveway can be tricky. While running off the pavement a bit is not a problem, you need to be skilled enough to back up your rig (TT, 5th or MH) so that you do not destroy our property or damage your vehicle. If you have concerns PLEASE use the Contact Host feature to discuss them. We are available to guide you but work on the assumption that you are able to drive your rig in reverse with some competency. The 35' limit is serious. We cannot accommodate larger rigs, in fact a 33-35' TT or 5th will fit ONLY if you are proficient at reversing. 5) As noted we provide a 15A hook up. We ask that you not use it to run ac/heater as it can easily trip the breaker. If you require more power you may use your generator between 7a and 9p. Even on the hottest summer days we cool off enough that a fan suffices to keep things cool. If you like to sleep in a cold rig you need to consider this before making a request. In colder weather, propane heat or small space heaters will be your only option. Also, we do not have a dump and the 2 within 1/2 hour of here are closed from mid-Oct to mid-Apr. PLEASE plan accordingly. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac that leads to the Hudson River. It's a family area and very quiet and friendly. The Hudson Valley is really great every season and there is so much to do! We are also convenient to NYC if you wanted to take a day trip there on the train from Poughkeepsie or bus from Kingston. Cell reception: Verizon and AT&T do work but they seem to vary between phones. There is always reception but for some reason it is spottier at times than others. Suggested Local Attractions: This area of the Hudson Valley is becoming quite famous for the excellent restaurants, apple orchards, craft breweries, wineries and a new distillery but we also have a number of outdoor activities. Scenic Hudson has at least 5 official parks with hiking trails in the area-all are within a 15 min drive and one is walking distance from our house; there is fishing in the Hudson River at certain times of the year; we are across the river from FDR's house and library as well as Eleanor's Vall-Kill, the Vanderbilt Mansion and Staatsburg (both mansions from the Gilded Age) In Aug there are 2 local county fairs, The Walkway Over the Hudson is a converted railroad bridge now for walking and biking and connects to the RailTrail in Highland. There are museums: Olana, Frederic Church's home; Children's Museum of Poughkeepsie and the Senate House in Kingston among others. We have a collection of Things to Do available at the house.
Hosted By WeLovetheHudsonRiver
Member since Jun 2015
No longer on the road couple Details: We started full timing in April of 2015 but bought a small house summer of '17 (our host location) which we planned to use IF we needed it. 2020 brought that forward and after 6 months of home living we decided to stay put and do shorter trips. That changed as we became more settled and the numbers of RVers increased. So now, we stay here and host BW members. During our FT years we traveled coast to coast and border to border covering a lot of area. We've stayed in wonderful HH and BW locations. Home Town: Ulster Park, NY This is the town my husband grew up visiting on weekends and summers and close to where we lived in the late 90s and early aughts. It's a wonderful area of the Mid-Hudson Valley, 1/2 mile from the river and within a short drive from everything from history, to art, to hiking and great eating. (The Culinary Institute of America is directly across the river.) Favorite Boondocking Locations: Too hard to tell. We tended to find the positives in each place we visited and with solar and a composting toilet we were able to be pretty self sufficient. By far and above though, staying at BW locations ranked at the top of our list because we not only met great people, made new friends but had the benefit of locals directing us to the best places to see. Why visit all those "must see" places when there are THOUSANDS of beautiful, interesting and not crowded places all over? Skills or Expertise to Share: I am a retired nurse who worked for many years in home health, overseas and as a nanny as well. I have wide range of interests but primarily love meeting people and finding our commonalities and learning from differences. My husband is a retired programmer/data processor and also has many interests, especially working outside. He also enjoys meeting people and, while on the road, could often be found conversing with people he met while walking our cat on his leash. Now that cat, Cadbury, will come out to greet our guests.
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Pets Allowed
Water Hookup Available
Electric Hookup Available: 15A
Generators Allowed
Slideouts Allowed
Off Leash Area for Pets
Separate Tow Vehicle Parking
Outdoor Cooking Allowed
Same Day Requests
Accepts Requests Between
Jul 16, 2024 - Aug 5, 2024
July 2024
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: We live right off Rte 9-W and the roads are all well able to handle large trucks so are easily navigable. You will need to back in to our driveway and because of this we require guests to arrive before dark. If you are coming from the north, the turn off 9W is a left turn and there is a short, steep part just as you turn. Make sure you have plenty of time to turn as this is a state highway and sometimes people speed. Tow Vehicle and RV Parking Details: ****IMPORTANT**** The 35' limit is serious. Even at 35' you might have some difficulty though our MH is 34' and fits (just) If you are towing a 35' 5th wheel or trailer, you will be able to park in our driveway with your truck to the side but it may be crowded. Under NO circumstances will we accept your arrival if your rig exceeds the limit. And as we are on a cul de sac it will be difficult to turn around should you try. In 2020 we added a gravel area to prevent getting stuck with our rig. This means that you will be able to park on it and have some space outside your door for sitting. In late 2021 we repaved the driveway and it is now level. When you back in you will park as close to the back of the site as possible. You are free to walk around our back yard and allow well controlled dogs off leash. We have a neighbor with 2 dogs so if your dog is at all a risk for wandering please keep them on a leash. Please pick up all dog waste in a bag. You may throw it in our trash barrel. You will be able to park your tow vehicle either next to our car or in front of your RV.
Max Rig Size:
Up to 35 ft
Parking Spaces:
Parking Surface:
Check-In Method:
Check with Host
House Rules
We are powered by solar energy and have had to change our offering for electricity to 15amp. Even in the heat of summer our nights tend to be cool so fans suffice to keep you cool. Generators are fine from 8am -9pm but we ask that you limit the use of loud external generators to short periods. Pets are welcome although they must respect our cat who roams free. ( If you have a dog that is well behaved the woods at the end of the road -which belong to Scenic Hudson- are a great place to let them run free.) You are welcome to arrive anytime before dark but please keep us up to date with your ETA as we will have to guide you into place. You are welcome to leave 1 bag of garbage and any recycling you may have. We do not provide WiFi but if you're having problems with reception please let us know. The most important rule is to enjoy yourselves.
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