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Highland-Style Holes & Cheers in Rush, NY
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Rush, NY
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Let your adventure begin as you tee off into the heart of Scotland without leaving the American Northeast, at an exquisite golf course that masterfully combines the ancient ethos of Scottish Links with the modern charm of Rush, New York. Perfect for RV camping enthusiasts looking to blend their love for the great outdoors with the timeless game of golf, this destination offers an idyllic escape into nature with a twist of Scottish tradition. Imagine playing across 2,217 yards of meticulously designed contours and strategic bunker placements that challenge and delight. This 9-hole course, breathed into life in 1995 by the visionary Michael Fischer, offers golfers of all skill levels the pleasure of completing a round in just an hour and 40 minutes. Ideal for those eager to indulge in the game without spending the whole day on the course. But the experience doesn't stop at the final hole. Treat yourself to an awesome cheeseburger or a grilled chicken sandwich as you savor a cold beer, wine, or margarita on the deck. Here, overlooking the sweeping vistas of the course, relaxation and satisfaction meld in perfect harmony. With affordable prices that are a nod to contemporary economic sensibilities, indulging in a day out on the greens has never been more accessible. Managed by the adept Mike Clawson since its opening, this facility ensures a seamless golfing experience with high season greens fees set at $24 and carts available for an additional $11 for 18 holes. Every detail, from the course's layout to the post-game amenities, is thoughtfully curated to enhance your visit. Whether you're parking your RV for a stay filled with golf, exploring the local area, or simply relaxing amidst the embrace of nature and good company, this destination captivates with its simplicity, tradition, and the unmistakable flair of Scottish Links golf. Come and experience a blend of leisure, sport, and serene landscapes where every day is an invitation to play and unwind in the picturesque setting of Rush, New York.
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