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Arlington, VA
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This site is in the DC metro area (inside the beltway). At the time of posting, there are few other spots listed inside the beltway. I think everyone should have a chance to explore our capitol city, so here is what I can offer. Please read carefully because, like many semi-urban areas, space is tight so there are some quirks and special guidance. **PLEASE be sure to READ about TANDEM PARKING, Monday MOWING and space limitations to be sure the space will meet your needs.** TANDEM PARKING: The driveway is one lane and, owing to space limitations, during your stay, I will need to tandem park on the street side of the RV. Guests typically take public transit/cab/car share if going into the city, so we usually only have to arrange for arrival and departure. If you have special needs, please check with me. Note that ingress and egress in the wee hours and before about @ 11 a.m. can be a challenge. Please let me know your plans/needs ahead of time if at all possible. Obviously, if there is an emergency, we’ll work it out. *SUMMER NOTICE*: During mowing months (@ April to October), we need to arrange enough space for the mower to pass to the rear yard. Mowing is generally done on *MONDAY* afternoons. (Rain day is Tuesday.) *Please plan to VACATE the driveway on Monday afternoons.* (This could extends to another day if there is rain.) If staying over a *Wednesday* night, please note that trash and recycling bins must be moved from the back to the front of the house Wednesday nights (or earlier) and returned the next day, year-round. We will need to plan accordingly. TRAILER NOTICE: I have had mostly RV visitors (and only two "mini" (@10-13 ft) travel trailers). Because of the extremely narrow driveway, and the confined urban street space in front of the house - and traffic - it would be *very* difficult, if not impossible, to get a sizable travel trailer in and out of here. I have had a couple of skilled/professional/CDL drivers take a look and decide not to attempt it. Sorry about that. Message me if you have questions/concerns. The RV PARKING SPOT: Please note that I will generally need to tandem park in front of your vehicle while you are here, so if you plan to arrive and depart frequently, that may be difficult. Please advise regarding specific plans or needs. We are able to get a small to medium size RV (longest I have hosted if about 26 ft) in my driveway. Street parking may also be an option. Important note: If parking in the neighborhood, take care not to block driveways. Leave at least 3 feet of space between bumper and driveway. There is on-street parking in front of my home. This is a busy, semi-urban thoroughfare and the parking lane is narrow! 7 feet from the concrete curb to center of white line - and traffic. I recommend pulling your driver's side rear view mirror in. For safety, it would be best to plan to enter and exit your vehicle on the passenger side if possible. Despite daytime traffic, it is very quiet at night. Email if you have questions/concerns about what might work. DRIVEWAY: There is a driveway at the side of my home. The driveway area in front of the house measures: width: 8 feet edge to edge. It’s a bit wider next to the house. There is flora on driver's side when backed in. Height: 10 feet to limbs (they are small limbs so could be some wiggle room on height) Length: @ 26 foot max. It usually works best to back in. Driveway is fairly but not perfectly level. Flattest spot is right alongside the house. *Do not block a car in the driveway (without prior arrangement/permission)!* It is ok to park on the street in the neighborhood around the house if time is needed to coordinate getting a car out of the driveway before parking an RV in the driveway. We can usually arrange to do this ahead of time. Please allow room for foot passage from the front to the rear of the house. Do not block the sidewalk in front of the house. We have been able to fit a "B plus" and C class RV's in the drive. Ground clearance has been a slight issue with one 25’ (dip/swale from road to driveway). There is little width to spare so it may not be possible to put slides out – or they may only go out about 2 feet. Please contact me in advance if you will need to come and go in your RV while here. I usually “tandem” parked with my car at front (on the street side) and your RV behind it. Most people heading to the city and museums take the bus or metro into the city during the period of their visit. As your departure approaches, please plan to let me know what time you expect to leave so I can be sure my car is not in the way. UTILITIES: You are welcome to hook up to my municipal water. There is a spigot (usually has RV filter attached) at the front of the house. (Even if you do not stay, if you are in the area and need water, you are welcome to get what you need from the spigot out front (hose compatible)). Message me for details. Let me know if you need wifi and I will provide the guest password for my service. The exterior electrical outlets on the house do not seem to be working. I have been able to run an extension cord from the garage at the rear of the house which will allow for lights and charging. It plugs into a regular household type outlet (with GFI). Please plan accordingly regarding the *limited draw.* (15 amp) Handy cheat-sheet on amperage FYI: http://rvservices.koa.com/rvinformation/rvmaintenance/rv-converters-and-amp-draw.asp AMENITIES: If you want to set up lawn chairs or barbecue, the back lawn is available. No need to be "in hiding," but remaining “low-profile” and quietly enjoying the yard or neighborhood is probably the best idea. LOCAL ORDINANCES prohibit parking of full height travel trailers on residential streets. Sorry. For more detail, you can access the code here: https://arlingtonva.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2014/01/County-Code-14-2-Motor-Vehicles-and-Traffic.pdf SEASONAL concerns: In the winter months, please note that snow can be a challenge. It would be best to plan travel to avoid snowy periods if possible. Summer months can be very hot, even at night. See also note about mowing above. NEIGHBORHOOD: This is in a lovely, suburban/semi-urban close-in suburb of DC. There are nearby parks, playgrounds and multi-modal trails. Many suburban amenities with urban access. Although I find no ordinance prohibiting boondocking, it is probably not encouraged in this area, so visitors should plan for relative quiet/stealthiness. Safety is a subjective thing, but I feel safe walking alone at night in this neighborhood. There are sidewalks. It is well lit and there is light, but active, foot traffic from early morning until into the evening. There is a McDonald's, a grocery, a 7-11, two gas stations and a couple of restaurants @ 1-2 blocks away. Numerous restaurants less than a mile away (with sidewalks). Other amenities are between the house and the metro. Cyclists find info here: https://www.bikearlington.com/maps-and-routes/#bikemap and here: https://www.carfreediet.com/ County park info here: https://parks.arlingtonva.us/ TRANSPORTATION: There is an in-bound bus stop at the nearest cross street - about five doors down. Return/out-bound stop is directly across the street. You can bus or walk @ 3/4 of a mile to Metro. I recommend Metro if you are going into the city. Parking in the city is difficult and expensive. It is a short and easy trip on public transit. Use wmata.org for public transit trip planning. PETS: Accompanied/supervised and friendly pets are fine but use good judgement about leaving them unattended. You and your pets are welcome to the back yard (just clean up after them). It is mostly, but not fully, fenced. If you have a cat in your RV and the weather is moderate, that's no problem. Probably obvious, but don't let pets roam - not safe on this busy street/with local wildlife. Contact me if you have a special request or concerns. IN CLOSING: Feel free to email with questions or for clarification. (Please do not be offended if my availability is limited while you are here. It's my demanding schedule and nothing personal!) Suggested Local Attractions: Everything the DC metro area has to offer! It's hard to know where to start. Museums, monument, public facilities and attractions. There is a McDonald's and a grocery @ 1-2 blocks from this location. There are Planet Fitness locations not far away. (Closest is 2.6 miles.) Brand new community center with locker room is about 3 blocks away. Visitors are welcome and that daily use fee as of posting is $0 youth/$5 adult 18-54/$4 for 55+.
Hosted By Chick-a-go
Member since Jan 2019
Aspiring camper Details: Mid-career professional. Love to camp. Former RV camper. Occasional car camper at present. Hope to part-time or full-time in the not-too distant future. Home Town: Arlington, VA Favorite Boondocking Locations: Anywhere on the way with lovely scenery and a temperate climate. Privacy is a plus. Skills or Expertise to Share: Knowledge of the area.
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House Rules
No smoking on property. Extreme caution should be exercised owing to traffic on street in front of house. No generators overnight because running a generator might not be welcomed by neighbors and probably violates noise ordinances. Might get away with it for a little while during the day time if it is not loud. (Check with me if you need suggestions.) Quiet and discretion are the best plan at all times. Back yard and nearby parks are available for rest, play and just hanging out. Trash and recycling may be placed in my rather large bins (please do not fill to crazy overflowing, and nothing super stinky until trash night. There is almost always plenty of capacity). Be respectful of the neighbors/neighborhood.
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: My home is on a busy thoroughfare in a semi-urban area. There is street parking in front of the house and in the surrounding neighborhood. Street parking in front of the house is *very narrow* so exercise caution and plan accordingly! "Toad" Vehicle Parking Details: Street parking (narrow). Please see note about the challenges of attempting to ingress and egress site with a trailer. Same applies in the event that you have a tiny trailer that can use the spot.
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Up to 25 ft
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