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Boondockers Welcome Host
Boondockers Welcome
Loon Lake, WA
Over 45ft
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Electric Hookups Available
15A available.
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RV Spot with 20 amp and fire rings on request. RV Spot 1-mile north of Loon Lake, on 20 private treed acres, quiet and peaceful mostly retired seniors, frequently visited by deer, turkey, and coyotes. Only 20 min. drive to north Spokane. Surrounded by 3 lakes Loon Lake 4 miles, Deer Lake 4 miles and Waitts Lake 13 miles with great Fishing, Boating and Swimming. Loon Lake: there is a Post office, store, medical clinic and gas stations, L.L. is a snow belt and drops below 0° in winter. RV Spots: grass, gravel and dirt, surrounded by pine trees. Hike in the woods, play horse shoes or disc golf. Suggested Local Attractions:Loon Lake fee access at Granite Point multiple lakes around the area for fishing boating and recreation. Loon Lake 4 miles, Deer Lake 4 miles and Waitts Lake 13 miles with great Fishing, Boating and Swimming.
Hosted By Belize2000
Member since Nov 2018
RV Spot Details: We are Nomadic-Snow-Birds and David & Kristy's RV Adventurers. I am retired Jack-Of-All-Trades I do RV Repairs Manage and maintain our Rentals Long-Term RV Spots and Seasonal RV Spots do all my own RV repairs and maintenance as well as for others wife Kristy works in the transportation industry online, We love RV'ing We are Part-Time RV'ers! We spend winter south usually November through March We Spend summers at home base with all the kids and grand-kids usually RV with in 400 miles once a month or-so We have plans to RV North-To-Alaska one of these summers. We moved to the great north west 25 years ago we have 4 small rentals on 20 acres (where we host Boondockers Welcome and RVillager's) we have small quiet RV Spots with FHU "RV SPOT" We are members of Escapee's, Xscapeer's, Boomers, Airbnb Host, Boondockers Welcome Host, RVillage Ambassador (RVillage.com/profile/David and Kristy's RV Adventures), Elks Lodge Members, FMCA, as well as other RV Clubs if you have any other questions please ask. Safe Travles My Favorite Sayings: "No-Hurries-No-Worries" & "T-Shirt-Short Paints-&-Sandals". *** My Favorite Quote: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain. David and Kristy's RV Adventures *** Home Town: Loon Lake, WA is Home Base for summer April 15th to October 15th Favorite Boondocking Locations: Are Favorite Boondocking Spots: Every where we can. We are nomadic and sporadic (sometimes) in our travels but mostly Coastal, Forested, by Water Ways and the Desert. any place worm 69°+ South-in-the-Winter North-in-the-Summer Skills or Expertise to Share: RV Service & Repair, RV Solar,Willing to help with any small projects DIY guy Jack-of-all-Trade Master of none but I getter-done, I carry tools and parts to do electrical, pluming and RV repairs and maintenance.
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Pets Allowed
Water Hookup Available
Electric Hookup Available: 15A
Generators Allowed
RV Dump Station
Slideouts Allowed
Campfire Ring Provided
Hookup Notes
Same Day Requests
Response Time
Typically responds within a few hours
Accepts Requests Between
Jul 14, 2024 - Aug 13, 2024
July 2024
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: Gravel road in dirt and grass parking areas. Tow Vehicle Parking Details: There is plenty of room to park your towed, guest location is on 20 private acres
Max Rig Size:
Over 45 ft
Parking Spaces:
Parking Surface:
Check-In Method:
Check with Host
House Rules
Generator can only be run between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pack it in pack more out rules apply. No cigarette butts on ground & clean up after pets RULES AND REGULATIONS Renters, Residents and Visitors These rules and regulations are for the protection, welfare and convenience and are not meant in any way to unreasonably restrict anyone’s freedom. These rules have been carefully considered and set forth for the benefit and pleasure of all residents. All rules and or regulations are subject to change at any time by management. Some rules and or regulations are set forth due to the environment in which you will be living in. A heavily treed rural country setting, with abundant wild life including but not limited to bear, deer, moose, turkeys and coyotes. TOOLS MANAGEMENT OWNED – Tools that are provided by the management for convenience of the residents must be checked out and checked back in with the manager. All persons using them shall do so at their own risk. Damage or loss is the responsibility of the borrower. No power tools or equipment are available. MONTHLY CHARGES – Rent is due and payable in advance at the manager’s office on the 1st day if each month or according to your rental agreement. If payment is not received by the 1st day of each month or according to your rental agreement, it shall be deemed late and there fore subject to a $30.00 late fee, If payment is still not received by the 5th day of each month or according to your rental agreement and subject to additional late fee of $50.00 If payment is made by mail, the postmark will be considered for the date of payment. Make all checks and money orders payable to: David McMullin. RENTALS –. Rent charges begin the day the rental is first occupied or when personal property is placed in or around the rental, whichever occurs first. Management reserves the right to enter rental unit at any reasonable hour for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining, making repairs and emergency situations. RENTALS – Unit, space or lot rentals are on a month-to month basis, except that tenants must give a 60-day written notice when they want to terminate their tenancy. All rentals are subject to the conditions contained in the rental agreement. Tenants affirm that they have selected and checked the unit and or space/lot and that the management has identified the boundaries. Except for said identification of boundaries, if applicable no representation is made that the tenants proposed unit will properly fit on said space. When a tenant-owned unit is moved into the space/lot from another location, rent charges shall begin the first day the unit is placed on property or when personal property is placed in or around the unit or space, In event occupancy occurs on any other day than the first of the month, rent shall be pro-rated from the first day of the month. Management shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by its inability to deliver possession of the unit or space/lot or utilities at the beginning of or during the rental term. Tenants and space/lot renters shall keep the space for which they are responsible in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. Tenants are also responsible for maintenance of all trees, shrubs, and lawns and landscaping of their occupied space. If the tenants do not perform maintenance of the lot space, management shall perform the necessary maintenance and the tenants shall be charged for the cost and expense of said maintenance at the current labor and expense rate. This shall be done only after a written notice from the management has been given to the resident. LANDSCAPING – Each resident and or renter shall landscape his own space and will maintain it in a clean and attractive manner. No open storage will be permitted around or under the units. Residents and or renters shall not make any additions or improvements on said space without first obtaining written permission from management. Said additions or improvements (except for approved storage sheds) shall become the property of the management, and shall remain on space and be surrendered with the space. RESIDENCY – Residents and or renters shall not assign or sublet their space without written consent of management. The space is to be used only for resident purpose. Residents shall not violate and statues, laws, ordinances, rules or regulations regarding the use and occupancy of the space. If the space is not left in a satisfactory condition upon termination of tenancy, a reasonable cleaning charge will be made. No business is to be conducted outside of the unit. No vehicle repair or washing is to be done on the space/lot. Residents shall permit management to enter the rented unit and or space/lot at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining or making necessary repairs, alterations or additions to any portion of said space, providing this does not create any unreasonable inconvenience or unnecessary expense to residents and or renter, as provided by law. RESALE – If space/lot renters desire to sell their unit without moving it off space/lot, management must be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to intention of sale. No unit shall remain after the sale, unless the buyers have been approved, in writing, by the management and have signed a new rental agreement. Seller is responsible for all rent and other charges until new buyer signs agreement and begins paying rent. FENCES – Fences are allowed on the lots. Before fences are permitted to be installed residents must have written approval by management. STORAGE – Management prohibits storage around or under mobile homes or RV’s. Only approved storage sheds are allowed for storage. The management must accept design and appearance of storage sheds. Only patio furniture, barbecue equipment, and trash containers may be left outside. ROADS – Tenants are responsible for snow removal and upkeep of their space. MOBILE HOME OR RV ACCESSORIES AND IMPROVEMENTS – Awnings, skirting, storage sheds, enclosures and other improvements must be approved by management prior to installation or erection. Approved skirting must be installed within 90 days from day unit is placed on space/lot. TELEVISION – No cable is available at this time. Antennas for television are permitted but only with management approval. GARBAGE – Each space/lot is allowed 1 can. Garbage service is provided it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain a clean area around garbage dumpsters. Trash containers must have a secured top and be in an enclosed side area to keep out wild animals, cats and dogs. No burning of garbage. PETS – Pets are permitted at the sole discretion and judgment of management. All pets must be kept under control and droppings cleaned up as well as keeping space/lot in a sanitary condition at all times. No pets are allowed to run loose outside of space/lot or under the unit. No pets larger than 16” to top of back are allowed. Noisy and unruly pets, or those that cause complaints due to barking, growling or whimpering when left alone will not be permitted to remain. REGISTRAION – All permanent tenants are required to register and must be approved by the management. Only two persons per bedroom, per unit are allowed. While on vacation or extended absence, residents should notify management of departure and return dates. UTILITIES – Tampering with electric, water, phone or any other utility connection is strictly prohibited. Please contact management or utility company in case of trouble. No natural gas service is provided at this time. Propane is permitted at renters/residents expense. VEHICLES – The parking of two (2) conventional automobiles for each home is permitted in space/lot. Parking on road is not advised. Fire ordinances require all roads to be kept clear for emergency vehicles at all times. Road grading and winter snow plowing cannot be done adequately if vehicles are parked on the road. A area will be provided for parking travel trailers, boats, campers, trucks and other vehicles for a $25.00 monthly charge for each space in the area. Residents must maintain insurance protection for these said vehicles. Management will not be responsible for any damage due to fire, theft, vandalism or any other cause to these said vehicles. No repairing of these vehicles shall be permitted on this space/lot. NOISE - No unusual, disturbing noises are permitted at any time. No load talking, radio, television, vehicle or other noise capable of disturbing a neighbor in any manner is not permitted and quite time is between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. Conduct of residents (or their guest), on the space/lot, which constitutes annoyance to other tenants or neighbors, is cause for eviction. MANAGEMENT’S LIABILITY – Management is not responsible or liable in any way for the loss or damage to property or vehicles of tenants or their guest. Nor shall management be liable for personal injury in case of fire, accident, theft or causes beyond their control. TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITY – Violations of any law or ordinance of the town, county or state will not be tolerated, nor shall acts be committed in which would place management in violation of said laws or ordinances. Residents shall be responsible and liable for any damage or destruction to spaces/lots by residents, their guest, pets or vehicles. VIOLATIONS – Complaints concerning violations of the rules and regulations should be submitted in writing to the management. Complainants must submit complaint within 72 hours of incident. All complaints must have name and signature of person complaining; specify nature of complaint and/or violation, date, time, and any witnesses. EVICTIONS – Upon the first day of eviction termination or evacuation of tenant or abandonment of 10 (abandonment constitutes absents of 10 days with out informing managers) days all personal property left will be put in storage at the sole expense of tenant for 30 days tenant agrees to forfeit any rights to personal property if not clammed in 30 days. FIRES – Fire pits, camp fires, and all outside recreational fires can not be larger than 25 inches in diameter and must be bordered by large rock or an approved fire pit and all fires must be approved by the management. The undersigned resident(s) hereby accepts the forgoing rules and regulation and acknowledges receiving a copy of same.
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