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SPAGHETTI'S ROOST is on the north side of Cheyenne, just 2 miles east of I-25, WY Exit 13, at an elevation of 6200 feet above sea level, about the same as an airliner's cabin in flight, however, on hot summer days, the effective elevation can approach 10,000 feet. This should be taken into consideration by everyone, particularly those with respiratory issues! Cheyenne has numerous urgent care facilities and an excellent full-service hospital if needed. SHOULD 911 SERVICE BE REQUIRED, BE SURE TO NOTE OUR ADDRESS!! There are approximately 2 acres of level ground in the front portion of our residential lot for parking, with plenty of room to maneuver even the largest rig into position to access one of the two 30 A RV electrical boxes on the outboard front and rear corners of the garage (2 @ 20 Amp & 1 @ 30 Amp receptacles in each box - all on the same 30 A circuit per box). Extension cables are usually required, depending upon the length of your access cables, as distances of 50 - 75' or more are common! We have multiple 15 A exterior house outlets requiring heavy-duty extension cords to provide power to your RV, usually sufficient to run an AC, which is seldom needed due to the cooler weather, low humidity, and nearly constant breezes. Summer nighttime temperatures run 50F to 65F with the aforementioned conditions for cool sleeping. PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR REQUEST WHETHER YOU WILL NEED AN ELECTRICAL HOOKUP AND YOUR PREFERENCE FOR 30 A OR 20 A. THANK YOU! We have free, great-tasting well water for filling your freshwater supplies if desired. NO WATER HOOKUPS ARE PERMITTED! PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR REQUEST IF YOU WILL NEED A FRESHWATER FILL UPON ARRIVAL! THANK YOU! We have a fire ring, firewood, and chairs behind the house which adults are free to use, but children must be supervised at all times! PERMISSION IS REQUIRED DUE TO POSSIBLE HIGH WINDS AND POTENTIALLY DRY CONDITIONS! AN AVAILABLE WATER HOSE MUST BE PRESENT DURING ALL FIRES AND THEY MUST BE COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED WITH IT WHEN FINISHED! We have high-speed broadband WiFi available at no charge (Cheyenne Home RV Guest / Boondockers), which you are welcome to access as your equipment will permit (You are welcome to sit on the porch if necessary) and we get decent cell service due to our elevation - 6200' MSL. PLEASE USE THE BOONDOCKER'S MESSAGE SYSTEM AS THE PRIMARY METHOD OF COMMUNICATION AS IT AUTOMATICALLY ARCHIVES THE MESSAGES AND PROVIDES A TEXT NOTIFICATION AS WELL! Due to a large number of RVs using the site, texting is very difficult to keep straight and does not archive into the BOONDOCKER'S system. Remember that if you have cell service and the BOONDOCKERS app, you have access to the BOONDOCKER'S message system as Wi-Fi is not required! That said, a call or text is better than no communication! NOTE - We do not respond to unknown phone numbers due to extensive SPAM, therefore, initial contact should be via the site providing your cell number for inclusion into our contact list, thus enabling recognition of your number when calling or texting. Your email address would be appreciated as we have supplied our complete contact information at the top of our arrival directions supplied with your booking and have lots of local information to share. Please be advised that I do not monitor my cell phone or my computer on a continuous basis, therefore it may take a little time before I can get back to you. Thank you for your patience. REMEMBER THAT BOONDOCKER'S HOSTS ARE NOT HARVEST HOST BUSINESS PEOPLE WITH SET HOURS, BUT PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS WITH BUSY LIVES THAT HAVE MADE THEIR SITES AVAILABLE TO YOU AT NO COST, AND WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO PLAN THOSE LIVES, HENCE THE EARLIER THAT YOU CAN GIVE US A ROUGH "GUESTIMATE" AS TO WHEN YOU WILL BE ARRIVING, THE BETTER WE CAN PLAN OUR ACTIVITIES AROUND YOUR ARRIVAL TIME!! Please be advised that I am somewhat of a STICKLER for being provided with a "rough" ETA as early as practicable but no later than the early morning of your arrival date with reasonable refinements thereafter so that we can plan our day's activities! We are located right under the instrument approach course to the Cheyenne Airport, so our WY ANG C-130s can come over at fairly low altitude with moderate engine noise - the sound of freedom! Suggested Local Attractions: Subject availability, I will provide each guest with a copy of the local CHEYENNE tourist magazine detailing all of the local attractions, including the many new brewpubs and restaurants! We are only 3-4 easy miles from the main Cheyenne mall and shopping area, including Sam's Club, Super Walmart, Target, many other well-known brands, and numerous national chain and local restaurants. Traditionally, SAM'S CLUB GAS (in front of Walmart on East Del Range Blvd) has the lowest prices for gasoline and diesel fuel with a current Sam's Club Membership Card. Beyond that, you are welcome to all of the local knowledge that we can provide!
Member since Sep 2019
A relaxed, retired, older, professional couple - wife speaks English and Spanish Details: We are a relaxed, retired, older, professional couple (late 70's) living the good life on a 5-acre residential lot on the north side of Cheyenne, WY. Our children and grandchildren live in Denver so we see a lot of them, but not TOO MUCH!! We enjoy cruising, RV'ing (older Pace Arrow 35V), travel, reading, streaming video (OUR choices!), good food, good wine with an occasional sip of something stronger (dirty martinis), and many other things, which I cannot remember at my age! We live a very laid-back, stress-free lifestyle!! YUPPIES, WE ARE NOT!! DO NOT BRING YOUR POLITICS OR YOUR PROBLEMS HERE!! We have 2 @ RV electrical boxes (20A & 30A receptacles) on the outside front & back corners of the garage and wonderful tasting well water, for those that may want to fill their freshwater tanks, but no direct water hookups! Quiet Generators are acceptable, but hooking up to our RV electrical boxes is only $5 per night. There is no blackwater dumpsite on the property, but there is a free, clean dumpsite at the WY Welcome Center on I-25, WY Exit 4, just south of town. There are some closer paysites. We have an RV Guest Wi-Fi named Cheyenne Home RV Guest / Password - Boondockers. Home Town: CHEYENNE, WY, was our escape from Denver to a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle as retirement loomed! Rush Hour used to be when all 3 cars were on the road at once! Needless to say, things have changed a little in the last 20 years! The only major drawback is the famous WY wind! We bear the brunt of it due to our location on the top of a ridgeline! The saving grace is the frequency and strength of the wind tends to taper off during the warmer months when most RV'ers tend to be in this area. On the plus side, there is usually very little need for A/C during the day, with cool sleeping at night! Favorite Boondocking Locations: While not technically boondocking, we enjoy USFS locations, which are quite inexpensive when using our NPS Golden Age Park Pass, granting us a 50% discount on their already inexpensive rates, in addition to access to all National Parks for free! We are less enamored of state parks, which while frequently very nice, can be expensive by the time you pay the park entrance fee on top of the nightly camping fee plus, frequently, a fee for the tow vehicle! Out here in the West, there are many places where you can simply pull off the road and spend the night unbothered! We also really appreciate Canadian Provincial Parks, which used to be quite inexpensive with lean-to's full of free firewood for campfires on location. We very seldom use commercial RV resorts or campgrounds. We prefer the natural side of things rather than commercialization! I am looking forward to activating some of our BOONDOCKER'S subscription rewards and meeting other HOSTS. Skills or Expertise to Share: My wife, Becky, is a retired human resource management executive, having worked for several Fortune 500 corporations during her career. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, attended an English-only Catholic school from K - 12, then to the States for her undergraduate college years, prior to law school at the Univ. of Puerto Rico. We have lived in Colorado & Wyoming since 1984 and in Puerto Rico for the 12 prior years! I, George, am a retired aviation professional, having been a flight instructor, charter pilot, airline pilot, airline check pilot, airline Chief Pilot & airline Director of Operations. My favorite aviation phrases are "The superior pilot uses his superior knowledge and superior judgment to avoid situations requiring the use of his superior skill!" followed by the secret to a long and successful aviation career can be summed up in 3 words "Don't hit nuthin'!"
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$5 per night for electrical / water fills are free
House Rules
The simple, unbreakable house rule is "THE GOLDEN RULE"! We are not a licensed campground, so be thoughtful of our neighbors and ourselves. COMMON COURTESY! / Do not leave objects outside in your absence, nor awnings deployed!! Strong winds occur very suddenly and loose items can take up residence in Nebraska!! The winds blow our wrought iron deck furniture from our deck!! / We have both 20 Amp and 30 Amp electrical services available at a $5 per night stay (honor system), though cable extensions will usually be needed to reach the outlets. Pay Pal (as a GIFT) is available for those cash conservers! / Quiet generators are acceptable with normal quiet hours observed (10 PM to 06 AM). AC is seldom needed overnight due to cool nights (50-65 F). / Dogs may be off-leash provided they can be controlled to remain on the property. Cleaning up your pet's "business" in the level area where RVer's park is expected! Coyotes are possible so monitor pets, particularly during dusk and night time periods! / A Boondocker's Day begins and ends at Noon in the event of any conflict, but we are very flexible!
Parking & Arrival
Access Road Conditions: County-maintained, good gravel road last half mile, with a shallow S curve to a moderately steep incline at the end, just before the "T" intersection with Champion Drive. Not a problem unless snow & ice-covered! The actual entrance to the property has adequate width but it has deep ditches on both sides! Swing wide to approach the entrance as straight as possible. DO NOT CUT THE CORNER! There is plenty of room to maneuver once inside the entrance. No need to back out for departure. No tall or overhanging trees. Prairie, not putting green-style lawn. The property address number (2406) is on the rural mailbox and on the porch column. RVers are free to mail articles from the mailbox without permission. Remember to securely close the door and raise the red flag on the side of the mailbox to indicate a pickup! Mail service is usually around noonish Monday - Saturday. Longer-term RVers are free to have personal packages delivered to this address, just give the HOST a heads-up! I suggest using a c/o address! Tow Vehicle Parking Details: No restrictions, a 5-acre residential lot on top of a broad ridge with a large 2-acre flat area near the house.
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Over 45 ft
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