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Feeling the camping blues? You might be suffering from Camping Dysfunction (CD), characterized by a lack of excitement and a longing for new adventures. Harvest Hosts is your remedy, offering an RV camping membership that unlocks over 5,000 unique stays at wineries, breweries, farms, and more. Rekindle your camping passion with each stay, bid farewell to mundane trips, and embrace new experiences. Warning: May cause significant increases in joy, adventure, and camping satisfaction. No prescription needed — join today and start your journey to happier camping.
Do You Suffer from C.D.?
You are not alone. More than 50% of RVers suffer with the symptoms of C.D. Watch the video to hear from medical-ish experts about how you can put a stop to C.D. once and for all.

Over 5,000+ Adventures Await
Discover a world of adventure with Harvest Hosts, spanning the lower 48, Canada, Alaska, and Baja California. Every location promises a unique place to rest and an adventure to remember, ensuring your camping spirit is forever ignited!
Cure Your CD with Vineyard Views, Not Parking Views
Wave goodbye to crowded parking lots and enjoy the tranquility of vineyards and farms with Harvest Hosts. Each stay offers a serene escape, curing your Camping Dysfunction with nature's splendor and joyous moments.
Prescribe Your Family the Panacea of Picturesque Camping
5,000 unique locales await to transform your family outings into antidotes for Camping Dysfunction, where every view is a memory and every moment is a treasure.
Navigate with Ease, Park with Peace
With Harvest Hosts, your journey is free from the worries of Camping Dysfunction, ensuring a safe haven is always within reach, wherever adventure calls.
How Harvest Hosts Works
Our Hosts offer a different way for RVers to meet other travelers, stay overnight in gorgeous settings, and create memories that can’t be made in a retail parking lot.
Members get unlimited, unique overnight dry camping opportunities.
Hosts get new customers and great exposure for their business.
Members and Hosts get to meet and connect; creating lasting memories.
Our Membership Perks

Every Harvest Hosts member has access to all of

the following features and more.

Access our free mobile app (iOS & Android)
Browse interactive maps of our host locations
Find detailed trip routing and planning information
Use Host Search to find hosts near your destination
Upload photos & comments directly to Host pages
View photos of Host locations
Receive discounts to additional RVing programs
Get a monthly newsletter of all new Hosts
Unlock Your Adventure with Harvest Hosts!One year of unlimited RV camping at 5,000+ Locations That Invite RVers To Stay Overnight!
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