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Now Introducing: Extra Nights

One night not enough? Members now have the ability to find and request extra nights.

One night not enough? Now you can stay longer! Many of our Hosts are now offering extra nights for you to extend your adventure and support small businesses. Whether you just need a spot for the night, or want to make a trip out of it, choose your way to stay with Harvest Hosts and Extra Nights.

How Extra Nights Work

First Night: Image
First Night:
Your first night is still complimentary with a recommended $30 purchase.
Extra Nights: Image
Extra Nights:
Request up to 4 extra nights. Hosts have the option to set additional fees and will keep 100% of the proceeds.
Approval Process: Image
Approval Process:
Hosts have the option to approve just your one night stay, or the one night in addition to the extra nights.

Say Hello to All Our Hosts

Harvest Hosts currently has 5000+ incredible Hosts located in all of the lower 48 United States, Canada, Alaska, and Baja California. Always a place to rest your head and have an adventure!

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Swap the Crowded Parking Lot for a Peaceful Vineyard

Start your day overlooking a gorgeous vineyard or farm. Rest just steps away from freshly brewed beer. Take in the crisp, fresh mountain air and savoring every moment with friends and family.

Imagine Camping With Your Family at These Picturesque Hosts

There are over 5000+ incredible and unique Host locations where you and your family can make memories together.

Quick, Easy, and Safe RV Parking

Wherever the travel season brings you, you’ll have the comfort of knowing a safe place to stay is always nearby with a Harvest Hosts Membership.

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Members get unlimited, unique overnight dry camping opportunities plus the ability to request extra nights.
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Hosts get new customers and great exposure for their business.
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Members and Hosts get to meet and connect; creating lasting memories.

Our Membership Perks

Our Hosts offer a different way for RVers to meet other travelers, stay overnight or longer in gorgeous settings, and create memories that can’t be made in a retail parking lot.

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One year of unlimited RV camping at 5,000+ Locations That Invite RVers To Stay Overnight!