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Enjoy Harvest Hosts On the Go

Download the mobile app to enjoy Harvest Hosts anytime, anywhere! Members can access the virtual map of all Host locations, information, photos, reviews, and more. Finding and locking in your next overnight stay has never been easier. Download today for access to 5,000+ unique locations right at your fingertips.

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48k+ App Store Ratings
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app...I love the places we have been because of it. I've done enough places to know that this is a great option for RVers especially when you are in transit and need a spot for the night. I have gotten off the highways, seen awesome places, and made few new friends.
Harvest Host is my go to when traveling. We use it to break up long drives across country. So many great hosts to choose from. Fee for membership is reasonable, and more than pays for itself if you use it a lot.
Easy to use app for researching stays and requesting. Gives great details on stays too!
So far the app and the membership has been fantastic. Well worth the fee. We are looking forward to many years with harvest host.