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Harvest Hosts Property Protection Plan

Only available to Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome Hosts in the US and Canada.

The Harvest Hosts Opco, LLC (“Harvest Hosts”) Property Protection Plan (the “Plan”) provides Harvest Hosts’ and Boondockers Welcome hosts (“Hosts”) reimbursement for up to 1.25 times their then-applicable insurance deductible* or $5,000, whichever is lower, in instances of property damage that a host may experience as a result of members of the Harvest Hosts/Boondockers Welcome program (“Members”) stay at the host’s location with bookings made via the Harvest Hosts website or Harvest Hosts’ mobile application (collectively, the “Service”).

This Plan offers Hosts an opportunity to accept a one-time reimbursement payment in the amount specified above from Harvest Hosts intended to facilitate and assist with the Host’s filing of an insurance claim for any property damage where a Member damages a Host’s property during Member’s confirmed stay.

For Hosts to be eligible, the Host must have approved the Member’s stay through the Harvest Hosts’ online platform, known as “Request-A-Stay” or “RAS,” must have underlying commercial business insurance or homeowners’ liability insurance pursuant to which the Host is seeking exclusive coverage for the damages experienced, and the claim must exceed $100.

Pursuant to the Harvest Hosts Terms of Use Agreement (version 11, effective June 30, 2023) (“Terms of Use”), Harvest Hosts has no liability for any interactions between the users of the Services, or damages caused by such interactions, including any property damage sustained by a user while using the Services. By virtue of the Plan or any payment under the plan, Harvest Hosts does not accept any liability for any such property damage and the Terms of Use will continue to control any such liability as between Harvest Hosts and Member or Host, including the provision of Services without warranty, at Hosts’ or Members’ sole risk, and with Hosts’ or Members’ continuing obligation to indemnify Harvest Hosts for any such property damage. In the event of a conflict between any terms of the Plan or the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will control. Any disputes under the Plan will be governed by the applicable sections of the Terms of Use.

The Plan is a discretionary policy of Harvest Hosts designed to assist Hosts in covering the cost of insurance deductibles, which Harvest Hosts offers for customer service purposes only and in furtherance of resolving any disputes between its Hosts and Members through the parties’ respective insurance policies. Each Member and Host remain solely liable for any interaction with any users of the Services, and Members and Hosts agree and acknowledge that any insurance or other coverage for any property damage remains solely the responsibility of the Member or Host and their insurance providers. Each Host receiving a payment under the Plan must sign and return any required general release as provided by Harvest Hosts before any payment under the Plan will be issued, in addition to any other requirements indicated under the Plan.

The Plan and reimbursement payments under the Plan are discretionary, subject to Harvest Hosts’ sole discretion, and are not guaranteed under any circumstances nor offered as an insurance policy and should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for commercial, homeowners, RV, or other property insurance. Hosts acquire no vested right or entitlement to the continued availability of any particular payment or reimbursement amount under the Plan. Harvest Hosts in its sole discretion can restrict, suspend, amend, extend, terminate, or otherwise alter the Plan at any time and without prior notice.

The Property Protection Plan is at no additional charge to Hosts.

Hosts seeking reimbursement under the Plan must provide Harvest Hosts documentation evidencing appropriate insurance coverage, extent of the loss they’re claiming under the insurance policy, the applicable deductible for such insurance claim and proof of payment of such deductible and agree to any inspection of premises or property by Harvest Hosts if necessary.

Whether any reimbursement payment is issued by Harvest Hosts under the Plan is in Harvest Hosts’ sole discretion. Harvest Hosts reserves the right to decline issuing a reimbursement under the Plan for any purpose that is not in furtherance of the Plan purpose, including but not limited to the following damage or loss, or damage or loss caused by or because of any of the following:

  • Animals;
  • Trees or other plants damaged by an RV;
  • Death or personal injury;
  • Personal property items in any business, home, or RV;
  • Reasonable wear and tear of land and amenities; and
  • Loss of income related to damaged property.

How to Report Damage to Harvest Hosts under the Plan

If you believe a Member has caused property damage or loss, you must contact Harvest Hosts’ Support within 14 days of the end of the stay during which such damage or loss occurred. You should also consider whether you need to file a police report to report the damage to your insurance company.

Hosts seeking reimbursement payment under the Plan must cooperate with Harvest Hosts and provide documentation of the damage upon request. Examples of documentation Harvest Hosts may request:

  • Photographs or video of the damage;
  • Receipts or evidence of the accurate fair market value of original property;
  • Repair estimate from an independent third party, or a third party of Harvest Hosts’ choosing depending on the situation;
  • Proof of ownership of the damaged or stolen property;
  • Insurance policy coverage and deductible, including proof of deductible payment;
  • Police report, if available.

This process can take several weeks while all of the details are collected and examined.

* If Host insurance is the method being used to resolve the issue Harvest Hosts will not pay above the deductible if a claim has been filed and is in the process of being paid.