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New! Find Hosts with Extra Nights

One night not enough? Members now have the ability to easily filter and find Hosts offering extra nights.

Want more time to explore? Enjoy your Host location longer with extra nights! Many of our Hosts are now offering extra nights for you to extend your adventure and support small businesses. Just mention your interest in your stay request message. Please note that Hosts may charge you a fee to stay extra nights. Web only – app updates coming very soon.

How Extra Nights Work

Filter for Extra Nights: Image
Filter for Extra Nights:
At the top of your map, filter your search results by the 'Stay Extra Nights' filter to find Hosts offering longer stays. You can also find the extra nights badge on Host preview cards.
Your First Night: Image
Your First Night:
Your first night is still complimentary with a recommended $30 purchase. In addition to your first night, enjoy the option to request up to 4 extra nights (depending on the Host).
Requesting Extra Nights: Image
Requesting Extra Nights:
Mention your interest in extra nights in your stay request message. Approval is always up to the Host! Additional fees are up to the Hosts who will keep 100% of the proceeds.

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How to Find Hosts with Extra Nights

To find Hosts who allow extra nights, keep an eye out for the extra night badge! You can find this badge on the Host preview card, at the top of the Host profile, and in the specified Extra Nights section. Plus, filter for Hosts who offer extra nights at the top of your map!

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How to Request Extra Nights

Once you find a Host offering extra nights, put your stay request in for a single night and mention your interest in extra nights in your request message. Extra nights are always up to the Host. *Coming Soon: the booking process will soon accommodate the option to add extra nights to your stay within the same request.

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Get Confirmation from the Host

If a Host is able to accommodate your extra nights, they will extend the dates of the stay request and send you an update with the new dates. Verify that you have this update before planning on staying at the location more than one night.

We’re continuing to iterate and improve these features for you. More updates coming soon. In the meantime, want to learn more? Check out our help article on finding and requesting extra nights.

When do I request extra nights?
Are extra nights guaranteed?
Is there a fee for staying extra nights?
What is the recommended spend at the host with extra nights?

Start enjoying extra nights and get ready to extend your adventure.