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The Adventure Series

Get ready for an exciting and unforgettable journey into the world of RVing!

This YouTube series follows ten RVers of varying skills as they embark on a summer adventure, navigating the highs, lows, joys, wins, and breakdowns of life on the road.

From seasoned veterans to first-time RVers, this diverse group of individuals shares their experiences, perspectives, and unique insights into the RVing lifestyle. Each episode offers an inside look at the daily life of an RVer, from setting up camp to enjoying the scenery, and from tackling repairs to celebrating victories. So join us as we hit the road with ten intrepid travelers and discover the thrills and challenges of RVing!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Meet the Crew


I’m Robin from CreativityRV.com. I travel full-time as a modern American nomad. My channel, blog and books are dedicated to showing why, how and where all kinds of people can take control of their life and their happiness by living a more creative, fulfilling life on the road.

Montana Max BBQ

Montana Max BBQ was established in 2020. Just a couple chasing our dreams to make a small difference in this world. We began a simple journey cooking for friends and family, and with encouragement decided to bring our unique flavors and cooking style to a bigger audience. We then took a leap into the cooking competition world and moved quickly from the backyard division into the professional competitions, confirming that we had what it takes to go even further with our cooking. It snow-balled from there. Fast forward to today… Now we stream live cooking shows on Twitch, teach interactive in-person group cooking classes locally, host private parties as a personal chef, and sell our sauces and seasonings in local farmers markets and around the world. What an incredible journey we are on, and we hope you will continue to join us on our adventures of food, flavor, and love.

The AleBlazers

We are Nita and Glenn Hughes, and Charlie, the super dog! We explore the country in our 2019 RAM Promaster van (The Cubbyvan), sharing great places, local breweries, food, and cocktails while traveling (not while driving of course!). We’ve been full-time “road people” off and on for more than 16 years looking for new adventures. Our current journey began back in June of 2021. We bought our van with just one mile on it (our first ever new vehicle) back in June of 2020 and spent the year of COVID building it out. We hit the road exactly one year to the day from when we picked it up from the dealer in upstate New York. We’ve learned a lot along the way and hope to share what we’ve learned with other Vanlifers. See you down the road!

The Dimayuga Family

We’re Brian and Michelle, 2 Registered Nurses who travel part time with our 1 and 3 year olds (check us out @hapalyadventuring ). We loved to travel before having kids and were determined to continue doing so after. When Covid hit, we saw the opportunity and purchased a converted campervan, greatest decision of all time. We explore California and beyond from the comfort of our “vacation home on wheels,” prioritizing being outside and putting life to our passion as a traveling family. Follow @hapalyadventuring for family travel and vanlife inspiration!

Erica “Queensit” Lewis

Hey! My name is Erica Lewis. I am a motorcycle influencer and new van lifer from St. Louis, MO. The last few months I’ve been living in my converted van full-time. Recently, I’ve taken a leap of faith. After 15 years of being a teacher, I quit my job, and set out to explore the world, living a cohesive van life and motorcycle life. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 7 years and I’ve been a brand ambassador for one of the biggest companies the last few years. My goal is to travel this beautiful country and spread love and positive energy with every trip I take. I love fishing, playing videos games, vlogging, and learning new things. Join me on this new journey as I learn how to navigate life living full time on the road!

Grayson and Harrison Camp

We are Grayson and Harrison. We live full-time in our self-converted sprinter van with our pups Nala and Ari. Like many others, the pandemic reminded us that life is short. We knew we wanted to travel, see the world, and spend more time with the people we love. Travel has always been on our minds, but when the pandemic shook the world and our jobs were moved to remote, this sparked the idea of vanlife. In 2020, we built out our first van. We started going on small trips as soon as the van had the bare minimum essentials. We went to Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and Texas. During these trips we experienced camping on BLM land, sleeping in Walmart parking lots, and going to Harvest Host locations. During these short trips, we experienced it all, the fun and excitement along with the struggles of living a mobile lifestyle in a 70 sq ft home. Throughout this time, we quickly fell in love with the lifestyle. We decided to build out a second van that would be our dream home on wheels to live in full time. For most of 2022, we enjoyed the van-build process and started planning our travels. In January 2023, our dream van was ready and we hit the road full-time with no end in sight.

Deyana Walker

My name is Deyana and I live and travel full time in my self-converted school bus with my dog Honcho. My bus is the first thing I have ever built and I learned how to do everything from YouTube. In total it took me 11 months from start to finish. For work, I have been a teacher for 6 years and I am so thankful I am able to work as a full time virtual special education teacher while living on the road. When I am not working I enjoy hiking, working out, and cooking. In the past year of travel on the bus, I have been to 17 states, 2 providences in Canada, and 2 states in Mexico. I am looking forward to much more travel and exploring in the months to come.

Alyssa Javadi

Alyssa Javadi, the Senior Brand Partnerships Manager at Harvest Hosts, is currently embarking on a journey across California in a luxurious Grech RV with her beloved dachshund, Poindexter. Although this is Alyssa’s first time taking an RV trip solo, she is no stranger to adventure and is excited to explore everything California has to offer. So follow along with Alyssa and her trusty dachshund as they explore the highways and byways of California, and witness first-hand the magic of solo travel and the joy of experiencing new things.

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