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April News Roundup

Kyle Arnold-profile-image
Kyle Arnold
April 7, 2023

TL;DR Happy Basset Brewing Company offers dog-friendly fun with live music and food options. Airstream and Porsche team up for a garage-friendly travel trailer concept. Be the first to catch the sunrise at Acadia National Park this July. Congress proposes the Great American Outdoors Act, potentially benefiting RVers. Protect your pup with a rattlesnake vaccine for safer travels. Yosemite reopens with limited access after storm damage. Brit Stops joins Harvest Hosts, expanding unique RV camping to the UK and Ireland. Stay tuned for monthly updates on RV life and outdoor adventures.

April News Roundup

Host Highlight: Happy Basset Brewing Company, 510 SW 49th St, Topeka, KS 66609

Happy Basset Brewing Company is exactly what you thought it would be from the name—a dog loving brewery. If you are someone who travels regularly with your best friend as your co-pilot, this is a place you need to consider. This microbrewery has 11 acres, a 12,000 sq ft facility, offers live music every Friday and Saturday, and it has a bark park! This is a top destination for locals to enjoy an evening with their canine drinking buddy. Happy Basset Brewing Company has food Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. In addition to those days, they bring in food trucks too. Stay up to date with the happenings here or check out what's on tap here. Book your next Harvest Hosts stay with Happy Basset Brewing Company here.

Airstream and Porsche Partnered Together for a New Concept Travel Trailer

Airstream partnered with the legendary car maker Porsche to create a top of the line concept travel trailer. This concept is packed with innovations and improvements in a way that will leave potential RV owners speechless. One of the best features is its size. This concept is “garagable” as Airstream claims this is the first RV in their 90-year history that would be. They’ve accomplished this in part due to an automatic suspension that allows it to lower itself to fit in common garages. There are other features that make this a great future RV too. Its aerodynamics, trailer weight, and its posh interior make it a great option for new RVers.  Read more about this concept RV here.

Want to Be the First Person to See the Sunrise This July?

In Acadia National Park, you can be one of the first persons to see the sun rise in the United States on top of Cadillac Mountain. To do this, you’ll need to make your reservations now or risk a last minute lottery. You can make a reservation for Cadillac Summit Road in the month of April for July. This reservation will grant you access for the coveted sunrise trip. You’ll be sitting on top of Cadillac Mountain with hundreds of other people wrapped in blankets waiting for the sun to peak its head above the waters. It is well worth the early trip up the mountain. According to Friends of Acadia, 30% of available reservations are released 90 days before they can be used. This leaves 70% being released two days ahead of each date. Read more here.

Congress Agrees on the Outdoors!

It is no secret that politics are very divisive these days, but even they can be brought together in the outdoors. Congress has proposed the Great American Outdoors Act. The Great American Outdoors Act is going to bring much needed funding to the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Services. This could be great news for all outdoor enthusiasts including RVers. With the increase in RVers on the road, the public lands are becoming even more valuable to our mental and emotional health. With the passing of this Act, it is clear the federal government is acknowledging the importance and responding. Will this create the opportunity for more campgrounds? Do you think the government will designate more lands as protected lands? What are your thoughts on these moves? Watch this video to learn more.

Rattlesnake Vaccine For Dogs

With the rising temperatures, you’ll begin noticing an increase in reptile activity. While many RVers venture around North America, you may come in contact with unfamiliar animals. The same is true for your dogs. If your dog is one to chase anything that crawls, sticks its nose under bushes and shrubs, and is inquisitive, you may consider getting them a rattlesnake vaccine. Many dogs that go camping in the same region as they live might not need to worry. But pups who begin traveling throughout North America might learn the hard way about the impact of a rattlesnake bite. Here is some basic information from Methow Valley Veterinary Hospital.

  • Rattlesnake bites are 25 times more fatal in dogs than humans.
  • Any dog over the age of four months that could be exposed to rattlesnakes is a good candidate.
  • The Rattlesnake vaccine is a preventive medicine that differs from antivenin—which functions as a treatment.
  • If your dog has had a rattlesnake vaccine, now is the time to get the booster—late March through April.

Consider getting your dog a rattlesnake vaccine. While this vaccine doesn’t create complete immunity, it greatly reduces the impact of the bite and helps with any potential long-term effects. Ask your local vet if this is something you should consider with your pup.  Read more here.

Yosemite Reopens With Some Limitations

On March 18, 2023, Yosemite National Park reopened with minimal public access. Yosemite Valley will only be open from sunrise to sunset with limited services available, and Hetch Hetchy will reopen from 8 am to 5 pm daily but only accessible via Highway 120 and Evergreen Road. Other roads and areas of the park, including Big Oak Flat and Wawona Roads, will remain closed. The park was closed since February 25 due to a series of storms that caused damage to roads and facilities, including 22 rockslides, debris flows, and other slope failures. Visitors should expect road closures and tire chain requirements. Read more here.

Brit Stops Joins The Harvest Hosts Family

On March 8, 2023 the Harvest Hosts family added a family member. Brit Stops was established in 2010 and grew a network of 1,100+ locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a similar mission to Harvest Hosts it was a no brainer for the two to become one. Brit Stops is Harvest Hosts first push into the European Market—will it be its last? With a Brit Stops Membership, you’ll get a chance to see a different side of the UK and Ireland than you would traditionally with an organized tour. Plus, you’ll be traveling in an RV. And everything is better when traveling in an RV! Learn more here. 

Until Next Time, Harvest Hosts Members!

You can stay connected with us each month as we bring a monthly roundup of news that revolves around RVlife. We will consistently highlight new RVs, tech that can make your travels better, all of the happenings in the outdoors space, and of course, some of the best farms, wineries, breweries, and more around North America. In the meantime, you can stay in touch with your Harvest Hosts team through our chat system at HarvestHosts.com

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Kyle Arnold-profile-image
Kyle Arnold
I'm a freelance adventure travel copywriter. My wife, 2 dogs and I have been on many adventures together in either a big, blue bus or our camper van. While touring the country, we take advantage of checking out new towns, hikes and waterways. We are often found hiking, paddling or drinking coffee and love meeting new people.