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Choosing Sheets and Bedding Sets for RVs

Sam Leash-profile-image
Sam Leash
April 21, 2021

Boost your RV experience with the right bedding—explore top sheets, blankets, and accessories tailored for RV sizes and comfort. Perfect for glampers!

Choosing Sheets and Bedding Sets for RVs

Traveling in an RV is an experience like no other. The freedom and flexibility to travel almost anywhere, combined with bringing a home-on-wheels along with you, is unparalleled. After being cooped up at home throughout 2020, RV popularity has skyrocketed and RV parks are more full than ever. More RVers are expected to hit the road in 2021 than ever before. Part of the fun of owning an RV is the ability to decorate and even remodel it to make camping feel a lot more like glamping. Harvest Hosts has previously covered tips on upgrading your RV’s mattress, but we can’t forget about the bedding to go with it! Even if you are not replacing your mattress, a new set of bedding can not only increase the interior design aspect of your space, but it could also increase your comfort. Grab a drink, settle in, and let’s take a look at bedding options for RVs. Many are surprised to find out that most RV mattresses come in a special size that differs slightly from regular mattresses. There are several companies that specialize in RV sheets, blankets, duvets, and comforters. To ensure a correct fit, be sure to double check the measurements of your bed before purchasing any new sheets or bedding. wp-content-uploads-2021-04-sizing-1024x682.png


Selecting sheets for a bed is important, but even more so when you're RV camping. Most homes are more temperature-controlled than RVs, not to mention more spacious and stationary. Take all of these factors into consideration when making a sheet selection.


When selecting sheets for your RV bed, be sure to measure the mattress first to ensure a good fit. Sheets that are too small or too large can pose problems when sleeping or making the bed. It may be necessary to purchase sheet suspenders to help keep your sheet in place. Be sure to take into consideration the depth of your mattress before making any purchases, as well.


Depending on where you prefer to camp, it may be necessary to have more than one set of sheets. Sheets can come in a variety of materials that have a huge impact on sleeping temperature. In a colder climate, consider flannel sheets to help stay warmer. When staying in warmer climates (or for those who tend to be warm when sleeping), consider all-cotton sheets or even sheets that advertise cooling effects.


Certain materials of sheets can create a more comfortable or luxurious sleeping experience. There are tons of materials ranging from cotton to silk, blends, bamboo, linen, and more. Be sure to read up on each material to determine what will be best for your sleeping preferences. wp-content-uploads-2021-04-90091618_234349194413602_890144559731280713_n.jpg


Choosing a top blanket may not require as many factors as choosing sheets, but this can still be an important decision. The type of material, weight, durability, cleaning instructions, and size are all factors that can influence a decision.


Comforters are a prime choice in a house, but can be a difficult choice in an RV. A primary concern is washing a large comforter. If your bed is a queen or king size, it can be nearly impossible to fit your comforter in the often compact washers included in some RVs. Alternatively, if you’re unable to do laundry in your RV and need to go elsewhere, a comforter can be a wonderful choice. These tend to be large, fluffy, and comfortable options. wp-content-uploads-2021-04-148976150_424584182140825_5880230825644078393_n-1024x1024.jpg


A duvet is a lightweight blanket inside of a cover. When it’s time to wash the bedding, the duvet cover is removed and washed, but the insert is washed less frequently. When dealing with a compact washer, this can be a popular choice, not to mention that duvet covers can be switched out with different patterns to spruce up a bedroom seasonally. Duvet inserts can also be switched to accommodate seasonal temperatures of either needing warmer or cooler bedding. wp-content-uploads-2021-04-zippy.jpg


Beddy’s is one of the most popular options for bedding sets in RVs and homes alike. Anyone who hates making the bed is sure to enjoy this option. This innovative sheet and bedding combination set has an attached fitted sheet, top sheet, and comforter. The entire set goes onto the bed in the same way that a fitted sheet would, but the top sheet and comforter are attached. When you are ready to make the bed, you simply zip the side of the bed up, and it folds the sheet under the comforter. The zipper is hidden so as to not take away from the bedroom aesthetic. Having zippered bedding is also a perk with RV life so that everything stays put while traveling. It also makes making the bed significantly easier to make the bed, especially in tighter quarters.

Another perk of Beddy’s is that their bedding is sold in sets. The sheet is sewn in, so it never moves out of place. The sets include the fitted sheet, sheet, comforter, and two to four pillow shams, depending on your mattress size. There are additional matching accessories or accessory bundles that can be added as well to really spruce up your space. Beddy’s has tons of color and pattern options to match any decor style.  wp-content-uploads-2021-04-zip-1.jpg

Other Accessories

When upgrading your bedding, take into consideration some additional accessories that can add to the comfort and design of your space.

New Pillows

Switching out your old pillows for newer ones can make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. If it’s been a few years since you’ve switched out your pillows, consider upgrading. Pillows can become flat and uncomfortable, not to mention retain allergens, all of which can interfere with sleep quality. These, combined with your new bedding, can make you feel like you’re sleeping in a brand new bed! wp-content-uploads-2021-04-pillows.jpg

Decorative Pillows

Adding a little flair to your new bedding can be easy with some choice decorative pillows. If you chose a plain bedding scheme, consider adding some fun patterns, designs, or accent colors with throw pillows. If your new bedding is patterned and exciting, consider adding some neutral colors to round out the look.

Mattress Pads and Toppers

Bring your comfort levels up a few notches with a mattress pad or topper. The materials range from down to gel, memory foam, bamboo, and more. Selecting a material can be difficult with all of those choices. Before making a purchase, be sure to research what will work best for you in terms of allergens, comfort, sleep position, and temperature. Don’t forget to measure first to ensure your mattress accessory will fit!![Mattress toppers can be a game changer in an RV bed.

Where to Buy?

Once you’ve selected the type of bedding and accessories you’d like for your RV, it’s time to shop around. Buyers may need to do some quick searching on various websites or stores to find exactly what they’re looking for.


As with many other categories, Amazon has a huge selection of RV sheets, blankets, duvets, and more. One of the most convenient features is the ability to filter your results. Shoppers can set price ranges, search by brands, view results from low to high, and more. Be sure to read reviews from other RVers to ensure you’re receiving a quality product.


Shavel manufactures and sells premium bedding for homes and RVs alike. They offer a vast selection of sheets, blankets, bedspreads, and even sleeping bags. Buyers can choose from Micro Flannel or Micro Fiber sheets for a guaranteed soft choice.  wp-content-uploads-2021-04-Shavel.jpg


Etsy, known for their handmade crafts created by individuals, has a surprisingly large selection of RV bedding. A nice touch are some of the personalized blanket and pillow options that can make your RV feel extra special.

Camping World

Known for their wide selection of RV products, Camping World also sells RV bedding choices, as well. They offer sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and more to ensure your RV is as comfortable as possible.

Denver Mattress

Not only does Denver Mattress produce mattresses, but they also sell high-quality accessories, as well. Buyers can select sheets, comforters, blankets, pillows, and more on their website. If you purchased a mattress from them, your sheets will be a perfect fit!![Denver Mattress sells excellent RV mattresses and bedding sets.

Harvest Hosts Locations

There are numerous Harvest Hosts locations across North America that are home to alpacas. When the alpacas are sheared, their fleece can be turned into beautiful products, including blankets. Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, soft, and warm, making this an excellent choice for a top blanket. 

Who knew upgrading bedding could present so many options? Hitting the hay after a long day of traveling or exploring can be so much more restful with comfortable bedding. A well-decorated space can also improve your mood and make your RV more enjoyable. Be sure to consider these options when making your next upgrade.

_What type of bedding do you have in your RV? Do you have any recommendations for fellow RVers? Tell us about it in the comments below! Learn more about Boondocking here.

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Sam Leash-profile-image
Sam Leash
Sam is a seasoned traveler and RVer of 4+ years. She loves adventures of all kinds and spends as much time on the road as she can. When not exploring in her RV or writing about her travels, you can find her reading a good book, cooking a delicious meal, caring for her plants, or hiking with her dogs.