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Boost Your Revenue with Unique Experiences [Webinar Recap]

Bri Gesling-profile-image
Bri Gesling
May 9, 2024

TL;DR: Learn how small businesses can increase revenue by offering unique local experiences to travelers through partnerships with Harvest Hosts and Mount. Foster genuine connections, provide immersive experiences, and tap into a growing market of adventure-seeking travelers to expand influence and revenue.

Boost Your Revenue with Unique Experiences [Webinar Recap]

In a recent webinar titled "Boost Your Revenue with Unique Experiences," hosted by Harvest Hosts and Mount, small business owners discovered the power of offering distinctive local experiences to travelers.

The conversation centered around the importance of fostering genuine connections between travelers and local businesses. Maddi Rifkin, CEO and Founder of Mount, emphasized this perspective by stating, "We don't want you to travel the Instagram way... we believe travel happens so that you can understand different walks of life, new cultures, new cuisines, and more."

Ali Lindsey, Senior Business Development Manager at Harvest Hosts, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the value of immersive experiences for travelers: "It's fascinating for our members when they arrive at the property to understand all the hard work that goes into the businesses... It provides them with an in-depth knowledge of how they operate."

Panelists emphasized the exposure and positive impact that comes from partnering with Harvest Hosts and Mount. "We are connecting the consumer with you... we are driving revenue directly to your business,” said Lindsey.

By partnering with Harvest Hosts and Mount, small businesses can tap into a growing market of travelers seeking unique adventures, ultimately boosting revenue and expanding their influence in the travel industry.

Watch the Recording

Although the live session has concluded, the recording remains available for viewing at your convenience. Click here to receive your copy!

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Bri Gesling-profile-image
Bri Gesling
Based in Nashville, TN, Bri is a music lover and outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend as much time on the water as she can. When she's not creating content for Harvest Hosts, she enjoys spending time with her partner and Golden Retriever. She'll also have a Friends or Seinfeld reference for everything!