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EcoFlow Powering Sustainable Energy at Select Harvest Hosts Locations

May 22, 2024

TL;DR: EcoFlow introduces power solutions for RVs at select Harvest Hosts locations, providing free, sustainable energy. The plug-and-play DELTA Pro battery ensures reliable power, solar charging, and quiet operation, perfect for when you need power during off-grid stays.

EcoFlow Powering Sustainable Energy at Select Harvest Hosts Locations

EcoFlow is pleased to announce that their newest power solutions designed for RVs and campground use will soon find their way to several popular Harvest Hosts locations around the US, providing a free, reliable, and sustainable energy source.


As you may know, many Hosts don't provide electrical hook-ups, and that's where we come in! Even if you have a house battery powering your RV, you might have given up that cup of joe or tossed and turned during the night without air conditioning to 'save' your battery. But with EcoFlow's Vehicle Power Solution, you can use electricity just like you're connected to shore power, right from your van.

Offering large capacity, high output batteries with solar and EV charging, our Vehicle Power Solution is the perfect option for increasing energy storage, letting you stay off-grid for longer. Our solution includes EcoFlow DELTA Pro, a 3.6kWh battery that can keep your Class B or C RV appliances running for an entire day, perfect for when you're off-the-grid at a Harvest Hosts location. Simply plug in the DELTA Pro using the TT30r connector, and you'll have a self-contained RV. The battery generator has a large output, too, so there's no need to worry about running power-draining gear like air conditioning units. With an output of 3600W, you can stay cool and sleep comfortably during those summer nights.

What makes our collab with Harvest Hosts possible is that, unlike other RV systems, there's absolutely no wiring involved. Just plug the cable right into your RV, and DELTA Pro will kick in. It's plug-and-play and ideal for one-night stays.


If you need more than a day's power, then have no fear; our Vehicle Power Solution comes with four high-converting solar panels of 400W a piece. With a total of 1200W input, DELTA Pro can charge in as fast as 3.5 hours. And, you can use the power station while you charge it, so you can enjoy a lazy day in the van with all the comforts of home or head out to enjoy the local beauty. If you're looking for a faster charge, head out to the nearest EV charger to top up in only 1.7 hours.

Since you want to take those convenient appliances away while you travel or simply for lights on an evening, a generator might have been your go-to in the past. But EcoFlow Vehicle Power Solutions provides clean and quiet energy options perfect for maintaining the peaceful, natural surroundings. You don't need to worry about disturbing your Host or your neighbors, not to mention the damage to the environment.

The EcoFlow Vehicle Power Solution can provide you with all the power you need while exploring the great outdoors. With its high output, fast charging options, and easy plug-and-play setup, you can enjoy all the comforts of home while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.


As a Harvest Hosts Member, you can try the EcoFlow Vehicle Power Solution for free at a few Host locations in Washington, including Green Apple Alpacas, Two Fox Winery, and Yoked Farmhouse & Brewery. Book your stays at these locations today and try out our plug-and-play system for yourself.

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