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Rolling to Adventure: Five Must Have Items & Five Great Tips For RV Trip Readiness

Ryan Lee Price (from Hook & Barrel)-profile-image
Ryan Lee Price (from Hook & Barrel)
March 4, 2024

TL;DR: Essential RV gear for a smooth adventure: Surge protectors, leveling blocks, collapsible hoses, water filters, and hydroflush for tank cleaning. Plus, tips on maintenance, organization, community engagement, etiquette, and documenting journeys.

Rolling to Adventure: Five Must Have Items & Five Great Tips For RV Trip Readiness

Hitting the open road behind the wheel of an RV offers the freedom and excitement to explore the country while bringing the comforts and convenience of home along for the ride. But having the right gear on board can make all the difference when it comes to convenience and preventing headaches during your journey. We've rounded up five must-have products and a few tips from experienced RV travelers to help you prepare for adventure.

5 Must Haves

Protected Power: Surge protectors guard your RV's sensitive and expensive electronic devices against electrical damage from power spikes, fluctuations, and inconsistent wattage you often get when plugging into pedestals at RV parks. This "dirty power" not only exposes your RV to potential system damage, but it can also lead to ruined electrical appliances and devices. These regulating power strips ensure steady, clean electrical flow to keep appliances, A/Cs, and TVs running reliably. Look for surge protectors or electrical management systems manufactured with the higher 1,830-joule rating recommended for RV protection.

On The Level: Leveling blocks are placed under each tire to stabilize and level your RV when parked on an uneven outdoor surface. These provide a solid base and prevent shifting, rocking, and detachable furniture from sliding around inside. Leveling an RV properly also ensures refrigerators and plumbing operate correctly.

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Stay Fresh: Collapsible freshwater hoses and sewer hoses take up minimal exterior storage space so you can bring extended lengths. They expand easily with internal supports when in use and flatten to compact sizes when not needed. Use quick connect ends to allow easy hook-ups to campsite water supplies and dump valves.

Filter It: An in-line water filter system can provide cleaner, safer drinking, and cooking water when your hookup source from a campground or municipal connection contains sediment, chemicals, or bacteria. Don't trust a campground water source. Filter systems with multi-stage filtration that connect to your inlet hose can remove contaminants for potable water flowing throughout your whole system instead of merely filtering pitcher amounts at a time.

Flush It: It is an unpleasant part of RVing, but what goes in must come out. Keeping your gray and black tanks clean is essential and easier to do with a clear hydroflush attachment that goes between your tank outlet and the sewer hose. With a hose bib attached, water can be jetted into the tanks to rinse out anything left behind. As well, add a telescoping sewer support track for proper drainage.

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5 Savvy Tips and Tricks

For seasoned RV owners, maximizing comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment on the road is all about mastering the art of RV living. Here are five tips and tricks to help you make the most of your RV adventures.

Preventive Maintenance Routine: Establish a regular maintenance schedule for your RV to prevent breakdowns and prolong its lifespan. This includes checking tires, brakes, fluid levels, seals, and roof condition regularly, as well as scheduling professional inspections and servicing as needed. Additionally, consider keeping your RV covered (if stored outside) to keep the sun from damaging and degrading rubber and plastic parts.

Stay Organized Inside: An organized interior with everything securely stowed will make your living space feel larger and your travels much less stressful. Set up clearly labeled plastic bins, woven baskets and cloth storage pouches to sort gear by function or frequency of use. Install hooks, over-cabin nets, shelving units, and multi-pocket organizers in every nook and cranny to maximize usable space for clothing, shoes, toiletries, and electronics. Doing a quick 15-minute straightening up daily goes a long way to maintaining order amid limited square footage.

Stay Connected With Fellow RVers: Join online RVing communities, forums, or social media groups to connect with fellow RVers for advice, tips, and camaraderie. Sharing experiences and insights can enrich your RV journey and provide valuable support. Connecting in person by attending regional RV rallies allows you to tour other rigs for organizational inspiration and build lifelong friendships rooted in shared travel adventures and a passion for the RV lifestyle.

Practice Good Campground Etiquette: Respect quiet hours, follow campground rules, and be considerate of your neighbors to foster a harmonious camping environment. Dispose of waste properly, conserve resources, and leave no trace to minimize your environmental impact. Carefully positioning slides, awnings, and generators away from adjacent lots demonstrates spatial consideration.

Document Your Adventures: Beyond the scenic photographs and amusing social media posts lies the meaningful opportunity to memorialize your RV trip memories and preserve them for future nostalgia. Keep a travel journal, take photos, or start a blog or YouTube channel to document your RV adventures and memories. Reflecting on past experiences can inspire future trips and serve as a valuable resource for fellow RVers.

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Ryan Lee Price (from Hook & Barrel)-profile-image
Ryan Lee Price (from Hook & Barrel)
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