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Harvest Hosts Helping RVers Travel Safely During COVID-19 Lockdowns

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Bill Zhang
June 5, 2020

During COVID-19 lockdowns, Harvest Hosts locations provided RVers with safe havens as campgrounds closed, showcasing the hospitality and support of hosts through members' stories of gratitude and safe travels.

Harvest Hosts Helping RVers Travel Safely During COVID-19 Lockdowns

When concerns about the coronavirus first cropped up in the RV community and policies seemed to be changing on an hourly basis, Harvest Hosts locations stepped up to help our RVer members.  We started hearing about many of our members stuck in the middle of a trip and using Harvest Hosts locations to travel safely back home. As campgrounds began to close and state parks started banning overnight stays, many would have had nowhere else to stay but at rest stops or in busy shopping center parking lots if it had not been for our gracious Hosts.Here are some of the many stories (as reported by our members) of Harvest Hosts helping Rvers during the COVID-19 lockdowns.  They are not the only Hosts who helped our members, but we wanted to share as many as we can to highlight their compassion and hospitality._Please note: Policies were and are changing daily and many of the situations described in terms of social distancing requirements, open locations, food preparation, and product sales, have changed since the members visited the Hosts.  We encourage our Hosts and members to abide by local policies and national guidelines at all times to ensure everyone's safety.  _

Member Kelli B. thanked Emerson Vineyards on April 21, 2020:

"Lovely spot with delicious wine! Thanks so much to the Emerson team for allowing overnights during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most camping closed, this was a welcome relief from Truck Stops as we made our way home. Thank you!" wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Emerson-Vineyards-1.jpg

###John and Deborah M. visited the City of Pontiac - Tourism Office and wrote on April 19th, 2020:

"A beacon during these dark times! We are trying to head home and all of the parks are closed due to the coronavirus. The City of Pontiac welcomed us with open hearts! They left us Route 66 goodies and helpful information about the area. We enjoyed a take out dinner from DeLong’s and amazing tasty treats from The Cup and the Scone this morning before departing! The mural walk and swinging bridge were worth the stroll!"


Member Jean K. reviewed Lattin Farms on April 19th, 2020:

"Although the circumstances were not wonderful, the gracious welcome certainly was. We so appreciated this lovely environment. With all the stress related to making our way home, the farm was the comfort we needed. Thank you for respecting the social distance and even wearing a face mask! The raspberry /rhubarb jam is delicious! Can't wait to try the teriyaki sauce. We needed to feel safe and that was the gift you gave us. " wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Lattin-Farms-300x203.jpg

Member Christopher R, Jr. was able to spend the night at Hangar 25 Air Museum and wrote on April 18th, 2020:

"Thank you all for letting us park here overnight even though the museum was closed due to the virus. We appreciate it, great open area with plenty of room for parking and maneuvering. Hopefully one day we will be back and can see the actual museum."


Terry and Nancy were in CO at Sauvage Spectrum Wines and wrote this on April 8th, 2020:

"We were Natasha's first Harvest Host guests. They are still getting their operation up and running, but she was extremely accommodating, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. She spent about 15 minutes telling us about their roots in this community and the agricultural area. The blossoms were blooming on the peach, apricot, and plum trees. What a beautiful site! It was warm and sunny and we couldn't have picked a better location with the multitude of vineyards of varying types and snowcapped mesas in the background. We purchased a bottle of wine and will crack it open once we get back to Wisconsin. Natasha was a marvelous host. There are several Harvest Host vineyards in Palisade, but would recommend this one because of Natasha and isn't right on the interstate so it was a quiet, restful place to rejuvenate for the night. Thanks Natasha!"


Members Terry and Nancy B. were trying to get back home when they stayed at Canyon Breeze Golf Course and had this to say on April 8th, 2020: "Even during Covid-19 pandemic when the club house was closed, we were welcomed here. Called ahead and were told where to park. Quiet place, but there is a rather large slope in the parking lot so a few blocks were needed. Took a lovely 20 mile drive up to Eagle Point ski resort area. Got take-out pizza at Craigo's. The pizza was good and the bread sticks were 'to die for!'" wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Canyon-Breeze-Golf-Course-1024x761.jpg

Terry and Nancy continued their journey home at Wooden Wheel Vineyards. Here's what they said on April 11th, 2020:

"Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike and Connie welcomed us to their vineyard on our trip from southern California back to our home in Wisconsin. They have a great selection of wines and I placed my order an hour before we arrived so Mike had it ready when we arrived. There were ample level areas to park. A nice place to stop on your way through Iowa and it is right on the highway so easy to find. It's in a rural area so quiet and peaceful."


More positive feedback from Terry and Nancy for_ La Vida Loca Winery on April 12th, 2020:

"Tony welcomed us to stay even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic on the final stop of our 7-day journey from southern California back to Wisconsin. On day 5 we decided to change our route slightly as we were very anxious to get back home and chose to stay at a different Harvest Host vineyard a little bit further on our route. I called Tony and explained. He graciously understood and wished us well on our travels. Next time through Iowa, we hope to make a stop."

Member Terri W. stayed at Whippoorwill Farms SC, LLC and had this to say on April 8th, 2020 with this message:

"We're thankful for Marissa and her family keeping their farm available during these difficult times. We were traveling due to job obligations and needed a spot for an overnight stay. The dogs and goat, that thinks he's a dog (LOL!), were welcoming as well! We did purchase some fresh eggs, bacon and sausage. Marissa is the BEST! Thanks!!!"


Hannah G. wrote about their stay at Franklin County Distilleries on April 5th, 2020:

"We were incredibly grateful for our stay there! They let us stay there two nights so we could take a break from traveling every day for 4 days straight. We are headed to our home base to stay put until things with the virus die down. They were still super kind to take us in even during this crazy time. We are incredibly grateful and they loved our kiddos. They have them chalk, games and other things to play with. It was super kind of them. The food and drinks are both phenomenal! Kenny is amazing with the mixed drinks! Definitely a must place to be and we can’t wait to come back!"


Members Bill & Joanne W. stayed at Moyer Farms on their way home to Wisconsin. Here's their review from April 3rd, 2020:

"With lots of sites closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding sites has been difficult as we travel back to home base in Wisconsin. Although their farm site was not open yet for the season, Erin and Nathan Moyer opened their location for us to boondock overnight. We strongly suggest you stop by if in the area. We did purchase some grass-fed frozen beef and honey. Will put them on the list for future travel, during the growing season. Great hosts. Thank you." wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Moyer-Farms-1024x1024.jpg

**Member Carol W.** \sent us a FB message praising our Hosts in Alabama on April 2, 2020:

"Thank you Harvest Hosts - feeling so blessed.  We are full-timers and kind of got stuck in Alabama for the last three weeks trying to do the right thing with social distancing, etc. We have decided to head to where we normally summer and just called two HH.  Even though they were not open they told us to come ahead. Wished us well.  What a blessing!!"

A member sent us a FB message on April 2nd, 2020:

"Well, I was on the road during the beginning of the Coronavirus and I was super thankful for the Harvest Hosts because I was able to stay at places where there was just the owners and not a bunch of people from all over.  I stayed at a plantation house in Louisiana and I stayed at a vineyard in Texas and an alpaca farm in New Mexico!  I posted mad props to all of them and to Harvest Hosts as well I made it home safe and clean and I am thankful!  Can't wait to get back on the road when we all can. "

Members Karen and Dave S. stayed at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum on April 1st, 2020 and left this review:

"We stayed here on April 1st, and echo the sentiments of others that although they were closed, they warmly allowed us (over the phone) to stay there. Easy to get to and find, level parking, slept well despite the traffic noise, had fun walking through the outdoor exhibits. We will definitely be back to tour the museum when we are in the area. Thank you!"


Nancy & Marty R. sought refuge at Life Point Christian Church on March 31st, 2020:

"A sanctuary for sure. This was our first Harvest Host stay and it was a welcome respite from having to figure out canceled travel plans during the shutdo[wn]. We stayed for two nights."


Members Larry & Paula S. found safety at Princeton Railroad Museum and thanked the Hosts on March 29th, 2020:

"We are very THANKFUL that this host is welcoming the RV community in light of the changing policies because of COVID-19, providing a safe place to overnight for those that need to travel."


Member George S. reviewed Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum on March 22, 2020:

"We can’t thank Western Sky enough! Luckily as Harvest Host members, when we found ourselves without an open campground due to covid -19 , Western Sky welcomed us. We are air and space geeks and were disappointed that the museum was closed when we arrived. Wonderful overnight place. We will return in better times. Thank you for your generous gift of a peaceful night. Fair Skies." wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Warbird-museum.jpg

Annie P.R. stayed safe at_ Lansbrook Golf Club and wrote this on March 28, 2020:

"Our first Harvest Host stay. We found a safe haven after the Florida State Parks were closed down. The parking area was across the street from the YMCA in a quiet neighborhood. We came in after hours. The fellas in the Pro-shop were nice and I bought a ladies' golf shirt. We appreciated the safe place to stay." wp-content-uploads-2020-04-Lansbrook-Golf-Club-1024x640.jpg

On March 19, 2020, Harry V sent this note:

_**"From the Farm **_let us stay (plus a second member) around back behind the hill... The store was closed and so was eat in at the restaurant -BUT- the carry out was open and so was the hospitality.... Had a great hike and good safe night sleep..."


Member Cynthia B. emailed us on March 15th and said:

"I am soooo appreciative of the HH hosts.  I traveled from Bend, OR to Arizona staying with hosts and now I'm going home doing the same.  Every host has been kind and friendly with never a disparaging word, only well wishes.  I feel lucky and taken care of while traveling along during these challenging times.  Thank you! " From all of us at Harvest Hosts, we are also very grateful for all our amazing Hosts who stepped up and helped our members travel safely in this time of unprecedented uncertainty and chaos.  Once things open up again, please consider visiting and generously patronizing all our Hosts to support local and small businesses, but also to pay them back for their generosity and hospitality during a time of great need. Do you have a story about a Host helping you travel safely during the COVID-19 lockdowns?  Send us an email or write a review directly on their Host profile page to show your appreciation.  We'll update this post as often as we can.

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Bill Zhang-profile-image
Bill Zhang
Bill is passionate about fishing and outdoor adventures. Whether working on Harvest Hosts projects or crafting wood in his garage, he cherishes exploring nature with his family.