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How to Get Internet in Your RV

Alyssa Javadi-profile-image
Alyssa Javadi
April 13, 2022

Stay connected on the road with RV internet options: RV park Wi-Fi, cellular hotspots, or TravlFi's mobile hotspot. TravlFi offers flexibility, security, and access to multiple carriers.

How to Get Internet in Your RV

Trying to stay connected to who and what you love while traveling the open road can be frustrating. So, we outlined three options for you to consider when choosing how to get internet in your RV.

Staying connected while on the road is no easy task. However, the life of an avid RVer can (and will) bring you to all kinds of places, some more forgiving than others. In general, lack of cellular coverage, data depletion, and simply not having an easy way to connect are all common challenges many RVers face, leaving them to sacrifice their ability to be connected to who and what they love when and wherever they want. When considering the best way to stay connected while on the road, there are a few factors to consider:

  • How often are you traveling?
  • Are you traveling within or outside of the United States?
  • What is it you’re hoping to accomplish with your Wi-Fi?
  • How many devices do you want to connect?

Let’s get started by reviewing the three common ways RVers get internet in their RV.

Traditional Wi-Fi Options for RVers

A few common options for getting internet in your RV are connecting to a shared Wi-Fi at an RV park, using a cellular device hotspot, or using a mobile hotspot, like the Journey1 from TravlFi (keep reading to learn about TravlFi’s exclusive discount for Harvest Host members)!

RV Park Wi-Fi

Often, RV parks will offer free Wi-Fi to their campers and visitors. Unfortunately, while being connected through free public Wi-Fi may be appealing, there are a few downsides, like proximity to the Wi-Fi access point, the overload of guests at the park, and, most importantly, security. In today’s world, cybercrime is becoming more and more popular (and advanced), and many public Wi-Fi options are not equipped to fight-off malicious activity. While the RV park offering the Wi-Fi connection has no intention of doing you dirty, the lack of Wi-Fi security could quickly land you (and your personal data) in troubled waters.

Cellular Hotspot

Using your cellular hotspot is great for quick and meaningless tasks, as it’s convenient, effortless, and probably works just fine for those one-off needs – when you have service. However, when it comes to living in your RV full-time (or for a good portion of time), a reliable internet connection is a luxury that your trusty iPhone just isn’t going to accomplish. As an RVer, you’re constantly moving from one place to the next, and each location has its ups and downs when it comes to staying connected to your single cellular provider. SPOILER: Most "unlimited" data plans will throttle data at certain caps or busy times. Overall, relying on your cellular service for your internet needs is not the best long-term option, as it may not be reliable, and it could result in a hefty cell phone bill at the end of the month!

Mobile Hotspot

Luckily, if you’re hoping to get secure internet in your RV quickly and affordably, all while utilizing multiple carriers, enjoying all the data you pay for, and not having the pressure to commit to a pesky contract, then there’s an option for you – TravlFi! TravlFi is your internet solution that travels anywhere life takes you. TravlFi users will enjoy the simplicity of a small, mobile hotspot powered by pay-as-you-go data plans. Considering everyone has a different Wi-Fi demand, TravlFi offers a variety of secure data plans that range from 2GBs to 800GBs! As stated earlier, remaining connected to a single cellular carrier is not easy to accomplish when you’re on the road, so TravlFi connects to all major data carriers at no additional cost. TravlFi offers Harvest Host members $35 off the Journey1 device (priced at $229). Data plans are sold separately.

**What’s the difference between using the hotspot on my phone and a dedicated mobile hotspot?**In the grand scheme of things, a cell phone hotspot and dedicated mobile hotspot are both intended to achieve one thing: getting access to the internet. However, the way the two devices are used and designed is very different. A cell phone hotspot is typically a feature found on your smartphone and uses the data provided by your carrier. A dedicated mobile hotspot is generally a separate device, like the TravlFi Journey1. As an RVer, you want your device to get internet in your RV whenever you need it. The TravlFi Journey1 uses virtual SIM technology, which brings you coverage where you need it most. Virtual SIM technology allows the device to change towers, find the strongest cellular signal in your area, and automatically connect to that signal because TravlFi has access to all major carriers (at no additional cost)! So, unlike a cellular mobile hotspot, TravlFi allows you to benefit from more than one carrier, so you never have to be without high-speed internet access. Here are a few other things to consider when understanding why your cellular hotspot may not be the best long-term solution for internet in your RV:

  • While the hotspot feature on your phone is a convenient solution in a pinch, it’s not the primary purpose of your smartphone, so the speeds and signal strength will typically be less than a dedicated hotspot.
  • Most cellular plans that include hotspot data limit you to 10-15GB, so the capability is limited for a primary internet source.
  • Lastly, using the hotspot on your phone will drain the battery quickly, leaving you with a dead phone.


Getting internet in your RV is tricky, but it’s nothing that can’t be achieved. You know your RV lifestyle best, so find something that not only works for you but is also secure, flexible, and most importantly, reliable.

About TravlFi: TravlFi is the founder of the Journey1 hotspot, which provides internet in an RV. RVers who use TravlFi for their internet needs will benefit from access to internet anywhere in the United States, virtual SIM technology which allows the device to connect to any major carrier, a variety of pay-as-you-go data plans, and a free data usage portal to monitor data consumption. In addition, TravlFi offers Harvest Host members $35 off the Journey1 device (priced at $229). Data plans are sold separately. Visit travlfi.com to learn more!

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Alyssa Javadi-profile-image
Alyssa Javadi
Senior Partnerships Manager at Harvest Hosts