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Melvin Brewing: The Perfect Pairing of Beer and Mother Nature

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Alyssa Chartier
December 8, 2023

TL;DR: Discover the origin of Melvin Brewing and immerse yourself in the unique Harvest Hosts experience. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, diverse beers, and handcrafted food at Melvin Brewing in Alpine, Wyoming. Embrace the spirit of community, nature, and good times at Melvin Brewing.

Melvin Brewing: The Perfect Pairing of Beer and Mother Nature

Don’t hate. Party. Now that’s a tagline. For both a brewery and life. There’s no place else where this tagline holds truer than at Melvin Brewing in Alpine, Wyoming.Located just south of Jackson Hole, on the border of Idaho and Wyoming, often referred to as Wydaho, Melvin Brewing is more than just a place to grab a pint. It’s a place to sit back, connect with friends and nature, and let time and the rest of the world become nonexistent. 


History of Melvin Brewing

You may never expect a brewery to have its origins in the back of a Thai restaurant. But in true Melvin style, you should expect nothing less. Because that is exactly where Melvin Brewing got its start. Jeremy Tofte, co-founder of Melvin Brewing, came from a beer family in Washington. He also came from the mountains. At an early age, he made his way to Jackson. He wanted to ski.But skiing doesn’t come cheap, so Tofte found a job washing dishes, which eventually led him to owning a restaurant. With only mere months to prove that he could make the business successful, Tofte went to work and opened Thai Me Up.It was in the back of that exact restaurant that Melvin Brewing was born. And while Thai Me Up has since gone on to restaurant heaven and Tofte has transitioned out of Melvin, the legends of his brews live on.Now in Alpine, Wyoming, on the shores of the great Palisades Reservoir, what was once crafted to help a ski dream come true, continues to be crafted in the spirit of both a love for community and Mother Nature.


Meet Your Harvest Hosts: Melvin Brewing

And you’ll find both the moment you come down the road, greeted by Melvin’s big yellow bus and the very large logo of Melvin’s famous elephant holding a beer on the backdrop of an even larger building.But don’t let the size of the site throw you off. Melvin Brewing may be a large production brewery, but their welcoming beer garden overlooking Palisades Reservoir and their inviting taproom, along with their entire staff, are reminiscent of reuniting with an old friend.

“We believe that when we engage music, beer, and fun…we will create a lasting impression.” (Melvin Brewing)


Overnight Accommodations

That lasting impression starts the moment you round that corner and realize where you get to park for the night. Staying overnight at Melvin as a Harvest Hosts member is quite unique. Melvin’s space backs right up against Palisades Reservoir.  With 70 miles of highly accessible shoreline, including access right from Melvin, Palisades and Melvin are perfect partners for your overnight accommodations.The parking lot offers its own comforts of being right next to the brewery, but if you’re up for more of an adventure, the neighboring BLM land offers the best of both worlds. Perched above Palisades Reservoir, you’ll find several open spaces to set up camp for the night.Lakefront property out your front door and Melvin Brewing out the back. Now that’s a pairing to come home to.


The Space

That beautiful vibe continues into the brewery’s patio and taproom. Picture this: You’ve just parked your RV and wandered across the lot, finding your way to a table on the expansive patio overlooking Palisades Reservoir. The sun is slowly losing its hold on the day. No big deal, right?Oh, this is a big deal! Because you’ve just landed yourself the best seat in the house. Beer in hand, food at your ready, musicians setting the tone. The show has begun. And as the vibrant colors slowly make their way across the sky, tucking themselves in for the night, you get to do the same in your rig just across the lot.And for those times when the outdoors are calling you in, Melvin doesn’t disappoint here, either. From the expressive art throughout to the large community tables to the inviting bar space, its indoor space is just as captivating as its outdoor space. Wondering about Fido? What about your little ones? Melvin Brewing is all about community. And community means family. And family means fur babies and children.Dogs are welcome outdoors only. But let’s be honest. Outdoors might just be the best place to be. Lawn games, lush green grass, food, beer, laughter, conversation, and live music on the patio. The pairings just keep getting better and better. 


What’s on Tap?

And what pairs better with all of the above than beer? Dare we say…”Nothing!”Known for their big IPAs, Melvin does not back down when it comes to their beer. But for those who want lighter beers or aren’t fans of IPAs, they’ve got you covered as well. Along with specialty cocktails, a selection of wines, sodas, and a variety of NA options, Melvin Brewing knows that variety is the spice of life, even when beer is their thing. Whatever you choose: be it one of their core beers such as their Melvin IPA, their Pilsgnar Pilsner, or their Killer Bees American Blonde Ale. Or one of their seasonal or experiMENTAL limited series beers that often include sours, unique ingredients, or anything playful that crafts something innovative and fun. Order the beer you want, but we encourage you to be just as experimental as Melvin’s brewers are. In their words, “Today, innovation remains the core of our craft.”


We think beer pairs with everything, and that includes food. And the folks at Melvin treat their food just like their beer - with precision and art, handcrafting their food items to be just as exceptional and innovative as their beer. Here, you’ll find high-end appetizers, burgers, tacos, salads, and more. Appetizers such as tater tot nachos fried and salted to perfection. Or chilled edamame exquisitely seasoned. A wide variety of mouth watering burgers and sammies. Salads full of colorful, fresh veggies. Yummy options for the kids and even ice cream sandwich options for the sweet-tooth in all of us.All cooked up in a renovated RV made just for crafting the delicious food worthy of pairing with Melvin’s brews. 


Beyond Melvin

As much as we want to think that the world revolves around craft beer - it’s the adventures and people that you meet along the way that make the beer.And with Melvin Brewing being right on the shores of Palisades Reservoir, one must go beyond Melvin. Get on the water. Grab your SUP, your kayak, your boat, or just your suit. Dive in. Or go for a drive to capture all that this area has to offer. Jackson Hole is 40 miles northeast. Teton National Park is just another five miles past Jackson. Just beyond Teton National Park is Yellowstone National Park’s southern entrance, only an hour’s drive north. There’s no shortage of craft beer, food, and community at Melvin. And there’s no shortage of beauty here, either. Drink up. Eat up. Rest up. Because Melvin Brewing is only just the beginning.

Cheers from Melvin Brewing

Erin Engelke, Melvin’s self-titled Facilitator of Relationships (beertender title, move over), summarizes the perfect pairing of Melvin Brewing and Harvest Hosts quite nicely.“Harvest Hosts is really the people from all around coming together over love of nature, love of travel, and love of beer. And we get to help facilitate great lasting friendships with people because we’re all kinda the same kin.”And one last word of advice straight from the horse’s…err, elephant’s mouth. “Remember: if your beer is not madness, it’s not beer."

Don’t hate. Party.

Ken and April Pishna are craft beer and travel lovers. Also Harvest Hosts members, they live and work in their 24 foot RV, while traveling to drink good beer and explore all that Mother Nature has to offer. Together they founded Living a Stout Life to guide others along on their own craft beer and travel adventures. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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Alyssa Chartier-profile-image
Alyssa Chartier
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