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Our 11 Favorite Boondocking Products From Boondocking 101

Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
August 7, 2022

Boondocking essentials: Clearsource water system, Wildland Coffee, Oxygenics shower, Venture Wipes, Waggle monitor, Elide fireball, RV lock, and Jackery station.

Our 11 Favorite Boondocking Products From Boondocking 101

If you’re new to boondocking, it’s easy to feel intimidated by it. You may associate it with strictly “roughing it,” going days on end without a shower or decent cup of coffee. Fortunately, that’s simply a misconception (a rather common one!).

While boondocking, by definition, means camping without some amenities, it certainly doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. In our Boondocking 101 virtual event, Harvest Hosts Community Events Coordinator and lifelong RV camper Megan Yarber shared our favorite boondocking products. These items can make your experience more enjoyable, comfier, and even safer!

Our Favorite Boondocking Products

From essential safety items to water-related boondocking products to nice-to-have luxuries for caffeine addicts, here are 11 things that should be in your RV!

1. Clearsource Nomad Water Filtration System

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Clearsource-Nomad.jpg It’s important to use filtered water in your RV, even when you don’t have access to hookups. That’s where the Clearsource Nomad water filtration system comes in. The Nomad model is specifically designed for RVers and off-grid use. It’s compact, housed in a mountable chassis, and hooks up to any 12-volt battery. With the flip of a switch, voila! — clean water, filtered at just under five gallons per minute.

2. Water Jug Pump

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Water-Jug-Dispenser.jpg For folks who prefer to not mess with a system, those iconic 5-gallon blue jugs are must-haves — but they’re heavy (did you know that one gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds?). Instead of constantly lifting the jugs to pour, get a water jug pump! Available in battery- or Bluetooth-operated and manual models, these pumps make dispensing water super easy for refilling bottles, washing hands, and doing dishes.

3. Wildland Coffee Co. 

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Wildland-Coffee.webp Now that you know how to ensure you have clean drinking water, it’s time to…make coffee with it! One of our absolute favorite boondocking products is Wildland Coffee Co., a small business focusing on ethical, sustainable business practices. Wildland Coffee Co. sources rich, tasty Brazilian beans and uses single-serve, teabag-style packages. All you need is hot water — no need to power up a coffee maker or fuss with the mess of a French press.

4. Oxygenics Shower Kit

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Oxygenics-Shower-Head-1024x1024.webp Water consumption is a major concern, especially when boondocking. It can make or break a trip and determine how long you stay off-grid. Oxygenics makes a variety of shower kits that use far less water than traditional shower heads, plus they have stronger water pressure! One of our favorite features is “SmartPause,” which reduces hot water to a trickle while you suds up, rather than turning it off completely. This is more efficient and doesn’t leave you shivering!

5. Venture Wipes 

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Venture-Wipes-1024x715.png Some days simply don’t require a full-blown shower, but you still need to freshen up. Venture body wipes are a great solution, offering huge 12” x 12” environmentally-friendly, biodegradable wipes. They’re perfect for in-between showers and when you’re especially concerned about water conservation. Venture also makes biodegradable wipe versions with insect repellent, sunscreen, and even veterinarian-approved ones for pets!

6. Waggle Pet Monitor

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Waggle-1024x1024.webp Speaking of pets, they’re a major source of worry when we’re out on the road. Thankfully, the Waggle pet monitor makes it a bit easier, acting as a security system while you’re away. There are two models, with and without GPS. Waggle monitors everything from whether your RV moves to the indoor temperature and humidity level and even alerts you of loss of power.

7. Weather Radio

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Emergency-Radio.jpg We rely heavily on our phones for just about everything, but there are certain situations when that can become dangerous, like unpredictable weather. If you don’t have cell service and a storm rolls in suddenly, you won’t have time to prepare, much less evacuate. That’s exactly why a simple manual hand-crank weather radio is one of our favorite boondocking products.

8. Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Elide-Fire-Ball-1000x1024.png A fire extinguisher is a must-have boondocking product in its own right (make sure to keep it up to date!), but the spherical Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is ideal for RVs. It’s designed to be mounted and detonates the instant it comes into contact with an open flame, releasing retardant to put the fire out.

9. RV Lock

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-RV-Lock-Kit-1024x1009.jpg Swapping your RV’s standard lock for an RV Lock isn’t just convenient, it’s a safety measure, too. RV Lock lets you use a battery-powered key fob or numeric code to get into your rig, eliminating the worry of accidentally locking your keys inside when you have no service to call for help.

10. Luminaid Solar Lantern

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Luminaid.jpg We can’t say enough great things about this useful multi-functional gadget! Part solar lantern, part device charger, the Luminaid comes in handy often on the road. There are different models, but they’re all ultra-lightweight, solar-powered, and water-, dust- and dirt-proof. Plus, they float and pack nearly flat!

11. Jackery Portable Power Station

wp-content-uploads-2022-08-Boondocking-Products-Jackery-1024x1024.webp Last but certainly not least, another of our favorite boondocking products is a Jackery power station. Charge it up fully at home before you hit the road, then charge it on the road with solar panels or when you have hookups. We especially love the Explorer 1000 model, which has AC and DC power, and USB and USB-C ports. Want more boondocking tips? Register for Boondocking 101 so you can watch Megan’s complete session and many others on-demand. And one more quick thing — Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome members get a nice discount on most of the boondocking products we mentioned here (and lots of others!)!

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Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
Based in southern Arizona, Taryn is a self-proclaimed adventure addict who spends as much time as possible traveling and exploring. In between road-tripping, camping, hiking, and staying slightly over-caffeinated, Taryn also runs her own adventure travel blog, Chasing Trail.