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Our Review Of EcoFlow Power Kits

Andre Gonsalves-profile-image
Andre Gonsalves
December 9, 2022

TL;DR: Traveling full-time in a converted van, we found EcoFlow’s Power Kit crucial for our digital nomad lifestyle, powering everything from work laptops to our fridge seamlessly. Its easy installation and robust performance make it a top choice for anyone on the road.

Our Review Of EcoFlow Power Kits

My fiance and I have been traveling the country in our converted 2020 Ram Promaster for the past two years. We’ve logged thousands of miles and visited places like the shores of Nova Scotia, the beaches of south Texas, the rugged mountains of Montana, and the luxurious coastline of California. As digital nomads who work full-time jobs, our lifestyle relies heavily on our ability to stay connected to work while enjoying the everyday comforts of a tiny home on wheels. When given the chance to review the EcoFlow Power Kit above, we were thrilled to see if it could meet the demands of our daily power needs working from the van.wp-content-uploads-2022-12-2-1.png

It’s Electric

Whether you're staying the night at a cozy campground or boondocking for a week in some remote off-grid location, all RVers have one thing in common, we need electricity to power all our various devices and appliances. EcoFlow has made that simpler than ever with its easy-to-setup Power Kits Everyone from Vanlife DIYers to RV owners looking for a power system update can look to EcoFlow for a robust power solution.


Our particular build works off of a 3-panel 600-watt solar system attached to the roof of the van. We also have a connection straight from the alternator to power our batteries in case of inclement weather (which happens pretty often since we spend the winter snowboarding the mountain west).

The most important devices for us to power are:

  • 8 interior recessed lights that are set on a dimmer
  • 2 MacBook Pros that we use for work
  • 1 refrigerator
  • 1 outlet to power various devices (iPhones, portable chargers, headlamps, etc.)


The Install

This was by far our favorite part of the testing process. If you’re familiar with DIY electricity solutions for van builds, then you’ll know they can be a complicated and messy affair to set up and maintain. The EcoFlow Power Kit came with two main components, the Power Hub and the battery, and directions to easily walk you through the installation process. There were also various brackets and fasteners depending on the type of mounting scenario you have and several wires for specific types of electricity hookups. This kit is truly made for those who want a simple electricity solution that just works.  After hooking everything up with the included wiring in the kit and the current wiring in our van, we headed into the cabin to test out the EcoFlow Power Kit. We immediately fired up the lowest of our power users, which was the recessed lights in the interior of the van. They came on and verified that we had correctly installed the unit. Next, we tested the fridge and outlet, which fired up just like normal. We left all the items on and running for the day, and upon checking later that night, all devices were fully charged and continued to function correctly.

Road Tripping

Over the next week, we had two trips to Beaver Lake in Northern Arkansas, where we planned to camp and work for a few days. The EcoFlow Power Kit worked flawlessly and was able to power us through the workday, which is when our power consumption is the highest. We enjoyed all the perks of having electricity while sitting on the banks of a lake at a secluded campsite.wp-content-uploads-2022-12-4-1.png

Conclusion EcoFlow’s Power Kit is the perfect option for anyone looking for an electricity solution on the road. Even if you’re not familiar with installing electric components, don’t fear, this EcoFlow kit makes it as simple as it can possibly be. They also offer a wide variety of power options, in case your needs differ slightly from ours. If you haven’t checked them out, go to EcoFlow.com to learn more about their powerful and streamlined power solutions!  

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Andre Gonsalves-profile-image
Andre Gonsalves
Based on the road full time, Andre is a full-time digital nomad who enjoys hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, camping, and hunting. When he’s not traveling or enjoying the great outdoors, he is working on expanding Harvest Hosts in his role as Email Marketing Manager.