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Our Summer Road Trip: 2 Months, 11 States, 3,500 Miles

Ali Lindsey-profile-image
Ali Lindsey
September 9, 2023

TL;DR: The Lindseys, a family of four, embark on a summer road trip across the Rockies in their Rockwood GEO PRO. They explore numerous adventure camps, enjoy outdoor activities, and embrace local cultures across 11 states.

Our Summer Road Trip: 2 Months, 11 States, 3,500 Miles

We are The Lindseys - a family of 4 living high in the Rocky Mountains in Frisco, CO at 9,097 ft. This summer, we are setting off to live and work in our new home - a Rockwood GEO PRO (20BHS Power Package Version 2023). We've created the ultimate remote setup and while Daric and I work, our energetic little girls, Susie (7yo) and Jojo (6yo), will attend summer camps along our route. They're pretty excited about exploring new mountains and lakes, and of course, meeting new friends! Their camp journey includes:

  • Adventure Camp in Frisco, CO
  • Grand Adventure Camp in Jackson Hole, WY
  • Adventure Camp in Grand Targhee, WY
  • Adventure Camp in Whitefish, MT
  • Sailing and Tennis Camp in Harbor Springs, MI

We'll also tote along 4 mountain bikes, 2 road bikes, 2 kayaks, 2 paddleboards, 3 skateboards (not for me, ha), 4 pairs of hiking boots, 4 helmets, and plenty of bathing suits, sneakers and games (no screens)! When Daric and I are not working we plan to hike, bike, paddle, and enjoy the great outdoors with our girls.

Read on to hear more about key stops we made along the way, and how we spent our free time in each location. Plus, get an overview of our full itinerary at the end.

Stop #1: Frisco, CO

Leaving hometown -2.jpeg

The adventure kicks off right at home in Frisco, Colorado, as Susie and Jojo dive headfirst into Adventure Camp. There, they explored the local Rocky Mountain terrain, discovered hidden trails, and made friends with fellow campers who share their love for the great outdoors. Meanwhile, Deric and I explored the nearby peaks, which set the tone for an exhilarating summer.

Stop #2: Alpine, WY

AC558C26-CCD7-4EE0-A5C1-9AC99C01B8E5_1_105_c (1).jpeg

Once the Colorado Adventure Camp ended, we headed north toward the majestic Grand Teton National Park. But on the way, we stopped at the Harvest Hosts location Melvin Brewing.

Firstly, this is my husband's favorite beer (and mine too) so we just had to visit the Mothership Tap Room in Alpine, WY about 30 minutes outside of Jackson, WY. When you pull up to the Brewery it sits on a beautiful grassy area with stunning views of the Snake River. There were plenty of lawn games for our kiddos and space to run - and of course crisp Melvin beer.

I highly recommend doing a beer tasting and ordering The Bavarian Pretzel, "Hot Fire" Fried Chicken, and The Melvin Chopped Wedge. The kids Burger and Nuggets were a hit too. We ate, enjoyed beer, the kids got their wiggles out and we slept by the River. The staff was super fun and friendly too.

Stop #3: Jackson Hole, WY 1D653610-250C-4828-B6BF-0DDE5621043B_1_105_c.jpeg Next, we made it to Jackson Hole, where Susie and Jojo immersed themselves in the wonders of the Tetons at Grand Adventure Camp. We enjoyed the rugged beauty of Jackson Hole and exploring everything Jackson Hole has to offer.

Stop #4: Grand Targhee, WY

71795D7A-25A0-4CED-B329-FEBB73922D18_1_105_c (1).jpeg From Jackson Hole, we headed to nearby Grand Targhee, Wyoming, where Susie and Jojo continued their adventure. They explored pristine forests, learned about local flora and fauna, and bonded with their campmates. Meanwhile, Daric and I took in the serene atmosphere and explored Grand Targhee's mountain biking trails.

Stop #5: Salmon, ID

09E12120-37BB-4F98-A3A2-AE20A1E3A017_1_105_c (1).jpeg

On the way to our next location, we stopped in Salmon, ID, and stayed at Andreas on the River, a CampersCard campground, which is perfectly located on the Salmon River. Beautiful flowers and decks to sit peacefully listening to the water flow. The campsite is in an awesome location walking distance to town - easy to grab a bite to eat and check out the scene. Very family friendly. The owners were super nice too and a great family-owned business. With our CampersCard membership, we were able to get 10% off our entire stay. We ate dinner at The Dusty Mule Bar and Grill - directly outside happened to be Salmon Days with live music and activities for the kids. Everyone was so unbelievably warm, friendly, and welcoming in Salmon ID!

Stop #6: Whitefish, MT

5B73BF77-8CF4-4184-8D7E-DB08709FC8F0_1_105_c (2).jpeg The journey continues northwest to Whitefish, Montana, where the next Adventure Camp took place. The girls went into Montana's wilderness, exploring crystal-clear lakes and lush forests. While there we also took advantage of Whitefish's extensive hiking trails and indulged in local cuisine.

Stop #7: Conrad, MT

E8E57EA0-9FB2-44B9-BE25-2847B0A94934_1_201_a (2).jpg

We started working our way east and headed to Desert Claim Farms, a Harvest Hosts location in town. When we arrived at Desert Claim Farms in Conrad, MT, which is located in the middle of nowhere in MT off Route 2, we realized how wonderful of a stop it was. We were greeted by the owners Ken, Cindy, and their Akita pup, Freyja who immediately became besties with Susie and Jojo. Freyja even slept at our camper door waiting for the girls to wake up in the morning.

We toured their family farm which they've owned since the 1920's. We picked fresh peas and thoroughly enjoyed our sleep by the vegetable garden. Also, it turns out Cindy is the president of the Montana Farm Bureaus Association - such a cool Host connection and friendship. They love being part of Harvest Hosts and educating Harvest Hosts Members!

Stop #8: Bagley, MN

92E2D4A6-6A1C-45C6-9493-1BDFD496F183_1_105_c (1).jpeg

Here we stayed at Honeyberry Farm, a wonderful family-owned farm and Harvest Hosts location. We were greeted by Jim and Bernis - they provided the most lovely experience…under very unusual circumstances. Bernis opened her berry garden to my kids and they picked and picked berries for hours after they played on a unique collection of antique tractors. After we all tired out from playing in the gardens - we decided to gather the girls and explore Bagley (and grab a bite at the only restaurant in town - do what the locals do).

The sky was blue and the weather was clear – zero % chance of rain according to Accuweather. We scooted to town and while we were awaiting our much-needed pizza to arrive - tornado sirens started to alarm. We secured the camper before we left so we thought we were fine (so we thought) - after a quick mini-wind/rain/storm burst - we headed home. Only to find that our awning blew off our camper. You can imagine the sight. My husband meticulously removed the electrical awning while being swarmed with mosquitoes - (oh the mid-west after a rainstorm). Luckily, Jim and Bernis were wonderful and provided friendly support. They also delivered some homemade wine and apple cobbler to help us drown our sorrows. We hit the road the next day minus our awning.

Stop #9: Sailing and Tennis Camp in Harbor Springs, MI

FE4F7D86-743A-4569-8A9F-4CCCCBA08347_1_105_c (1).jpeg

We left the mountains behind for a while and headed east to Harbor Springs, Michigan. Susie and Jojo switched gears and attended Sailing and Tennis Camp. We enjoyed the lakeside atmosphere and exploring the charming town of Harbor Springs.

Stop #10: Kieler, WI

One of our last stops before beginning the journey back home to Colorado was staying at the Rustic Barn Farm and Campground in Kieler, WI. This was truly a hidden gem of a campground surrounded by farms and beautiful views. We stumbled upon this location on the CampersCard platform and we're so lucky we did. The land is tucked away off of the highway with a playground and lawn games for kids. The most beautiful quaint chapel sits on the campground and parking spots with picturesque trees and wonderful views. The owners Laura and Kathy were lovely and passionate about this campground. It was meticulous - bathrooms, showers, and the land itself. I would highly recommend this location to any and everyone.

Family Adventures

When not working, Daric and I fully embrace their love for the outdoors. We hit the trails with our mountain and road bikes, paddled serene lakes with kayaks and paddleboards, and even sneak in some skateboarding. As a family, we bonded over hikes, family bike rides, and memorable moments in nature, leaving screens behind for the summer.

Itinerary Overview:

11 States, 3,500 miles covered

Home - Frisco, CO

  • Depart from your home and head to Frisco, Colorado.
  • Check into your accommodation in Frisco for the night.
  • Spend the day exploring Frisco, a charming mountain town.
  • Visit Main Street for shopping and dining.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or biking in the surrounding area.

Frisco, CO - Vernal, UT (Cedar Springs Campground)

  • Drive to Vernal, Utah.
  • Set up camp at Cedar Springs Campground.
  • Explore the Dinosaur National Monument or visit the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum.

Vernal, UT - Alpine, WY (Melvin Brewing - Harvest Hosts)

  • Head to Alpine, Wyoming.
  • Enjoy a stop at Melvin Brewing as part of the Harvest Hosts program.
  • Explore the scenic beauty of Alpine.
  • Overnight at Melvin Brewing (Harvest Hosts).

Alpine, WY - Jackson, WY (Gros Ventre Campground)

  • Drive to Jackson, Wyoming.
  • Set up camp at Gros Ventre Campground.
  • Explore Jackson Hole and its famous town square.
  • Consider taking a scenic drive or hike in Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson, WY - Tetonia, ID (Teton Peaks Resort)

  • Head to Tetonia, Idaho.
  • Check into Teton Peaks Resort.
  • Explore the picturesque Teton Valley.
  • Visit nearby attractions or relax at the resort.

Tetonia, ID - Alta, WY (Grand Targhee Resort)

  • Drive to Alta, Wyoming.
  • Explore Grand Targhee Resort and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking.
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Teton Mountains.

Alta, WY - Salmon, ID (Andreas On the River - CampersCard)

  • Head to Salmon, Idaho.
  • Camp at Andreas On the River using your CampersCard.
  • Enjoy the serene riverside setting.
  • Explore Salmon and its surroundings.
  • Overnight at Andreas On the River.

Salmon, ID - Whitefish, MT (Whitefish RV Park)

  • Drive to Whitefish, Montana.
  • Set up camp at Whitefish RV Park.
  • Explore the charming town of Whitefish and its vibrant downtown.
  • Consider visiting Whitefish Lake or nearby national forests.

Whitefish, MT - Conrad, MT (Desert Claim Farm - Harvest Hosts)

  • Head to Conrad, Montana.
  • Enjoy a unique camping experience at Desert Claim Farm as part of Harvest Hosts.
  • Explore the farm and its surroundings.
  • Overnight at Desert Claim Farm.

Conrad, MT - Bagley, MN (The Honeyberry Farm - Harvest Hosts)

  • Drive to Bagley, Minnesota.
  • Camp at The Honeyberry Farm through Harvest Hosts.
  • Discover the farm and perhaps pick some fresh produce.
  • Explore the local area.
  • Overnight at The Honeyberry Farm.

Bagley, MN - Marquette, MI (Rippling River RV Resort)

  • Head to Marquette, Michigan.
  • Check into Rippling River RV Resort.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or kayaking.
  • Explore the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • Overnight at Rippling River RV Resort.

Marquette, MI - Harbor Springs, MI (Hawk Owl Hill - private family vineyard and vegetable farm)

  • Drive to Harbor Springs, Michigan.
  • Experience a unique stay at Hawk Owl Hill, a private family vineyard and farm.
  • Explore the vineyard and farm, and enjoy local wine and produce.
  • Relax in the serene countryside setting.
  • Overnight at Hawk Owl Hill.

Harbor Springs, MI - Kieler, WI (Rustic Barn Campground and RV Park - CampersCard)

  • Head to Kieler, Wisconsin.
  • Set up camp at Rustic Barn Campground and RV Park using your CampersCard.
  • Enjoy the rustic charm of the campground.
  • Explore the nearby area or relax at the campground.
  • Overnight at Rustic Barn Campground.

Kieler, WI - North Platte, NE (Pals Brewing Company - Harvest Hosts)

  • Drive to North Platte, Nebraska.
  • Enjoy a stop at Pals Brewing Company as part of the Harvest Hosts program.
  • Explore North Platte and visit local attractions.
  • Overnight at Pals Brewing Company.

North Platte, NE - Home (Frisco, CO)

  • Begin your journey back home to Frisco, Colorado.
  • Reflect on the amazing experiences from your road trip.
  • Arrive back home to conclude your adventure.

This itinerary should provide a mix of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and unique accommodations throughout your trip. Enjoy your travels!

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Ali Lindsey-profile-image
Ali Lindsey
Senior Business Development Manager at Harvest Hosts. Based in Frisco, CO Ali can be found exploring the great outdoors and hitting the slopes before her work day.