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6 Tips for Decorating your RV for the Seasons and Holidays

Sam Leash-profile-image
Sam Leash
October 3, 2020

TL;DR: Decorating your RV for different seasons and holidays enhances travel experiences year-round. Follow six tips to easily refresh your space with festive decor.

6 Tips for Decorating your RV for the Seasons and Holidays

Traveling in your RV is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy at any time of year. RVing during the holidays is especially popular, as is traveling throughout all four seasons. And while many prefer to travel in the summer, many campgrounds and Harvest Host locations are open year round for those who like to take advantage of off-season travel.While many people may enjoy decorating their homes seasonally, the idea of decorating one’s RV for the changing seasons and holidays is often overlooked. However, decorating for the different times of the year can make your RV feel more homey and fun, and it may even make you more likely to travel in all seasons, instead of just the summer. Vacationing during the holidays could also be more fun if your home on wheels matched the current trends and happenings.With all of this being said, some people may feel uncomfortable decorating their RV for the holidays and seasons. After all, decorating a small space without overpowering it can often be a bit intimidating, even for the best home decorators out there. If you are wanting to decorate your RV interior seasonally and are looking for some pointers, then you’ve come to the right place. Follow the six tips below for the best ideas to brighten up your space each season.wp-content-uploads-2019-08-15-1.jpg

1. Add seasonal garland to reflect the current holidays.

Garland is such a versatile decoration for more than just winter. Its small size and profile keeps it from overpowering a small space, while still adding some cheeriness and personal flair. A pretty string of garland can also be swapped out for various seasons and holidays. For instance, one could hang leaves or pumpkins in the fall, and then switch that out for fairy lights or evergreen garland for the Christmas holiday or winter. In the spring and/or summer, one could hang strings of flowers, dried fruit, greenery, or any item that signals nice, warm weather. You can make up for the lack of wall space by hanging garland over windows or doorways. wp-content-uploads-2019-08-2-3-1024x767.jpgwp-content-uploads-2019-08-4-2-1024x767.jpgwp-content-uploads-2019-08-3-1-1024x767.jpg *photos by @188sqft

2. Switch out table and place settings accordingly.

Having your table set nicely is a great way to decorate your RV without overfilling the small space. Tablecloths and place settings bring life and homeyness to a room in a space that may not be typically decorated. Just like in a traditional home, table decorations can be changed with the seasons. Pumpkins, flannel and leaves are cute in fall, while evergreens and snow-themed items are perfect for winter. Flowers and bright colors are fun for spring, while mountains and the ocean may be preferred in the summer. Whatever you choose to do, remember to keep it fun and simple. And of course, pack it up when moving from place to place! wp-content-uploads-2019-08-6-2.jpgwp-content-uploads-2019-08-5-2.jpg

3. Replace throw pillows and blankets seasonally.

Throw pillows and blankets can really make or break a space. These are a functional, versatile addition to any home, and it is hard to overpower even the smallest of spaces with them. They instantly make a home more comfy and cozy, while simultaneously pulling everything in the space together. And the best part is that throw pillows often have removable covers, so you can buy a few different pillow sizes and a bunch of covers for each of them. Etsy and Amazon have so many options, and they can be switched in different seasons and for different holidays.

Blankets can have the same effect. Cycling through a collection of a few different throw blankets will help your RV to look seasonally-decorated and cozy.

Warm colors can signal fall and Halloween, while cool colors may signal winter and the holidays. Bright, cheery colors often signal spring and fall. This decorating idea is simple and inexpensive, and it makes a big difference in any space. wp-content-uploads-2019-08-12-2-820x1024.jpgwp-content-uploads-2019-08-11-2-819x1024.jpg *Photos by @robyns__nest__

4. Change out your letter boards and chalk boards.

These two trending items are perfect for RVs. You can hang a chalkboard or a whiteboard anywhere and easily change it up based on the current holidays. You can also use chalkboard paint to paint a section of your RV to be used as a blackboard. Either option yields excellent results.

Letter boards are also quite popular. They can be hung up anywhere, and the sayings and quotes on them can be changed periodically to reflect the seasons. Be sure to use several command strips when hanging items on your RV’s walls, and be creative when swapping out the featured quotes. wp-content-uploads-2019-08-13-2-820x1024.jpg *Photo by @robyns__nest__

5. Decorate your RV porch.

Many forget that the outdoor area of an RV can also be decorated. The area under your awning and in front of your door is included in your RV’s space at your campsite, and this can be decorated the same as the exterior of a house. Add some harvest-themed or spooky decorations in the fall and some Christmas and/or snowy-themed decorations in the winter. Then, add some pretty flowers and greenery in the spring and fall, and your RV begin to look complete in no time! wp-content-uploads-2019-08-10-2-1024x1017.jpg *Photo by @pleadingthefifth_wheel

6. Hang wreaths for the different holidays.

Front door wreaths are iconic, and you don’t have to skip hanging one just because your home has wheels! Suction cup hooks are perfect for sticking to the glass on your door, and they can be easily removed and stored for travel. If you would prefer, you can even hang a wreath on your window instead.

There are so many beautiful, handmade wreaths on the market, and if you enjoy crafts, you can even follow guides to make your own. Consider hanging a harvest wreath in the fall, something evergreen for winter, and something floral in the spring and summer. No matter what style of wreath you prefer, hanging one will surely make your home feel more cozy before you have even stepped inside. wp-content-uploads-2019-08-14-1.jpgwp-content-uploads-2019-08-9-2-1024x1024.jpg *Photo by @pleadingthefifth_wheel

Decorating your RV seasonally doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple changes throughout the year can make a big difference, while adding flair and personal touches to your RV. Whether you live in your RV full-time or travel occasionally throughout the year, decorating for the different seasons and holidays can really brighten up your space. A little goes a long way in an RV, so be sure to try some of these ideas the next time you think about adding some seasonal cheer to your home on wheels. wp-content-uploads-2019-08-8-2-1024x814.jpg *Photo by @pleadingthefifth_wheel

Do you like to decorate your RV for the holidays? How do you like to decorate? Feel free to comment your suggestions and thoughts below!

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Sam Leash-profile-image
Sam Leash
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