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8 RV Remodel & Renovation Ideas to Upgrade Your Rig

Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
October 28, 2022

TL;DR: Transform your RV with simple, affordable remodel ideas: re-upholster furniture, update hardware, paint cabinets, add lighting, install backsplashes, upgrade counters, repurpose spaces, and change flooring.

8 RV Remodel & Renovation Ideas to Upgrade Your Rig

There are lots of reasons to consider an RV makeover or even a full-blown RV remodel. Maybe you bought an older rig with the intention of completely renovating it, or perhaps you're ready for a decor change or feature upgrade in the RV you live in full-time.The great news is that with a bit of research, advance planning, and basic prep work, many RV renovation projects are simple and affordable (likely even more than you realize!). You don't need professional carpentry skills or enormous budgets to enjoy the benefits of an RV makeover! Before we dive into some of the best ways to freshen up your RV, one quick note: there are hundreds (thousands?!) of free tutorials and other resources out there on RV renos and other DIY projects. We didn't include any specific ones here because this is so personal and subjective. Instead, we encourage you to do some research and find the ones that resonate with you most. Pinterest, YouTube, social media, and RV forums are all great starting points.

Genius (and Affordable!) RV Remodel Ideas

wp-content-uploads-2022-10-How-to-Recover-RV-Dinette-Cushions-rv-makeover.jpg *Photo credit: The DIY Mommy

1. Re-upholster Furniture

It's no secret that a lot of RVs are decorated in a very, very outdated fashion, particularly when it comes to fabrics. Fortunately, one of the easiest and most affordable RV remodel ideas is reupholstering the furniture (you'll be surprised at the materials that make the best furniture fabric!). Even if you choose just one main piece of furniture, like your dinette benches or living room sofa, the impact will be enough to give the entire RV a whole new look.

2. Change Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

A kitchen post-RV remodel, with two-toned cabinets *Photo credit: MountainModernLife.com

3. Paint or Refinish Cabinets

One of the biggest-impact things you can do as part of an RV makeover is overhaul your cabinetry. You have two options — paint or refinish — and truthfully, they involve about the same amount of work, time, and cost, so it all comes down to your personal preference. With some basic supplies, a willing helper, and plenty of elbow grease and patience, you can have all new cabinets in just one weekend!

4. Change Your Lighting

Even in the nicest, most luxurious RVs, the light fixtures are often very basic. Fortunately, to instantly give your rig a more refined look, all you have to do is upgrade your lights! Choose a fun chandelier or some sophisticated sconces and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a sleek RV makeover.

Pro tip: while you’re at it, you should consider switching all of your light bulbs over to LED. This is so simple, yet it’s one of the most practical RV money-saving tips! Tile backsplash in a kitchen area in an RV after a RV makeover *Photo credit: Bottles and Banter

5. Install a Backsplash or Create an Accent Wall

We think a lot about how technology has impacted computers, cell phones, and cameras, but it's also completely changed our world in other, everyday ways. For example, installing a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom or using wallpaper to create an eye-catching accent wall, once a costly, laborious task, now involves literally peeling and sticking! Create a one-of-a-kind look and vibe in your home on wheels with this fun RV makeover project!

6. Upgrade the Counters

Just like in a brick-and-mortar home, you can upgrade your RV’s counters. Best of all, because the physical counter space is relatively small, this is an incredibly affordable RV remodel project! There are several options to switch up the counters, ranging from getting crafty with peel-and-stick wallpaper to using a spray resurfacer to replacing them altogether.

If you opt for replacement, consider a surface you can cut directly on to save space, such as Corian or even a wood butcher block. The inside of an RV after a remodel, with a dedicated desk and upgraded flooring *Photo credit: RV Love

7. Create a Whole New Space

Just about every single RV comes with a convertible dinette, but is that the most functional space for you? Is it taking up other valuable real estate that could potentially be even more functional? Consider taking it out and building something else more tailored to your needs. If you work remotely or home-school your children, a dedicated workstation could be invaluable. If you have babies or toddlers, a play area might make more sense. The sky's the limit!

8. Upgrade Flooring

Much like you can switch up the look of your rig's walls and counters, you can also change your floors. This RV remodel project can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like, depending entirely on the type of flooring.There are several fantastic faux hardwood flooring kits available, typically made from ultra-durable vinyl. Many options come as adhesive or click-together kits, so you don't need any special skills.

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Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
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