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The RVer's Holiday Gift Guide

Amy Leal-profile-image
Amy Leal
November 15, 2023

TL;DR: Our 2023 RV Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide offers top picks for RV lovers, from community memberships to tech and comfort essentials, ensuring memorable adventures on the open road.

The RVer's Holiday Gift Guide

Help the RV enthusiasts in your life gear up for a holiday season that rolls with adventure!  Whether they're road warriors chasing sunsets or campfire connoisseurs seeking the perfect s'mores spot, RV gift guides can help you find the ideal gift. In our 2023 RV Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide, we've put together a collection of must-haves that will have them dreaming of open roads all year long.

Memberships Unlock Access to the RV Community

These memberships aren't just “cards.” They’re golden tickets to fantastic campgrounds, secret travel handshakes, and a community that feels like home on wheels. Memberships make the best RV gifts!


RV Life

Enjoy the #1 RV Trip Planner and Navigation tool with RV LIFE Pro. Carefully plan your RV Trip on any laptop, tablet, or phone. Journey with Confidence using RV-safe navigation on your GPS-enabled phone, following your planned trip exactly. Harvest Hosts Members enjoy 23% off the regular price and an exclusive 14-day trial period by using coupon code HH2023 during checkout.  $65 | Visit RV Life and start your journey today! 


Hop Passport

Are you looking to give the gift that keeps on giving... all year? The Hop Passport is the nation's largest coupon book to breweries, distilleries, cider, and mead makers in the country. Receive discounts at over 1,350+ locations throughout our beautiful country.**$94.99 |Use code: HHOSTS15 for 15% off your order on our website, Click Here


Harvest Hosts

Picture the endless memories to be made while camping on a beautiful vineyard or a scenic farm. Harvest Hosts Classic Membership opens the door to unlimited overnight stays at over 5,062+ diverse and picturesque locations. Harvest Hosts could very well be the best gift you give this year. At the Classic Membership level, you’ll have access to CampersCard, Campscanner, and Boondockers Welcome. Connect with a vibrant RV community and support local businesses. Enjoy 30% off the regular price of $99 | Visit Harvest Hosts** for more information**.

RV Batteries & Accessories

Energizing the heart of the RV lifestyle, we’ve included essential energy solutions and cutting-edge technology to keep your RV charged and ready. You can’t go wrong with these gifts for RV owners. 


Battle Born Batteries

Powering holiday and year-round adventures with reliable, safe, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries! Battle Born Batteries offers a full line of LiFePO4 batteries for RV, van, marine, and off-grid lifestyles and components and accessories to build out full lithium power systems.  **$925 | Give the gift of power! Shop now


Noco Battery Chargers

The Noco Genius10 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger isn't your average battery charger—it's a powerhouse designed to handle a diverse range of automotive batteries. This charger shines particularly bright as an option for deep-cycle batteries, making it an indispensable choice for the reliability needed for RV living.

$99 | Learn more about NOCO chargers here.


Victron Battery Monitor

The Victron Energy BMV-712 is a versatile battery monitor featuring programmable inputs for measuring battery temperature, midpoint voltage, or a second battery's voltage. Equipped with built-in Bluetooth communication, it allows wireless battery monitoring on various devices and offers comprehensive data display, including State of Charge, Voltage, Current, Energy/Time remaining, and historical data accessible through Victron Connect.$186 | Find out more here.

RV Safety Essentials

From innovative safety lock systems to reliable emergency kits, these RV camping gifts prioritize peace of mind with a gift that keeps travel fun and secure.


RV Lock

No Keys? No Problem! Whether you have a Bumper Pull, Fifth Wheel, Class C, or Class A - RVLock has a keyless handle solution for you. By pairing security with convenience, we help bring peace of mind to your adventure. Ditch those keys with The Original Keyless Handle.$179 - $299 **| Check out RV Lock here.**



Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork invented LuminAID's solar lighting technology just after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They were inspired to design a simple, rechargeable light that could be cost-effectively distributed after disasters. LuminAID packable lanterns and phone chargers have become the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to get outdoors and hike or camp, grill up a feast in the backyard, or just wants to be prepared in case of an emergency! $19.99 - $317 **| Shop here**


Midland Emergency Weather Radio

Stay ahead of the storm with Midland's WR120B NOAA Emergency Radio. It’s trusted technology in a conveniently boxed package. With S.A.M.E. localized programming, a trilingual display, over 60 emergency alerts, and a built-in alarm clock, this compact device ensures you're always in the know. A weather radio is one of our favorite RV gadgets - why not buy two? One for your favorite RV enthusiast and one for yourself.$34.99 | See more here.

Top-Tier Tires and Essential Road Accessories

Hit the road with confidence! This is your pit stop for everything needed to keep an RV rolling down the road smoothly. From durable tires to smart navigation tools, we've got your journey covered. 


Goodyear Tires

Goodyear.com makes it easy to find the right tire, schedule your installation, and complete your purchase – all online. Give the gift of confident traction and responsive handling this holiday season!**Save 15% on your new Goodyear tires when you use code: HARVESTHOLI23 | See Goodyear’s full inventory here. **


Tymate RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System 

The M12-3 Solar-Powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a cutting-edge solution for tire management. With features like solar charging, five alarm modes, auto-sleep functionality, tire position exchange, six included TPMS sensors, and a repeater for extended sensing range, this system is designed for hassle-free installation and reliable performance (0-87 PSI). $169 | Learn more and buy here.

Gifts for Seamless Connectivity On the Road

Help them stay connected with a gift that enhances communication. Unique RV accessories gifts and services that turn an RV into a tech-savvy command center.    wp-content-uploads-2023-11-7-1024x576.png


TravlFi's pay-as-you-go internet for RVers is your key to staying connected on the road. Enjoy reliable and flexible data plans, effortlessly streaming your favorite movies, and keeping in touch with loved ones. Don't miss out on our holiday deal and get $35 off any TravlFi Wi-Fi device and wave goodbye to the $25 activation fee. Say hello to stress-free travels with TravlFi!Plans and packages start at** $19.99 per month**. Enjoy $35 off any TravlFi Wi-Fi device + no activation fee ($25 value).View plans here.  


Anker 360 Charging Hub

Introducing the Anker 360 Charging Hub, a reliable and versatile solution for powering multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets, this hub ensures uninterrupted connectivity for all internet-connected devices, making it an essential accessory for the RV lifestyle.**$29.99 | Learn more here. **

Spruce Up Your Campsite

Revolutionize the camping experience with thoughtful accessories unique RV gifts. From cozy seating options to practical outdoor tables, discover the perfect additions that infuse your campsite with comfort and style.


True Places

True Places Emmett portable chairs: supreme comfort and quality. 20% off with code HHTRUEGIFT20. The ideal holiday gift for campers who love functionality and style in the same chair. There’s even a surprise bottle opener under each arm.$198  | Shop True Places here.


Tirrinia Folding Wooden Picnic Table

The Tirrinia folding table is an essential outdoor entertainment solution for RV living. Crafted with precision, this table holds a liter bottle of wine and your favorite wine glasses. The grooved top surface guarantees a secure grip, which prevents any slipping or tipping. With easy portability, simply slide it into a bag or your car trunk, unfold, and enjoy a hassle-free picnic experience. Available in sizes ranging from 17” x 12.6” to 26” x 26” and choice of bamboo or metal legs.$40-$100 | Shop for Tirrinia tables here.


Kootek Portable Hammock

Who doesn’t like to relax between the trees after a long day of hiking? It’s what hammocks were created for, and in a market saturated with similar options, this hammock stands out. With triple-stitched seams and an impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds, it offers both reliability and ample space. The Kootek Portable comes in single and double sizes. **$16.99 - $21.99 | Shop hammocks here. **


Personalized Camp Rug

Every RV and camping fanatic loves personalized RV gifts. A favorite is a welcoming rug for the campsite. haven. Gift the gift of a camp rug personalized with a choice of quotes that inspire adventures and a background that resonates with your outdoor spirit. Available in sizes from 30” x 67” to 108” x 67. $39.99 - $89.99 | Customize your camp rug here.

Gifts to Enhance the Outdoor Experience


The Original Puffy Blanket                 

You can’t go wrong when you gift a Rumpl weather-resistant outdoor blanket. Fondly known as the Original Puffy Blanket, it features a DWR finish for weather and stain resistance, Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, both the shell and insulation contribute to a sustainable choice. Give this packable, portable outdoor blanket that goes everywhere this holiday season. With a ripstop shell and insulation made from 100% recycled materials, it's warmer and more durable than ever.** $110 | Discover Rumpl blankets here.**



Meet the Yeti Rambler® 4 oz Stackable Cups—a testament to Yeti's commitment to quality and innovation. These compact cups are designed for convenience, featuring a stackable design for easy storage and portability. They fit under most espresso machines. Crafted with Yeti's renowned durability, they’re ideal for sipping your favorite beverages on the go. Available in 4 oz. cups and 6 oz. mugs with handles.**$30 - $35 | Get your Yeti cups here. **


Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill

One of our favorite fun RV kitchen accessories, meet the Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill, your all-in-one solution for whipping up tasty hot sandwiches and pies. This handheld pie iron, sandwich maker, and panini press is perfect for stovetops, grills, and campfires. Easy to use and portable, it's your go-to gadget for straightforward and delicious toasted creations on the fly.**$34.99 | Learn more about Toas-Tite here. **   



This holiday season, give the gift of style and innovation with Revo sunglasses. After 38 years, Revo continues to build on its rich tradition of technology and innovation by offering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized eyewear in the world. Revo offers an extensive range of styles, ensuring there's a perfect choice for everyone. Save 30% with code: HARVEST30**$119 - $379 | Shop with REVO here. **

Comfort and Convenience In Every Corner



Get ready to elevate your RV experience this holiday season with Fogatti's exclusive offering for Harvest Hosts users. Fogatti is all about bringing comfort and convenience to your RV lifestyle. From on-demand hot water solutions to cooking appliances, we've got your RV covered. Experience the convenience of home on the road with our high-quality products.As our gift to you, Harvest Hosts users enjoy discounts of up to 13% off on our entire range, including: the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater 8Plus (7% off using code HH07), Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater 8Pro** (13% off with HH13), **Fogatti RV Air Conditioners **(15% OFF with HH15), Fogatti RV Electric Induction Cooktop Double Burner (20% off using HH20).     It's the perfect time to upgrade your RV for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday season.$191.20 - $807.49 | Shop for thes best Fogatti  holiday gifts here. **   


RV Water Filter Store

The Essential RV Water Softener is a must-have companion for RVers and Vanlife enthusiasts seeking a home-like water experience on the road. With a robust 16,000-grain capacity, custom hose, and 3/4" fittings, this portable softener ensures long-lasting and efficient removal of hard water minerals, delivering softer and more refreshing water wherever your travels take you."$179-$299 | Explore portable water softener options here.

Camping-Themed Books and Games

The fun of RVing doesn’t stop when it’s time to turn down the campfire and relax inside. Reading a great book, playing a game, or putting together a puzzle are all fun activities for all ages. We included a fun guidebook and one of the most popular board games enjoyed by all ages.  


Underdog Games - Trekking the National Parks Board Game

The wildly popular Trekking the National Parks Game, a proud recipient of both the Mensa and Parent's Choice Award should be first on the list of fun camping-themed entertainment. Crafted by passionate National Parks enthusiasts and their son, who have explored every single national park.  Perfect for family game nights, this board game an excellent gift for all ages. Share the joy of the National Parks, create lasting memories, and dream about your next adventure with this engaging and inclusive game. $49.99 | Shop Underdog Games here.  


50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

Explore the vast beauty of the United States with '50 States, 5000 Ideas' written by seasoned travel expert Joe Yogerst. Each entry goes beyond ordinary travel guides, offering detailed travel information and fascinating facts about each state to fuel your wanderlust and guarantee an unforgettable vacation. But that's not all—this comprehensive guide extends its reach beyond U.S. borders, featuring a dedicated section on the Canadian provinces and territories, ensuring a wealth of travel inspiration for North American adventurers.$22.99 | Buy the book here, or at most major booksellers.


Campfire Stories Deck: Prompts for Igniting Stories

Whether gathered around a campfire, relaxing in the backyard, sharing a meal indoors, or even connecting virtually, these versatile cards will spark engaging and authentic narratives. Uncover the power of personal stories as they unfold, transcending boundaries to create lasting memories.**$14.99 | Explore this and other storytelling games here. ** 

Whether you’re looking for luxury RV gifts or you have RV outdoor accessories on your gift list, we hope our gift guide helps wrap up your holiday shopping. Wishing you a happy and bright holiday season.

About Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that offers self-contained RVers unlimited overnight stays at over 5,631 small businesses across North America with no camping fees. Boondock at farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and other one-of-a-kind destinations throughout North America, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that a safe place to stay is always nearby!
Amy Leal-profile-image
Amy Leal
I’m a free-spirited travel and lifestyle writer who loves the RV life. I spent several years living in my vintage Holiday Rambler and exploring the beautiful United States. Today, I live in a casita on the Sea of Cortez and take shorter road trips. I’m excited to trace new maps with stories of Mexico’s sun-soaked magic and the joy of roaming without borders.