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Traversing Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery

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Sam Leash
June 26, 2020

TL;DR: Harvest Hosts connects RVers with unique overnight stays at Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard & Winery, offering tours and tastings in Wichita County, Texas. Learn about the winery's family-owned history and their delightful offerings for visitors.

Traversing Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery

Harvest Hosts is an incredible membership program with a diverse network of available hosts. So far,5203 locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RV community, allowing them overnight accommodations with no camping fees in beautiful places across North America. In return, members should plan to make a small purchase to support the small business. One of our amazing hosts is Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery in Wichita County, Texas. This commercial vineyard specializes in being a commercial vineyard & winery operation set in the quiet countryside. Continue on to learn all about the vineyard’s fascinating history, its origins within the Harvest Hosts program, and what visiting guests can expect to find.Horseshoe Bend Cellars operates an amazing winery and tasting room, while offering tours as well.

The History

Horseshoe Bend Cellars, formerly known as Wichita Falls Winery, was purchased by Linda and Scott Poenitzsch in Fall of 2017. After spending years in the corporate life, Scott and Linda ventured out into a new journey, purchasing an existing winery operation and revitalizing it.Scott and Linda opened this winery in 2017.The winery is family owned and operated. With the help of their children, they were able to turn their dreams into reality. Their youngest, Gabriele, helps out with the day-to-day activities. Adriana manages the marketing and creative aspects. Ashley, their eldest daughter, creates delicious wine pairings and recipes with Horseshoe Bend Cellars wine. Tyler, their oldest son, focuses on the logistics and market research side of the business.Horseshoe Bend Cellars makes a variety of excellent wines.

The Business Today

When visitors come out to spend time at the winery, they can experience a glass of wine, while also receiving a tour of the winery and vineyard. Winemakers Scott and Linda will describe the process from grape to glass as you walk around the fermenting, oak barrel aging, and bottling areas. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in the Wichita Falls area. Available wines include reds, whites, blush wines, dessert wines, meads, and more. In addition to wine tastings, they also offer cheese and charcuterie plates and ice cream with a rich, wine chocolate sauce topping.In addition to wine tastings, they also offer charcuterie and ice cream with wine chocolate sauce.In addition to being open for tours and tastings, Horseshoe Bend hosts private events in their banquet room. They also have occasional murder mystery dinners, with three different guest lists available.“Meeting customers and sharing our vineyard and wine experience is our favorite part of running our business,” according to Scott and Linda.The wines are all made and processed on the property.

Joining the Harvest Hosts Program

Horseshoe Bend Cellars Vineyard and Winery joined the Harvest Hosts program about a year ago. They received many members in the first year, which came as a big surprise. They have since gained many new friends, as well. Some have even stopped by for a second visit as they passed through north Texas. Many describe a very quiet night when they stay with Horseshoe Bend, and the hosts want guests to feel like they are at home when they stay overnight. Currently, they offer four pet-friendly spaces for RVs of any size available.Horseshoe Bend Cellars has been a Harvest Hosts location for about a year.Horseshoe Bend Cellars is an excellent example of a serene and enjoyable Harvest Hosts winery. Be sure to stop by to experience the beauty of the Texas countryside and winemaking process.Horseshoe Bend Cellars operates an amazing winery and tasting room, while offering tours as well.Have you ever visited Horseshoe Bend Cellars or tried Texas wine? Tell us about it below!

About Harvest Hosts
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Sam Leash
Sam is a seasoned traveler and RVer of 4+ years. She loves adventures of all kinds and spends as much time on the road as she can. When not exploring in her RV or writing about her travels, you can find her reading a good book, cooking a delicious meal, caring for her plants, or hiking with her dogs.