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Upgrade Your RV Brewery Tour with Hop Passport

Alyssa Javadi-profile-image
Alyssa Javadi
April 8, 2023

TL;DR: Hop Passport offers a brewery coupon book for 50% off your first two drinks at over 1,200 locations, supporting local breweries while encouraging travel and making memories. Now in 30 states, it also includes distilleries and cider makers, with an app for digital access. Challenges and events enhance the experience, promoting local engagement and savings for craft beer enthusiasts on their RV journeys.

Upgrade Your RV Brewery Tour with Hop Passport

Name a better trio for the ultimate RV brewery tour than travel, craft beer…. and savings! Hop Passport is a brewery coupon book that gets you 50% off your first two drinks* at over 1,200+ locations across the country.  

The Hop Passport came into fruition back in 2017 when founder, Matt Love, purchased a local state passport in his move to Minnesota. Determined to visit every location they could find, he and his friend explored large and small breweries in cities and small towns that they never would have come across if it wasn’t for that brewery passport. 

Matt loved the idea but there was one problem. When he traveled for work and for leisure out of state, he could not find a similar product! The demand for a multistate brewery coupon book became inevitable. Hop Passport was then born with the mission of supporting local businesses and breweries, building relationships everywhere you go, and making memories worth repeating. Customers have the ability to not only delve into their hometown, but across the country by creating memories at different breweries or becoming a regular at their new favorite. 

In 2018 Matt started in 5 states with a physical passport. Then going into 2020, the Hop Passport app was released to give people the option of a digital or physical passport. In 2020, he not only wanted to support the local breweries but expanded to include distilleries, mead makers and cider makers. Now in 2023 Hop Passport has grown into 30 states including 1,200+ breweries, distilleries, mead makers, and cider makers. 

It was quite the learning experience expanding into new states with Hop Passport. Some states can give away free beer and that is why some state’s discount is buy one get one free. Many states can not give away free beer but can discount it so we offer 50% off the first two drinks. We would love to do business in Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts but they can not legally discount alcohol. We have a plan in the near future to work around those laws and bring Hop Passport to those states. 

Due to the quarantine many breweries have struggled over the last couple of years to get people in the door. These small businesses were desperate to bring the traffic back, and the need for the Hop Passport was now more important than ever. Matt created incentives and events to guide people to not only the most popular, but also those “hole in the wall” amazing breweries.  

With Hop Passport you get an opportunity each year to participate in the #AmazingBreweryRace where you can win prizes (and bragging rights) when you are the first to visit all breweries in your state passport. There are also challenges throughout the year like the Drink Local Challenge for people who aren't over zealous to visit all the breweries in the book but visit 7 in a month. 

More than just a brewery coupon book, Hop Passport is making an impact in the craft beer community by helping small breweries who’s advertising content is being buried by the social media algorithms with the Hop Passport Event Calendar. The Event Calendar is in their mobile app, Hop Passport, that you can download for FREE in your app store. Inside you can find the best brewery events near you including live music, trivia, yoga, charity events, food trucks and more! The brewery listings also let you know if the brewery serves food, if they have a dog friendly patio, are fully dog friendly, offer brewery tours, are kid friendly, have TV’s to watch your favorite team, and etc.  

So if you are looking for the ultimate RV brewery tour, pick up a Hop Passport today. Harvest Hosts customers get a special discount in the Hop Passport store. Use code: HHosts to save 15% off your entire order or use code: HHostsUSA to save 25% off an entire country passport where you will have access to all 1,200+ in your travels. 

Support local, build relationships and make memories worth repeating.

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Alyssa Javadi-profile-image
Alyssa Javadi
Senior Partnerships Manager at Harvest Hosts