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What is the FMCA RV Club, and Should You Join?

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Alyssa Chartier
May 24, 2022

TL;DR: FMCA offers RVers community, education, and benefits like emergency services and discounts since 1963, enhancing the RV lifestyle.

What is the FMCA RV Club, and Should You Join?

Finding community on the road is hard, and finding helpful resources can seem impossible. Our Members often ask us for quality solutions, and we’re proud to point them in the direction of FMCA.FMCA was founded to centralize a community around passionate travelers. We’re proud to partner with a company that educates and assists RV owners.Since 1963 FMCA has issued more than 500,000 memberships to RV owners who look to the association as their source of information about all facets of RV ownership and travel.  This article will give you the full review of FMCA, the opportunities they provide, the community they serve, and the benefits they offer.

  • FMCA organizes social activities, provides RV information, and supports RV owners' rights.
  • FMCA offers benefits like emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, and a monthly magazine.
  • FMCA provides educational opportunities through an online portal and in-person courses.
  • FMCA holds international conventions, RV expos, regional events, and chapter events.
  • FMCA offers group discounts on various RV-related needs.

**FMCA has 3 membership categories

  • Family (F) membership is open to any person who owns a self-contained RV.
  • Associate (A) membership is open to Family (F) members who no longer own an RV.
  • Commercial (C) membership is for dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, campgrounds, service facilities, and other companies serving the RV owner or the RV industry.


FMCA’s PurposeThe purpose of FMCA is to organize social activities, exchange RV information, and supply benefits made possible, in part, by collective purchasing. The interest of the Association also extends into the area of political and legislative action. FMCA supports recreation programs and the legal rights of RV owners. FMCA’s Great BenefitsFMCA takes pride in the merit of its many membership benefits. Included with each membership is an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation program that offers worldwide coverage as long as you are more than 75 miles away from home (full-time RVers are always considered to be 75 miles from home). It was designed with FMCA members in mind to ensure that they, their dependents, their RV, and even their pets make it home in the event that something medically unexpected happens while traveling.Family RVing magazine is the official publication of FMCA, produced monthly by FMCA staff. Each edition is jampacked with the latest from the RV industry, educational RV information, and community adventures. Members receive a free monthly subscription in print and/or digital, their choice. FMCA is the largest nonprofit association dedicated exclusively to the freedom and fun of owning an RV. The association has a committee devoted to advocacy and protecting RV owners’ rights. They address issues relatedto residential parking, overnight parking, length/width limits, license requirements, and any situation or law affecting the use of an RV. wp-content-uploads-2022-05-Educational-Opporutnities-1024x683.jpg

Educational OpportunitiesFMCA offers exclusive 24/7 access to RV education through the FMCA University online portal, which combines an online library of articles and video content in one convenient location. Here, members can browse topics at their leisure or search for a specific term to troubleshoot an RV problem. In addition, they can study curriculum by topic – dive into courses on Winterizing Your RV, RV Awnings, Motorhome Chassis, or RV Entertainment Systems, just to name a few.FMCA also provides two different in-person course options that are held twice annually preceding the association’s international conventions. RV Basics is a two-and-a-half-day classroom-style learning opportunity, led by knowledgeable instructors, designed to get you acquainted (or reacquainted) with your RV’s operation and systems. RV Driving School, in partnership with FMCA, has developed a pair of hands-on programs for those wishing to become safer and more confident drivers. All training is done using your RV. The RV Driving Class is a two-day class that offers one day of classroom instruction and one day of behind-the-wheel training. The RV Backing Class is a one-day class with 2 hours of training in the morning and 3.5 hours of individual backing practice in the afternoon.ChaptersOne of the greatest benefits of FMCA membership is the opportunity it provides for enjoying the fellowship of friends from all over North America who share a common interest: RVing. The Association is rich in the tradition of FMCA members extending hands of genuine friendship to one another. FMCA recognizesapproximately 300 chapters across the United States and Canada. Many of them encompass specific or general geographic regions. Others consist of FMCA members who own a particular brand or model of RV. And still others are based on a common interest, such as music, sports, coach conversions, or amateur radio.wp-content-uploads-2022-05-FMCAs-Purpose-1024x683.jpg

EventsFrom its beginning, FMCA has been centered on bringing people together. To make friends. Learn about their RVs. Travel to parts unknown. Have fun. While much has changed since those early days, FMCA continues to unite RV enthusiasts. FMCA’s International Conventions & RV Expos are held twice a year and bring together thousands of people for four days of everything RVing – education, shopping, entertainment, camaraderie. There are also regional events to attend; each of FMCA's 10 areas generally hosts an area rally annually, where members gather to socialize, view exhibits, attend seminars, and enjoy quality entertainment. These regional events, also known as area rallies, are organized by FMCA’s area associations. And there are chapter events, where FMCA chapter members gather to socialize, share hobbies, and explore and travel together. You can take a peek at FMCA’s calendar of events here.That’s Not All wp-content-uploads-2022-05-FMCA-RV-Club.png

As comprehensive as the list above seems, there is so much more that has not been touched on here. One of the major categories not mentioned yet is group discounts offered on many RV-related needs. Forinstance, members can save on a mobile internet plan, roadside assistance, tires, RV insurance, health insurance, campground fees, and fuel.FMCA members can be identified by the FMCA membership emblem that many members proudly display on their RV. This oval plate, embossed with the family's membership number, opens the door for many friendly encounters while traveling. Now that you know this little tidbit, you just may notice these emblems more. FMCA members are always willing to share a story, advice, or an experience with fellow RV owners, so don’t hesitate to stop and chat with members you encounter. Interested in more information about FMCA membership? Check us out!

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