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What's In My Travel Bag?

Leigh Ann Schulz-profile-image
Leigh Ann Schulz
February 12, 2024

TL;DR: Leigh Ann Schultz shares her top travel essentials for RV adventures, including clothing, tech gadgets, hydration tools, coffee, and hobby supplies for comfort and convenience on the road.

What's In My Travel Bag?

We recently sat down with Leigh Ann Schultz, a seasoned traveler, marathon enthusiast, and current CFO of Harvest Hosts. We had the pleasure of asking her to share her carefully cultivated list of travel essentials that have enhanced her past adventures in her trusty Airstream. As you explore these items, you'll discover how they've added comfort and convenience to her journeys, and perhaps they'll do the same for yours.

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Land's End Canvas Tote

I have the size large with zip top.  It's just the right size to add last minute things to take from home when heading out on an RV trip.  It has multiple interior pockets for organization and an external pocket just the right size for a Kindle

Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie

This is my favorite article of clothing, hands down!  It's just the right for chilly evenings or mornings and so soft you can fall asleep in it.

Kindle Paperwhite with cover

I love reading while camping.  The Kindle Paperwhite works well both in dim light and bright sun.  The Kindle lets me bring hundreds of books with me to read or re-read.

BonDry Hydration Bladder Dryer

I use my hydration bladder regularly and use the BonDry insert to ensure I have a clean hydration system that's mold-free.

LuluLemon Vinyasa Scarf with snaps

This is an oldie but a goody, likely found on resale marketplaces.  It's a cozy wrap scarf the size of a lap blanket.  It's great to have in the truck, at the campfire, and lounging in the RV.  It's also cute to wear out and about in the early spring and fall.

Exercise bands

On the road, I work to stay healthy.  Exercise bands and yoga/strength training kneepads (not pictured) are my go-tos for packable multi-purpose equipment

Adjustable laptop desk

My husband and I both work from the road and this laptop desk is fantastic for working while on the bed.

Red Rooster coffee

Rooster Rooster Coffee is in Floyd, VA one of the cutest little towns we've passed through on our camping journeys.  I make sure to grab enough coffee to last the whole trip.

Ultimate Direction Hydration Vest

I wear this running and hiking.  It's a terrific no-bounce vest that has a hydration bladder in the back and spots for two body bottles along with zipper pouches for snacks and pole holders.

Knitting supplies

Knitting on the drive or in the evenings is so relaxing for me and lets the time pass so quickly.  I enjoying doing knit-alongs with Knit Collage and find their yarn so cozy and dreamy and video tutorials perfect for trying new techniques.  For knitting needles, my go to is the Chiaogoo interchangable twist on kit with a wide-range of needle sizes and cords.

Davek Mini Umbrella

When space is a premium, small things with big impact are key.  The Davek mini umbrella fits in any purse and even a beltbag when you are out and about. Davek also offers a forever guarantee to replace or repair damaged umbrellas.

Goodr sunglasses

I'll admit, I have about a dozen pairs of these because they are so cute and relatively inexpensive.  They don't slip or bounce, are light weight, and polarized.  Need a pair for a specific sport, holiday, attitude expression?  This will be your favorite store.

Qalo Silicon Rings

When headed outside, I generally leave my nice jewelry home.  The Qalo silicon bands provide a great sporty and low-priced option.

Teleties Hair Clip

I have hairclips clipped to my bag strap at all times.  Need a quick up-do or messy bun?  Teleties provide awesome grip and come in such fun colors and great size/style options.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

Looking for a little glam or pick me up to feel great while also going make up free or toned down while enjoying nature?  This lip glow provides a little color, great moisture, and smells faintly of mint.  It's a little bit of luxury while on the road.

Electronic organizer

Next to my Vuori hoodie, this is my second favorite thing in my bag.  I NEVER leave home without it.  It literally holds all of the power - ha ha!  I include my laptop charger, charging cords with various tips (lightening cord, USB-C, mini-USB), adapters for my Garmin watch, power cubes etc...I usually have enough extras in case one of the kids forgets a charger.

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Leigh Ann Schulz-profile-image
Leigh Ann Schulz
CFO of Harvest Hosts and RV enthusiast.