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Where to RV Camp For the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Illinois

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Allison Smith
February 7, 2024
Where to RV Camp For the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Illinois

On April 8, 2024, a spectacular solar eclipse will captivate audiences across North America, with Illinois positioned as a key viewing location. The Land of Lincoln will offer residents and visitors a front-row seat to this astronomical event, thanks to its strategic location along the path of totality. The eclipse promises to be a breathtaking experience, combining Illinois's natural beauty with the awe-inspiring spectacle of the eclipse. For more insights and tips on eclipse viewing in other locations, be sure to check out RV Camping in Illinois and 2024 Solar Eclipse camping.

What Time Is The 2024 Solar Eclipse In Illinois?

The solar eclipse in Illinois is expected to occur exclusively in the southern part of Illinois around midday on April 8, 2024. The moment of totality, when the moon fully obscures the sun, will offer a brief period of darkness and a unique opportunity to observe this rare celestial phenomenon. The centerline of the eclipse will enter Illinois as it crosses the Mississippi River at approximately 12:42pm CDT, with totality beginning in that location at about 1:58pm CDT. For the most accurate timing for your exact area, be sure to check here.

Where To Camp In Illinois For The 2024 Eclipse?

Illinois boasts a variety of RV camping options perfect for eclipse enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying 2024 Solar Eclipse. Harvest Hosts has plenty of great Host locations in Illinois within the path of totality:

Alto Vineyards

Alto Pass, IL

hh_alto-vineyards_mid_226813_russell-wright_22-06-02_HBB58EEhsBWaZWWZ_67c4937eb54ec6fde5a5c4b5a80cf2c9.jpg hh_alto-vineyards_mid_98768_jenna-ziccardi_22-03-07_yRx4VVrCYrR43LaJ_3ae3baf58e18b2d67c0a6d7faeffd720.jpeg

Alto Vineyards is an award-winning family-owned winery located on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail at the foothills of Shawnee's National Forest. Alto Vineyards has a large variety of wines and beers available, a food menu, and a small gift shop! They even have a few speciality solar-eclipse themed wines available for purchase!

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Iron Saddle Ranch

Salem, IL

blog images misc (2).jpg hh_iron-saddle-ranch2_mid_343200_anna-maria-holderman_23-11-09_WP1QC2S3hp4e4JG0_9a30ac714225bd91b8bc98976f451452.jpg

Iron Saddle Ranch began as a trailer dealership back in 2018, but has since grown into a rodeo venue, farm & ranch equipment shop, and more. On the day of the eclipse, they plan on hosting a big solar eclipse event at their bar and restaurant all day!

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R&J Tactical Lazer Tag

Woodlawn, IL hh_rj-tactical-lazer-tag_mid_415121_michelle-williams_23-08-11_kIWYCCJe2qkglsWD_19b1067a51440a8fd0d6496bb8e1e7c9.jpg hh_rj-tactical-lazer-tag_mid_351686_jay-obrien_23-07-24_bPlfVh7s0AEZYeaN_1be664e486849bf94855690082d47958.jpg

R&J Tactical Lazer Tag is an outdoor lazer tag area, with trails open to play lazer tag year-round. You can also try the 24-foot climbing wall, play a round of mini golf, and enjoy your day outside during the Solar Eclipse!

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Mid America Motorworks

Effingham, IL

hh_mid-america-motorworks_mid_290912_joseph-chapman_23-02-24_Rp1btMBpn9aNyXfg_4c7a36d6aaff5fc323817e6bf5143f47.jpg hh_mid-america-motorworks_mid_134647_jeremy-tingler_21-07-24_7rxeQUMefEJWVFEH_8fcf889e6a80e11204fc3f2c09cc21ac.jpg

This museum in Effingham, IL features thousand of pieces of automotive collectibles and memorabilia, see one-of-kind prototype and racing vehicles, plus you can see one of the cars featured in the movie Herbie Fully Loaded, and shop Corvette and Volkswagon merchandise, collectibles, parts, and more in the gift shop!

Please note: This location is located on the border of the path of totality, so heading slightly farther south during the time of the eclipse might lead to a better view and enjoy the rest of your day at Mid America Motorworks.

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Richards Farm Restaurant

Casey, IL hh_richards-farm-restaurant_mid_328454_john-graham_23-06-15_LZn7XDRTN7eFgQKR_3dc677a419bf875d7b45b5371e6fba92.jpg hh_richards-farm-restaurant_mid_271871_jim-thomas_22-08-21_KW65oc6jZmBOdcCX_37ae5fc618a3aac9eff55c9a9c810b9e.jpg

Richards Farm Restuarant opened over 40 years ago in a vintage 1930's bar. Watch the eclipse in their gorgeous outdoor area and enjoy a great meal afterward, they're known for their steaks!

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RV Camping in the Path of Totality

Looking for more campgrounds in the path of totality for the 2024 solar eclipse? Check out our map here. We have over 500 locations in the path of totality. To verify if a Host location will have a good view of the eclipse, you can put the address here to see if it falls within the path of totality.

Additional locations:

Book Your Illinois Eclipse RV Camping Trip Today

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing solar eclipse of 2024 from the beautiful state of Illinois. Secure your RV camping spot today with Harvest Hosts and use the promo code "ECLIPSE24" at checkout to get a 20% discount on your first year of membership. Whether you're an avid eclipse chaser or seeking a unique adventure, Illinois is the ideal destination for experiencing the wonder of the solar eclipse.

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Allison Smith
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