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Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in New Brunswick

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Alyssa Chartier
February 15, 2024

Experience the 2024 Solar Eclipse in New Brunswick: prime RV spots and a full eclipse schedule. Book now with code ECLIPSE24 for a discount!

Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in New Brunswick

On April 8th, 2024, the skies over North America will witness a spectacular solar eclipse, with its shadow traversing through various locales, including New Brunswick. As a prime observation point, New Brunswick invites both locals and tourists to engage in this rare celestial occurrence. Celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and hospitable culture, New Brunswick will offer an unobstructed and broad vista of the eclipse, establishing itself as a premier destination for those seeking to experience the eclipse in full glory. For those keen on expanding their eclipse adventure, we suggest exploring RV camping options in New Brunswick and visiting our main 2024 Solar Eclipse page for comprehensive insights and guidance on maximizing your experience of this astronomical wonder.

What Time Is The 2024 Solar Eclipse In New Brunswick?

Prepare for a breathtaking celestial event on April 8, 2024, as New Brunswick becomes a viewing spot for the 2024 solar eclipse. This natural wonder offers a unique chance to observe the moon's shadow crossing the sun, transforming day into night. Whether you're a dedicated astronomer or just enjoy the beauty of the sky, this eclipse provides an extraordinary opportunity to witness a rare moment of celestial magic. Here's an estimated guide for the eclipse viewing times in New Brunswick:

Partial Eclipse Begins: Around 1:06 pm AT

Totality Starts: Approximately at 2:27 pm AT

Totality Ends: Roughly around 2:49 pm AT

Partial Eclipse Ends: By about 4:07 pm AT

Where To Camp In New Brunswick For The 2024 Eclipse?

You'll find several interesting RV camping sites in New Brunswick through Harvest Hosts. The province is considered one of Canada's best-kept secrets. Check out some of our favorite places to see the eclipse.


Graystone Brewing

Fredericton, NB

If you have a smaller rig, view the eclipse in Fredericton, NB at Graystone Brewing , a local brewery and taphouse. You can taste west-coast-style ales in the taproom. Enjoy a picnic outside and shop in the gift store. Guests love the friendly, helpful staff!

Request a stay at Graystone Brewing


Strawberry Hill Farm

Pembroke, NB

View the eclipse from the stunning Saint John River Valley! Strawberry Hill Farm in Pembroke, NB is waiting to share the experience with you. Your hosts run an organic farm where you'll find vegetables, cows, and chickens. Guests usually have a choice of parking spots. Make sure to visit the farm store and gift shop.

Request a stay at Strawberry Hill Farm.


Scotch Lake Adventure

Scotch Lake, NB

As if the eclipse isn't adventure enough, Scotch Lake Adventure has even more fun activities to enjoy (after the eclipse passes by, of course). Guests love fishing, hiking, and riding on the ATV trails. Don't forget to stop by the petting zoo. In the gift shop, you can purchase maple syrup, soap, jams and jellies, native crafts, and more.

Request a stay at Scotch Lake Adventure.


Ocean River RV Resort and Campground

Harvey, NB

Visit Harvey, NB for the solar eclipse and take in the views at Ocean River RV Resort and Campground. The sites are spacious and you'll have plenty to do with nature trails, kayaks, canoes, and bird watching. Relax in the wine and beer bistro at the day's end. Sites are for dry camping only.

Request a stay at Ocean River RV Resort and Campground.

Book Your New Brunswick Eclipse RV Camping Trip Today

Seize this chance to witness an extraordinary display of nature at its finest. Book your New Brunswick eclipse viewing location today with Harvest Hosts. Not a member yet? Join now using the promo code ECLIPSE24 to receive a 20% discount. Ideal for enthusiastic stargazers, nature aficionados, or those seeking a unique escapade, the 2024 solar eclipse in New Brunswick is set to be a memorable spectacle.

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