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Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Pennsylvania

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Allison Smith
February 9, 2024
Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Pennsylvania

Where to RV Camp for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Pennslyvania

On April 8, 2024, a remarkable solar eclipse will traverse North America, with Pennsylvania offering some of the best vantage points for this celestial spectacle. The Keystone State, with its diverse landscapes ranging from the Appalachian Mountains to expansive farmlands, provides a picturesque setting for viewing the eclipse. This event is not only a significant occasion for astronomy enthusiasts but also a unique opportunity for anyone looking to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. To explore eclipse viewing opportunities in other states, make sure to check out our state-specific blogs and visit our main page for more information.

What Time Is The 2024 Solar Eclipse In Pennsylvania?

The moment of totality is expected to begin for the very first Pennsyvlanians around 3:15pm ET. The exact timing, including the start of the partial phase and the peak of totality when the moon fully obscures the sun, will depend on your specific location within the state. For precise timing details, consult this resource. This moment of totality will provide a brief period of darkness during the day, offering a unique and unforgettable viewing experience.

Where To Camp In Pennsylvania For The 2024 Eclipse

Pennsylvania boasts a variety of RV camping options that are perfect for experiencing the 2024 solar eclipse. From picturesque state parks to cozy private campgrounds, here are some beautiful Harvest Hosts locations where you can take in the eclipse:

Heritage Wine Cellars

North East, PA hh_heritage-wine-cellars_mid_98768_jenna-ziccardi_22-05-01_FgadtSmdR2a3O5w8_fc4fda8ac0e23397cb11f7e08835e6bc.jpeg hh_heritage-wine-cellars_mid_95040_patrick-pieper_23-10-12_wtWHOgXekRffsGD7_15e810aa3d96b9459e2e1f427169465f.jpg This wine cellar located in Pennsyvlania's wine country is known for having the largest selection of wine in Pennsylvania. Get a free wine tasting after viewing the eclipse on this historic property. The winery itself is operated out of a barn from the late 1700s. Request a Stay

Lakeview Wine Cellars

North East, PA hh_lakeview-wine-cellars_mid_94892_brian-montgomery_20-08-17_qvERGxbNu6Om0WcH_16a60a92ab46ea17a7e5693cc0dce0fd.jpg hh_lakeview-wine-cellars_mid_25466_preston-clark_20-09-21_Hs5F4ptsDRyaIzpx_219693170dcee48c18248cc83b0db793.jpg Also located in the Lake Erie grape belt is Lakeview Wine Cellars. Lakeview Cellars prides itself on using locally sourced barrels and locally-grown grapes. Try some wines and view the eclipse from their beautiful covered patio. Request a Stay

Presque Wine Cellars

North East, PA hh_presque-isle-wine-cellars_mid_11132_stan-white_20-07-28_Vr4Mq0IovUL4Yie2_19a82f6cdf2b1ee4fee7aee64e6d577d.jpg hh_presque-isle-wine-cellars_mid_75562_lauren-rauscher_20-06-11_Ib9eRAIBWH6vbXPg_cd3d3d2f8f3a207f8e0afb88f539f437.jpg This winery is another great option for viewing the eclipse. Presque Wine Cellers is located right on Twelve Mile Creek, making it the perfect place to sit outside, enjoy a nice bottle of wine and take in the view of the 2024 Solar Eclipse. Request a Stay

Mound Grove Golf Course

Waterford, PA blog images misc (5).jpg blog images misc (4).jpg If you are a Harvest Hosts All-Access Member or a Harvest Hosts + Golf Member, you can spend April 8th at this beautiful golf course. Watch the eclipse during a round of golf on their 18-hole par 72 golf course, or watch the eclipse from the grass and enjoy a meal at their restaurant afterward. Request a Stay

RV Camping in the Path of Totality

For RV enthusiasts seeking to enjoy the 2024 solar eclipse in comfort, Pennsylvania offers several camping locations along the path of totality. These sites provide not only a prime view of the eclipse but also the comforts and amenities appreciated by RV travelers. Check out our map here. We have over 500 locations in the path of totality. To verify if a Host location will have a good view of the eclipse, you can put the address here to see if it falls within the path of totality.

More locations:

Book Your Pennsylvania Eclipse RV Camping Trip Today

Experience the magic of the 2024 solar eclipse from the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Secure your RV camping spot now by becoming a Harvest Hosts Member. Use the promo code ECLIPSE24 at checkout to save 20%. Whether you're an avid stargazer or simply seeking a unique adventure, Pennsylvania's natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

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