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Image of British Columbia RV Camping

British Columbia RV Camping

British Columbia's diverse landscapes are perfect for RV camping! Explore the majestic Rocky Mountains, lush rainforests, and stunning coastline all in one province.

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Discover the perfect spot to park your RV and experience the stunning beauty of British Columbia

Your Introduction to Harvest Hosts in British Columbia

British Columbia – where the Pacific meets the peaks! With Harvest Hosts, your RV overnights in British Columbia are a thrilling blend of wilderness and comfort. Imagine parking your RV next to a pristine lake surrounded by towering mountains, or nestled in a vineyard where you can enjoy a glass of world-class wine. Our hosts in British Columbia offer a warm welcome and a true taste of the great outdoors. Whether you’re exploring vibrant cities like Vancouver, hiking through old-growth rainforests, or cruising along the picturesque coastline, British Columbia's Harvest Hosts ensure your stay is as adventurous as it is relaxing.

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Popular Parks & Destinations In British Columbia

British Columbia is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural experiences that will leave you in awe. Here’s how to make the most of your visit:

Things to Know When Visiting British Columbia

British Columbia is renowned for its stunning national parks and diverse ecosystems. Be sure to visit Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, where you can walk along endless sandy beaches and explore lush temperate rainforests. If you’re a fan of winter sports, Whistler Blackcomb offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America. For a touch of urban excitement, Vancouver is a vibrant city with a mix of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. And don’t miss the scenic beauty of the Okanagan Valley, known for its wineries and fruit orchards. 🍁

Best Times to RV Camp

The best times to RV camp in British Columbia are from late spring to early fall. During these months, the weather is ideal for outdoor activities, and the natural beauty of the province is at its peak. Summer is perfect for exploring the coastal regions and national parks, while fall offers stunning foliage and a more tranquil experience. Plan your RV overnights to coincide with these seasons for the best experience. 🌞

RV Travel Tips

British Columbia's weather can be unpredictable, so pack layers and be prepared for a variety of conditions. Use CampersCard for exclusive campground perks and CampScanner to find those coveted spots in popular campgrounds. Whether you’re navigating the mountainous terrain or the coastal highways, take your time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. And don’t forget to try some fresh seafood while you’re here – the salmon is a local favorite! 🚐

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