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Award-Winning Ozark Vines: A Missouri Wine Haven
35 Reviews
Saint James, MO
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Immerse yourself in the scenic tranquility of Missouri's lush Meramec Highlands, where the rich soil and gentle climate foster the perfect environment for vineyard brilliance. Just a stone's throw from I-44, in the picturesque town of St. James, this family-owned gem stands as a beacon for wine enthusiasts and RV camping aficionados alike. Offering more than just a sip of luxury, this award-winning winery is the ideal pit stop for a memorable day trip or a refreshing break during a long journey. Spread over 160 estate acres, the vineyard is a vibrant tapestry of more than a dozen grape varieties, each contributing to the production of some of the nations most celebrated wines. Visitors are invited to unwind in this serene setting, where the passion for viticulture and the art of winemaking are palpable in every glass. Whether you're an expert sommelier or simply a lover of fine wines, the opportunity to explore, taste, and learn about the craft behind each bottle makes for an enriching experience. RV campers will find this location especially delightful. The spaciousness of the estate offers a unique opportunity to park your home-on-wheels amidst nature's bounty, making for an unforgettable overnight stay surrounded by the beauty of the Ozark Highlands. The combination of exquisite wines, breathtaking landscapes, and the warmth of a family-run operation makes this winery a must-visit destination for anyone traversing the heartland of America. Discover the essence of Missouri wine country, where tradition marries innovation, and every visit promises a taste of the extraordinary.
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