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Boondockers Welcome Host
Boondockers Welcome
72 Reviews
Port Clinton, OH
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Max Rig Size
Over 45 ft
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Soaring Eagles is about 4 miles west of Port Clinton, 13 miles north of Ohio Turnpike Exit 110. Our 3.4 acres sit just 1 mile off Lake Erie. If you have questions or want more information, please don't hesitate to ask. While we are accepting just 1 rig at a time for now, please contact us if you are traveling in a group, arriving/departing at the same time. (We have the parking space, but passing/parking multiple units may be tight if you’re not together) Important to know - our property is directly adjacent to a highway but traffic does die off for the most part in the evenings. We are also within a half mile of a very active railroad crossing - there will be trains and train horns. Additionally, if you are sensitive to gunfire or loud noises, be advised - Camp Perry is 1.5 miles away; this facility hosts shooting events, military training, and weapons/ballistics testing - you may hear this, mainly during the daytime, on and off at any time of year. So, while our property is in the country, it is not as quiet as some would hope to enjoy while camping. Also remember, this location is in a wetland/coastal area - along with the wildlife, there will be mosquitos/flies during warm months. (Sorry, we suffer through them too!) We can provide local information if you wish or give you privacy/space to explore the area on your own. If we are out enjoying our patio, dock, or a campfire, please feel free to join us if you are so inclined. Suggested Local Attractions: Port Clinton, Camp Perry, Sandusky, Cedar Point, the Lake Erie Islands, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Marblehead Lighthouse, Catawba Island. Visit “Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands” online @ https://www.shoresandislands.com/ for a complete rundown of the area.
Hosted By dt_bixby
Member since Apr 2021
Nature and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy traveling and camping Details: He's Retired Veteran, She's Retired Retail Manager - still working in other jobs for a few more years. Then hope to RV full time (or most time) in our 32' Class-C. Easy going and friendly. Home Town: He's from a small town in North-Central Ohio, She's from a small city in South-East Michigan. We currently live in Port Clinton, OH. Favorite Boondocking Locations: Not Walmart! Not a lot of boondocking locations in Ohio. Skills or Expertise to Share: IT by day, mechanic by night - He fixes things. She dabbles in photography.
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Pets Welcome
Generators Allowed
Electric Hookup: 15A
Water Hookup
Hookup Fee
$5 if you need 15A for Air Conditioning or Heat/Water Heater - and have the cords to reach the house (50'-150'); Water is free to fill at the tap on the house - feel free to fill up your tank as needed.
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House Rules
*** You may park and leave your unit unattended here for the day or overnight if you have activities in the local area (not with pets inside) *** CITY WATER at the house for you to fill your fresh tank as needed - you may also wash your rig if you'd like *** ELECTRIC (15A) may also be available at the house ($5/night please if using A/C, or electric heat/water heater) if you have the cords to reach it (50'-150'), but this needs to be arranged in advance *** Feel free to use a portable fire pit or grill on the gravel. If you'd like a campfire, there is a fire-ring near the driveway; please do not move it. *** Smokers; do not leave butts on property. *** No cleaning fish on property. *** You may use generators between 9AM and 9PM; Outside these hours - please ask first. *** PETS must be attended, and you must clean up after them. Please do not leave pets in your unit unattended if you leave the property for more than a few hours. Pets may be off leash if you are exercising them, but otherwise please keep them tied up. If they are small pets, you will want to be with them outdoors at all times - Bald Eagles are overhead daily, and actively hunt the area. There are also the occasional owl or coyote looking for meals at night. *** Feel free to walk around the property and pond, however some local wildlife burrows - the ground may be uneven especially near the pond - please watch your step! *** No swimming or fishing in the pond. The floading dock is off limits unless we are present. *** Children must be accompanied by an adult if near the pond (As a parent you should appreciate the risks of open water as much as we do) There is plenty of yard otherwise for them to enjoy; please set boundaries for them.
Parking & Arrival
Please park anywhere on the stone/gravel of the driveway circle. Remember, the further away from the garage, the more cords/hose you will need if wanting electric or water. Both are near the entrance door to the garage. If you need to fill water, you may do so at any time you wish. Travel to the property is easily accessible to any size rig, just a few hundred feet off OH2. We have a large, level, circular driveway with only a slight grade where it enters the roadway. There are no obstructions or low hanging trees. The driveway is more easily accessible when entering from OH2 to the west. The drive has a westerly angle to it which may make it more difficult for rigs to enter from OH163 to the east. We use the driveway from both directions with a 32’ Class-C (223” wheelbase) w/towed vehicle. Tow/Towed Vehicle parking anywhere on gravel near your unit.
Max Rig Size:
Over 45 ft
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