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Image of Prince Edward Island RV Camping

Prince Edward Island RV Camping

Prince Edward Island's picturesque landscapes are perfect for RV camping! Explore charming coastal towns, rolling farmlands, and beautiful beaches in one province.

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Discover the perfect spot to park your RV and experience the charm of Prince Edward Island

Your Introduction to Harvest Hosts in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island – a slice of coastal heaven! With Harvest Hosts, your RV overnights in Prince Edward Island are a delightful mix of maritime charm and pastoral beauty. Imagine parking your RV by a red-sand beach with the sound of waves crashing gently, or nestled in a picturesque farm where you can enjoy fresh produce. Our hosts in Prince Edward Island offer a warm welcome and a genuine taste of the island’s hospitality. Whether you’re exploring the coastal trails, visiting historic lighthouses, or enjoying a seafood feast, Prince Edward Island’s Harvest Hosts ensure your stay is unforgettable.

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Popular Parks & Destinations In Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a hidden gem in Canada’s Maritimes, bursting with lush landscapes and rich culture. The island's iconic red sand beaches are perfect for a seaside stroll, while its rolling hills and scenic farmlands offer a pastoral escape. Here’s a deeper dive into what makes PEI so special:

Must-See Spots

You can’t visit PEI without stopping by the Green Gables Heritage Place, where the beloved Anne of Green Gables novels were set. Basin Head Provincial Park is another highlight, famous for its "singing sands" that squeak underfoot. For history buffs, Charlottetown is a must-visit, being the birthplace of Confederation with a charming mix of historic and modern attractions. 🏖️

When to Visit

Late spring to early fall is the best time to explore PEI. Summer brings warm weather perfect for beach days and cycling adventures. Fall, on the other hand, transforms the island into a colorful wonderland with cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, ideal for those who prefer a peaceful retreat. Plan your RV overnights to coincide with local festivals and farmers' markets for a truly immersive experience. 🌼🍁

Travel Tips

Weather on the island can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to pack layers. Use CampersCard to snag exclusive campground perks and CampScanner to ensure you get the best spots. Take your time driving along the scenic coastal routes and be sure to indulge in PEI’s renowned seafood – the lobster and mussels are not to be missed! 🦞🚴‍♀️

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