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Quebecs Finest: Homegrown Craft Beers
Breweries & Distilleries
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Ham-Nord, QC
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Over 45 ft
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Imagine parking your RV amidst a symphony of flavors that celebrate the unique terroir of Quebec's heartlands. Welcome to an RV camping experience where every sunset can be toasted with a handcrafted beer that's as rich in taste as the local history it represents. Here in Ham-Nord, in the serene expanse of Centre-du-Qubec, you become part of a living landscape where hops and barley rise with the morning sun and gather the day's essence until dusk. At this picturesque destination, indulge in an RV camping trip like no other, where you can savor beers born from patience and passion, meticulously crafted from ingredients grown on the very lands you'll call home for the night. Each sip is an homage to the craft and a journey through the flavors of the region, curated by artisans who blend tradition with innovation. Experience firsthand the meticulous process of beer crafting, and understand why each ingredient is not just an addition but a storyteller narrating the history of the land. Park your home-on-wheels among rows of bountiful crops and let the aura of freshly tilled earth and the whisper of the wind through the barley soothe your senses. This is where RV camping meets agritourisma place to connect with the earth, rejuvenate your spirit, and partake in the celebration of local produce transformed into liquid artistry. Raise your glass to a stay that's as refreshing as the brew in your handcheers to the perfect blend of nature, nurture, and the nomad's spirit.
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4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Over 45 ft
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