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Image of Yukon RV Camping

Yukon RV Camping

Yukon's wild landscapes are perfect for RV camping! Explore vast wilderness, historic sites, and stunning natural beauty in one territory.

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Discover the perfect spot to park your RV and experience the wild beauty of Yukon

Your Introduction to Harvest Hosts in Yukon

Yukon – where the wild frontier still thrives! With Harvest Hosts, your RV overnights in Yukon are an adventure through pristine wilderness and rich history. Imagine parking your RV under the northern lights, or by a serene river where you can fish for trout. Our hosts in Yukon offer a warm welcome and a taste of the territory’s untamed beauty. Whether you’re exploring the Klondike Gold Rush trails, hiking in Kluane National Park, or simply soaking in the expansive landscapes, Yukon’s Harvest Hosts ensure your stay is memorable.

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Popular Parks & Destinations In Yukon

Yukon is a territory of breathtaking beauty and endless adventure. Here’s how to make the most of your visit:

Exploring the Wilderness

Yukon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Kluane National Park, with its towering peaks and vast icefields, is perfect for hiking, wildlife viewing, and even mountaineering. For a unique experience, visit the Tombstone Territorial Park, known for its rugged peaks and tundra landscapes. And don't miss the chance to paddle down the Yukon River, retracing the routes of gold prospectors from the Klondike Gold Rush era. 🏞️

Historical Journeys

Dive into Yukon's rich history by exploring the town of Dawson City, a vibrant community that keeps the spirit of the Klondike Gold Rush alive. Visit the SS Klondike National Historic Site in Whitehorse to learn about the steamships that once navigated the Yukon River. For a glimpse into the First Nations' heritage, head to the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre. 🚀

Seasonal Wonders

Yukon's seasons offer spectacular natural displays. In summer, enjoy long daylight hours perfect for exploring and midnight sun adventures. Fall brings a burst of color to the landscapes, creating a stunning backdrop for photography and hiking. Winter, with its snowy wonderland, is ideal for witnessing the northern lights and partaking in snow sports. Spring sees the awakening of the wilderness, with blooming wildflowers and thawing rivers. ❄️

Travel Tips

Yukon's weather can be extreme, so pack for all conditions and be prepared for remote travel. Use CampersCard for exclusive campground perks and CampScanner to find prime camping spots. Embrace the slower pace and vast distances – the journey is part of the adventure. And don’t forget to try some local treats – bannock and Arctic char are Yukon specialties! 🚐🍣

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