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5+ Best RV Shows to Check Out

Taryn Shorr-profile-image
Taryn Shorr
April 17, 2024

TL;DR: Explore top RV expos for models, deals, and community connections and get recommendations for RV camping locations nearby. From Indy to Alaska, these shows offer a glimpse into the vibrant RV lifestyle across North America.

15+ Best RV Shows to Check Out [Updated 2024]

Are you interested in checking out some of the country's best RV shows? Whether you're brand new to the RV world and still deciding if it's right for you or you're a full-timer looking to upgrade your rig, RV expos are a great starting point. You can compare different models and layouts, test out specific features or technology in person, and even potentially get a great deal.

Insider tip: RV shows are some of the best places to buy an RV! Sales associates are often given the green light to offer larger-than-normal discounts and exclusive perks just for the show. Plus, the best RV shows are not only fun, family-friendly events where you can see some of the newest RV models; they're also great opportunities to network with fellow RVers and check out a vast array of different outdoor products.

In addition to the hundreds or thousands of RVs and trailers at expos, many outdoor vendors are also onsite with their camping gear, boondocking products, and other services.

Ready to learn about some of the best RV shows in North America? We've rounded up the biggest and best events in 2024. Many of them are "super shows" with a bit of everything outdoors, but others are niche-specific, catering to campervans and other facets of the RV lifestyle. We'll also recommend one Harvest Hosts location nearby, as an alternative place way to camp near the shows. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of RV shows throughout the year - this is just a small sampling from every corner of the continent!

One quick note: some dates and locations are still being confirmed, so be sure to confirm all details before making final travel plans!

Best RV Shows to Attend in 2024

1. Indy RV Expo

January 6-7 and 10-14, 2024 - Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

Indy RV Expo Website

Go to Indiana's largest RV show and experience over 120,000 Square Feet of RVs!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


While you're in Indianapolis, stay at Triton's Brewery, a microbrewery and bistro that focuses on production and distribution of craft beer.

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2. Florida RV SuperShow

January 17-21, 2024 - Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL

Florida RV SuperShow website

Highly regarded as one of the best RV shows in the country, the Florida RV SuperShow never disappoints! In addition to the hottest new RVs, campervans, trailers, rooftop tents, and other outdoor products, enjoy educational seminars, live entertainment, and more. There's even one whole exhibition hall dedicated to selling parts and accessories!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


Stay at popular Harvest Hosts location Heel & Curley Winery and Restaurant during your trip to Tampa. Enjoy dinner, a tasting of wine or their Agrarian Ales + Ciders, or even go flower picking!

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3. Tacoma RV Show

January 18-21, 2024 - Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA

Tacoma RV Show Website

With over 200,000 square feet of RVs to look at, this is the perfect one-stop shop to find your perfect RV.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


For car fanatics, you'll love staying at LeMay - America's Car Museum right in Tacoma! This is a big museum, with over 300 vehicles to explore, racing simulators, slot car tracks, an incredible gift shop, and more!

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4. Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show

January 20-28, 2024- 700 S. Central Blvd., Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show website

Considered the "single largest gathering of RVers in the world," this is hands-down one of the best RV shows. The small Arizona town near the California border comes alive each January, welcoming up to one million RVers (!!) who come for the RV expo and the world-famous gem & mineral show. If you go to just one RV show this year, make it Quartzsite!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


Quartzsite is known for being an RV-gathering hotspot, and campgrounds and RV parks are their biggest business! Bouse RV Park, located in nearby Bouse, AZ, is also a Harvest Hosts location, meaning with your Membership, you can boondock there for free for your first night! They do charge for hookups and for extra nights, but no camping fees your first night is a great deal!

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5. Utah Sportsman's, Vacation & RV Show

February 15-18, 2024 - Mountain America Expo Center, Sandy, UT

Utah Sportsman's, Vacation & RV Show website

Utah Sportsman's, Vacation & RV Show, more commonly known simply as the "Utah RV show," this expo celebrates its 56th year in 2023. The show is massive, with 300,000-plus square feet dedicated to RVs alone — that doesn't even take into account all the other outdoor toys on display or the outfitters, lodges, and other outdoorsy companies RVers have the chance to connect with!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location

D7DNazQ5vCXvqBZF_9bde434eaccb43c737f1dc973416aea2_medium.jpg In the area, you'll find Second Summit Hard Cider Company, a newer Host that's known for their craft ciders, bar food menu, lively outdoor space, and pickleball courts! Please note that this Host location is not big-rig friendly, but we recommend checking out Second Summit Hard Cider company even if you can't stay.

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6. Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show

February 16-18 and 21-25, 2024 - Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show website

This absolutely enormous event covers over 750,000 square feet, making it one of the best RV shows in the entire Midwest. In fact, it bills itself as the largest indoor event in Indiana! There are pavilions dedicated to travel and tourism, boats (with a separate section just for fishing kayaks!), fishing, ATVs, and more, all in addition to RVs.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location

XkTxgS8c8Ghy6tu5_f176dceb758ab250a19dab19573bf68f_medium.jpg If you're heading back to Indianapolis, another must-visit location is Watermans Family Farm. They have seasonal produce, u-pick, and festivals dedicated to the produce that's in season.

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7. Dallas RV SuperSale

February 22-25, 2024 - Dallas Market Hall, Dallas, TX

Dallas RV SuperSale website

This is THE RV show for North Texas, with just about every imaginable RV manufacturer and dealer attending. Visitors can sit in on an impressive array of free RV life seminars in addition to browsing hundreds of the hottest new RVs and accessories.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


During your time at the Dallas RV Super Sale, head to Fort Worth and stay at False Idol, a craft brewery brewing stouts, IPAs, Berliner Weisse's, larger, barleywines, and more. Head to False Idol and try a flight!

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8. FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) International Convention & RV Expo

March 20-23, 2024 - Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, Arizona

FMCA International Convention & RV Expo website

One of the best RV shows in North America, the FMCA show focuses on the entire RVing community rather than a geographic area. The bi-annual event is in a different location each time, allowing folks to continuously connect with like-minded campers and discover new areas.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


Step back in time at Little Anthony's Diner/ The Gaslight Theatre! This 50s diner has everything: old fashioned ice cream desserts, burgers, pizza, and a theatre next door performing musical comedies 6 nights a week. Enjoy dinner and a show during your stay.

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9. Great Alaska Sportsman Show

April 5-7, 2024 - Anchorage Convention Center, Anchorage, AK

Great Alaska Sportsman Show website

Alaska is the ultimate destination for sportsman and RV camping enthusiasts. And this RV show lives up to that hype, attracting people from every corner of the state. This is notoriously one of the most family-friendly RV shows, so bring everyone for a fun-filled day of everything RVing!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


If you had assumed we wouldn't have locations in Alaska, you'd be wrong! It may be a bit of a trek to get there, but Playful Arts is worth the drive! Playful Arts is located on the edge of anchorage near the Chugach mountains with great hiking and wilderness to explore!

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10. RVs Move America Week

June 2-6 2024 - The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC

RVs Move America Week website

This is a different type of RV "show," not an expo but absolutely interesting and worthwhile! Instead of scoping out your new RV, at this event you'll have the opportunity to give feedback directly to industry leaders and policymakers. As the RV industry continues to grow and have a more significant influence, it's important for RVers attend.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


Port City Brewing Company is a great option in Alexandria, VA if you plan on traveling to DC in your rig. Be sure to do a tasting room to try all the great ales, porters, lagers, and more that they have to offer!

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11. America's Largest RV Show (AKA The Hershey Show)

_September 11-15, 2024 - Giant Center Hershey, PA _America's Largest RV Show website

With a name like that, you can rest assured knowing this is definitely one of the best RV shows out there! Held rain or shine, this expo features over 1,300 RVs, hundreds of other outdoor and camping vendors and outfitters, dozens of seminars, and much more!

Recommended Harvest Hosts Location


Just a short drive from Hershey, you'll find Blue Rock Stables, a horse farm with 20-30 horses, a mini donkey, chickens, and a heard of mini goats. They even offer goat yoga, which is taught at the onsite holistic yoga studio. This is one adventure you won't want to miss!

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12. Adventure Van Expo Shows

Scottsdale, AZ April 13-14

Austin, TX April 27-28

San Juan Capistrano, CA May 4-5

Santa Rosa, CA May 11-12

Hood River, OR June 22-23

Boise, ID June 29-30

Evergreen, CO July 27-28

Topsfield, MA Aug. 3-4

North Lake Tahoe, CA Sept. 14-15

Bend (Redmond Expo), OR Sept. 28-29

Ventura, CA Oct. 26-27

Adventure Van Expo website

The Adventure Van Expos are widely considered some of the best RV shows for overlanding enthusiasts and campervan owners. They host several events a year, usually in the late summer into fall, with the locations moving around. This expo is just as much a family-friendly vanlife festival as it is an RV show, with something for everyone. To search for Harvest Hosts locations near your Adventure Van Expo site, head to our interactive map of Hosts.

13. North Carolina RV Dealers Association (NCRVDA) Shows

Raleigh, NC August 23-25, 2024

Charlotte, NC September 27-29, 2024

& more in 2025!

NCRVDA Show website

A massive network of shows serving the outdoors-loving folks of the Carolinas and Virginias, all of the NCRVDA's shows are excellent. With a great variety of dealers, educational seminars, and activities to keep everyone in the family occupied, these are some of the best RV shows.

Recommended Harvest Hosts Locations

There are a ton of great Hosts in the Charlotte and Raleigh areas.

WntNYPtmX7WhSp8J_d39e9e8d3fdeff9dd484118f2c8815f7.jpg The first, MossflowerAbbey Farm is an apple orchard and home bakery! And if you are ever in the area without your RV, you can book a stay at their Airbnb!

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In the Raleigh area, you'll find Aristotle Spirits, a distillery known for their craft beverages made with local ingredients. They offer tastings, cocktail-making classes, and sell bottles of their gins, rums, and whiskeys.

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Taryn Shorr
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