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Guest Post: 5 Tips to Make Full-Time RV Living More Enjoyable and Sustainable

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Harvest Hosts
September 2, 2022

TL;DR: Enhance your full-time RV living with tips on solar power, minimalism, insulation, smart storage, and regular maintenance for a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Make Full-Time RV Living More Enjoyable and Sustainable

Living the RV lifestyle is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. The ability to simply pack up, kick it into drive gear, and head straight for the sunset on a whim is something that appeals to many. That said, there are many challenges to living in your motorhome full-time, even more so if you rush into it without proper planning and preparation.

In fact, this is one of the key RV mistakes that newbies make when they first get an RV and when they try to live in one throughout the year. The key to living in your RV happily and freely lies in the ability to adopt a new mindset, implement sustainable practices and of course, take good care of your motorhome.

Here’s how you can make full-time RV living more enjoyable and sustainable in the process.

Power your RV with solar

Harvesting solar energy is rapidly becoming more accessible and affordable for motorhome owners and homeowners in general. Without a doubt, adding solar panels and a sizable power bank to store that energy in would be a great addition to your RV, especially if you plan to make it your home full-time.

Modern solar panels are easy to install on an RV roof, and if you’re serious about living in your motorhome throughout the year, then make sure to get 400 Watts solar panels at least.

Embrace the minimalist mindset

If you’re used to being a “weekend warrior”, taking your RV out to weekend escapades and road trips, then you’re probably getting used to carrying as much stuff as you like. After all, you can afford to clutter up your RV just for the weekend.

You can forget about that if you move into your motorhome full-time, however. It’s important to embrace a minimalist mindset and declutter your RV thoroughly, making sure to keep it that way. Organize the interior and throw away anything you don’t need, and learn to live with fewer material possessions.

Insulate your RV as much as possible

Home insulation is imperative whether you live in a traditional house or a motorhome. Just like you would get professional home builders to add insulation to your house to ensure temperature control throughout the year and energy efficiency, you want to do the same for your RV.

Adding insulation to your RV can be a big undertaking, but it will be worth it during the cold and hot months of the year. This helps keep the cold AC air in during summer, and will keep you warm during winter.

Design with plenty of storage in mind

Having enough storage is essential when you’re living in your RV. Make sure to add as many smart storage solutions as possible, such as under-bed storage, added shelves, and even under-floor storage. It’s also a good idea to add a trailer to the back of your RV.

Regular service and checkup are essential

Lastly, if you’re going to live in your RV full-time, then make regular visits to an RV repair shop a part of your routine – this will prolong the vehicle’s service life and fuel efficiency. You want to get your RV serviced at least once every six months, but if you’re moving around a lot and traveling far and wide, then be sure to go in for a checkup after every major trip.

Over to you

Full-time RV living can be a big challenge if you jump into it without enough planning and preparation. That said, if you take your time to prep your motorhome for every season, adopt the minimalist mindset, and take good care of your home – you can rest assured that she will reward you for it.

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