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How Togo RV can help plan your next Harvest Hosts trip

Harper Sullivan-profile-image
Harper Sullivan
October 28, 2022

TL;DR: With Roadpass, you can enhance your RV trip by accessing a suite of apps including Togo RV, Roadtrippers, Campendium, and RVillage. Plan your route using Roadtrippers, add stops along the way, and utilize personalized RV GPS navigation. Ensure your RV maintenance is up to date with the Togo RV app and refresh your boondocking knowledge with RV Living articles. Connect with other RVers through RVillage groups and take advantage of industry discounts as a Roadpass Pro member.

How Togo RV can help plan your next Harvest Hosts trip

You’ve carefully researched Harvest Hosts’ more than 2,500 locations at wineries, breweries, farms, and more, and found the perfect place to park your home on wheels for the night. Now it’s time to plan the rest of your trip.With Roadpass, you get access to a suite of RV and road trip apps—including Togo RV, Roadtripppers, Campendium, and RVillage—that will undoubtedly enhance your trip. You can add fun stops along the way, plan your route, keep up with your rig maintenance on the road, read the latest RV Living stories for boondocking tips and campground recipes, and more. A Roadpass Pro membership unlocks even more features to take your travel experience to the next level, including:

  • Route Planning
  • Boondocking
  • Connecting With Other RVers At Your Location
  • Discounts and Savings

Here’s how to take advantage of all the features the membership has to offer—both free and paid.

1. Plan your route 

First things first—where are you going? Use the Roadtrippers app on your phone or browser and add your Harvest Hosts location to the map. Once you have the basic route plotted, it’s time for the fun part: finding and adding stops along the way.   You likely already have a few places in mind where you want to stop, so go ahead and add those to your route as well. Zooming in on the map will offer you even more suggested points of interest, and you can filter by what you’re interested in—outdoors and recreation, bars and restaurants, sights and landmarks, and so on. Click on any location to read more about it, including information on cost, hours, and whether it’s wheelchair accessible.Once it’s finally time to hit the road, Roadpass Pro members have access to personalized RV GPS navigation. Plug your destination into the RV GPS in the Togo RV app (just make sure you’ve entered your vehicle dimensions correctly first) for a route customized to your rig.

2. Get ready to boondock 

Now that your route is planned, it’s time to get practical. Open the Togo RV app to make sure your RV maintenance is up to date and there are no active recalls on your rig. Next, go through any relevant RV checklists. With a Roadpass Pro membership, you get access to the entire library of checklists, and you can even create your own. Refresh your boondocking knowledge with RV Living, Togo RV’s ever-growing collection of free articles. From recommendations for your RV WiFi setup to first-time boondocking tips and mistakes to avoid, you can pass the time during your ride by reading expert tips. Here you’ll also find curated lists of some of the top wineries and farms to stay at with your Harvest Hosts membership.


3. Connect with other RVers at your location

Whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family, there’s something to be said for making friends along the way. RVillage has 500,000 members across North America, so if you want to connect with other RVers, this is the place for you. RVillage groups are full of experienced RVers who are happy to answer any questions you might have. Need gear advice? Experiencing a technical or mechanical issue you can’t figure out? Looking for campground recipes? Find a group and ask away—RVillagers are a friendly bunch and always ready to help! There’s even a group just for Harvest Hosts Members.

4. Get discounts and save along the way 

We saved the best for last: Roadpass Pro members get amazing industry discounts.

In addition to premium access to Togo RV, Roadtripppers, Campendium, and RVillage, Roadpass Pro members also enjoy discounts on campground bookings, RV gear and upgrades, and much more. Join today for only $49.99 per year. This means more spending money on beer, wine, alpaca socks, lavender soap, or whatever awesome product your Host sells.

About Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that offers self-contained RVers unlimited overnight stays at over 8000 small businesses across North America with no camping fees. Boondock at farms, wineries, breweries, attractions, and other one-of-a-kind destinations throughout North America, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing that a safe place to stay is always nearby!
Harper Sullivan-profile-image
Harper Sullivan
Harper Sullivan is a six-foot-tall adventurous travel writer with an untamed spirit. She lives out of a Ford Transit, chronicling her experiences from the rocky terrains of The Rockies to the rim of the Grand Canyon. Contributing to the Harvest Hosts, CampersCard, CampScanner blog; Harper's writings blend vivid travel experiences with insightful reviews and pop culture references. Her engaging storytelling invites readers on an extraordinary journey, making every camping escapade a thrilling adventure.